San Yue 三月 March Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-mei

San Yue 三月 March Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-mei

Chinese Song Name: San Yue 三月
English Tranlation Name: March
Chinese Singer: Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-mei
Chinese Composer:  Yang Si Hua 杨思桦
Chinese Lyrics:  Yi Jia Yang 易家扬

San Yue 三月 March Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-mei

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

sān yuè guò qù le hǎo jǐ zhōu 
三  月  过  去 了 好  几 周
Several weeks went by in March  
shì jiè kāi shǐ yóu diǎn rè 
世  界  开  始  有  点   热 
The world is starting to get a little hot
cān bú tòu de nà zhǒng nán guò 
参  不 透  的 那 种    难  过
The one that can't be penetrated is the one that can't be crossed
hū rán jué dé méi shén me 
忽 然  觉  得 没  什   麽 
Suddenly I felt nothing
wǒ de mèng   hǎo duō 
我 的 梦     好  多  
My dream is much better
wǒ hěn hǎo   nǐ ne 
我 很  好    你 呢 
I'm fine with you
liǎng fēn zhōng zhī hòu jiù yào tiān liàng le 
两    分  钟    之  后  就  要  天   亮    了 
It will be daylight in two minutes
jǐ fēn zhōng zhī hòu wǒ yě gāi wàng le 
几 分  钟    之  后  我 也 该  忘   了 
I should forget it in a few minutes
xiǎng niàn ài méi shén me yòng 
想    念   爱 没  什   麽 用   
It's no use wanting to love
dāng sān yuè guò qù le 
当   三  月  过  去 了 
When three months have passed
shí jiān huì zǒu   wǒ bù zǒu 
时  间   会  走    我 不 走  
Time will go I will not go
liǎng gè rén shuō fēn shǒu yǐ hòu 
两    个 人  说   分  手   以 后  
The two men said they were splitting up
shí jiān biàn dé màn màn de 
时  间   变   得 慢  慢  的 
It's going to slow down over time
hěn jiǔ hòu de yí gè wǔ hòu 
很  久  后  的 一 个 午 后  
After a long afternoon
zhōng yū ké yǐ hěn kuài lè 
终    於 可 以 很  快   乐 
The end can be very happy
wǒ cāi wǒ   hǎo le 
我 猜  我   好  了 
I guess I'm fine
wǒ ké yǐ   xiào le 
我 可 以   笑   了 
I laughed
liǎng nián hòu de nǐ tīng shuō luò bó le 
两    年   后  的 你 听   说   落  魄 了 
Two years later, you're a loser
jǐ nián hòu de wǒ shì fǒu xìng fú le 
几 年   后  的 我 是  否  幸   福 了 
A few years later I am lucky
kě néng ài tíng zài fēng zhōng děng sān yuè guò qù le 
可 能   爱 停   在  风   中    等   三  月  过  去 了 
Can love to stop in the wind and wait for three months
bié rén dōu dǒng   wǒ bù dǒng 
别  人  都  懂     我 不 懂   
Don't everyone understand I don't understand
wǒ men yòng xīn jiāo huàn ài qíng ér jì mò 
我 们  用   心  交   换   爱 情   而 寂 寞 
We exchange our hearts for love and loneliness
wǒ men yì qǐ yīn wèi ài qíng xīn kǔ zhe 
我 们  一 起 因  为  爱 情   辛  苦 着  
We are suffering because of love
liǎng gè rén de nà shí hou suí sān yuè guò qù le 
两    个 人  的 那 时  候  随  三  月  过  去 了 
Three months elapsed between them
zǒng yǒu yí gè   huì jì dé 
总   有  一 个   会  记 得 
One will always be remembered

Some Great Reviews About San Yue 三月 March

Listener 1: "Before writing the lyrics for the song, Songwriter Yi Jia Yang had a private conversation with Chang Hui mei. Chang hoped that the lyrics would not hurt so obviously and directly as the" sister-style love songs "in the past, and wanted to express the" convergence after the collapse ". Yi Jia Yang wrote "March" according to these requirements. It took Ae-mei Chang a week to record the song. She didn't cry when she sang it, but after she sang it, she listened to it repeatedly and cried all the time. She thought the song could represent her most realistic feelings and state, so she asked her manager to release the song online. The minimalist arrangement of "March" sets off the rich layers of Chang's singing. As soon as I open my mouth, those stories come to me quietly and slowly. As a song to open the door, Chang Seems to go the other way and throw out such a light and calm song. However, after listening to it for a few times in a calm heart, people's inner collapse and collapse. The innocuous song "March" actually hides a sharp blade, slashes open wounds that seem to have scabbed long ago, and memories flow out like springs of water. In march, when love and winter leave together, trying to calmly face the reality of loneliness is not easy, "March" is such a simple but not easy song. "March" is just like the song "My Dearest" in Chang's last album "Are You Looking at me?". With a very simple arrangement, it is interpreted in different ways."

Listener 2: "When I was a child, want a lollipop, so think of, and it's good to grow up, you can always buy a lollipop, later, fall in love, thought, that's very kind of adult, can fall in love, then go to work, have a lollipop, can fall in love, but no longer smile not to come out, as if the memory is still in March, less the kite in the eyes, there is no longer in the department of the kite line, again a march in the past, how are you doing? Will I still laugh?"

Listener 3: "This song can play too many roles of truth, kindness and beauty, and its role in life is also indispensable. It is as touching as xu Yuwei's song that you are the person I love most."

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