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Qing Yuan 情怨 Resentment Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Xiao Shen Yang 小沈阳 Xiaoshenyang

Chinese Song Name: Qing Yuan 情怨
English Tranlation Name: Resentment
Chinese Singer: Xiao Shen Yang 小沈阳 Xiaoshenyang
Chinese Composer: Liu Huan 刘欢
Chinese Lyrics:  Liu Huan 刘欢

Qing Yuan 情怨 Resentment Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Xiao Shen Yang 小沈阳 Xiaoshenyang

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics: 

měi yí cì wú mián nǐ dōu fú xiàn 
每  一 次 无 眠   你 都  浮 现   
Every time you wake up without sleep
nǐ jià nǐ de xiǎo chuán yún lǐ wù jiān 
你 驾  你 的 小   船    云  里 雾 间   
You sail your little boat through the clouds
měi yí cì wēi nán nǐ dōu xiāng yuán 
每  一 次 危  难  你 都  相    援   
You have stood by me in every crisis
nǐ wú sī de tǐ tiē nuǎn wǒ xīn tián 
你 无 私 的 体 贴  暖   我 心  田   
You have no private body stick warm my heart
duō shǎo nián qíng bú duàn 
多  少   年   情   不 断   
More or less years go by
duō me xiǎng bào nǐ huái jiān 
多  么 想    抱  你 怀   间   
How much I want to hold you in my arms
guò yǎn de hóng yán fēng chuī yún sàn 
过  眼  的 红   颜  风   吹   云  散  
The eye of the red yan wind clouds dispersed
wéi yǒu nǐ de shuāng yǎn yìng wǒ xīn jiān 
唯  有  你 的 双     眼  映   我 心  间   
Only your eyes in my heart
xiāng ài ren zuì pà yǒu qíng wú yuán 
相    爱 人  最  怕 有  情   无 缘   
The most afraid of love people have no predestined relationship
zhǎng xiàng sī què bù néng zhǎng xiàng yī liàn 
长    相    思 却  不 能   长    相    依 恋   
Long time thinking but not long love
fàng yǎn wàng tiān shuǐ lán 
放   眼  望   天   水   蓝  
Look at the sky and water blue
nǐ jiù zài tiān shuǐ zhī jiān 
你 就  在  天   水   之  间   
You are between the sky and the water
fàng yǎn nà wàng tiān shuǐ lán 
放   眼  那 望   天   水   蓝  
Put your eyes on the sky and water blue
nǐ jiù zài tiān shuǐ zhī jiān 
你 就  在  天   水   之  间   
You are between the sky and the water
zhè mián mián qíng yuàn jīn yòu chóng xiàn 
这  绵   绵   情   怨   今  又  重    现   

This mian mian love resentment again today

Some Great Reviews About Qing Yuan 情怨

Listener 1: "sing so the emotion is choking, listen to the ecstasy, as if to make a pan-seperation in love between joys and sorrows, line a thousand mountains, wading through ten thousand waters, stepping on the world after the glitz in Poland and not surprised, but this half life army horse who can go together, after returning whether meet at the beginning, acquaintance as yesterday? !"

Listener 2: "xiao shenyang sings the feeling complaint is fresh deep feeling, liu huan sings the feeling complaint is composed atmosphere, yu kuizhige sings the feeling complaint is heartless no complaint, listen to how many times also can only be: she is in your heart, but far away from the horizon, can only be long love, can not love. Vertical springs of help, but do not report the drop of water, the world's most beautiful love, but never get."

Listener 3: "now it is said that xiao shenyang sings better than liu huan. After listening to many people's versions repeatedly, I find that liu huan now sings both the singer and the emotion complaint in the falling key version, so it is not very killer. Xiao shenyang, yu kuizhi and li jian all sing in the original tune, so they are more lyrical."

Listener 4: "the movie is looking at the sky and the water… ", although only a few words, but actually from thousands of thousands of turn, "I" feeling such as blue water and blue sky, as always, but how to express such a sincere mind? Clearly in love but can not go to love, clearly can not go to love, but cut continuously this love wisp of love, acacia continuous. In a flash, there is love, there is hate, there is pain, there is resentment, mixed feelings, million arrow heart, a kind of let a person indescribable sadness again burst through the chest only……

Listener 5: "along with the flavor of jingyun and jingwei, a piece of unforgettable love is brought to you. How could the sky fail to fulfill your wishes? Only endless yearning is accompanied by the scene, and the complaint is deep! Love long! …"

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