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Qin Mi Ai Ren 亲密爱人 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Dian 邓典

Chinese Song Name: Qin Mi Ai Ren 亲密爱人 
English Tranlation Name: Intimate Lover
Chinese Singer:  Deng Dian 邓典
Chinese Composer:  Xiao Chong 小虫
Chinese Lyrics:  Xiao Chong 小虫

Qin Mi Ai Ren 亲密爱人 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Dian 邓典

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

jīn yè hái chuī zhe fēng 
今  夜 还  吹   着  风   
The wind is still blowing this night
xiǎng qǐ nǐ hǎo wēn róu 
想    起 你 好  温  柔  
Think of you so soft
yǒu nǐ de rì zi fèn wài de qīng sōng 
有  你 的 日 子 分  外  的 轻   松   
There is a light pine outside of your day
yě bú shì wú yǐng zōng zhǐ shì xiǎng nǐ tài nóng 
也 不 是  无 影   踪   只  是  想    你 太  浓   
It's not just that I want you to be too thick
zěn me huì wú shí wú kè bǎ nǐ mèng 
怎  么 会  无 时  无 刻 把 你 梦   
How can I dream you without a moment
ài de lù shang yǒu nǐ wǒ bìng bú jì mò 
爱 的 路 上    有  你 我 并   不 寂 寞 
I am not lonely with you on my way to love
nǐ duì wǒ nà me dé hǎo 
你 对  我 那 么 得 好  
You were so nice to me
zhè cì zhēn de bù tóng 
这  次 真   的 不 同   
This time is really different
yé xǔ wǒ yīng gāi hǎo hǎo bǎ nǐ yōng yǒu 
也 许 我 应   该  好  好  把 你 拥   有  
Maybe I should have you
jiù xiàng nǐ wéi wǒ yì zhí shǒu hòu 
就  像    你 为  我 一 直  守   候  
It's like you're waiting for me
qīn ài de rén qīn mì de ài ren 
亲  爱 的 人  亲  密 的 爱 人  
Close loved ones close loved ones
xiè xiè nǐ zhè me cháng de shí jiān péi zhe wǒ 
谢  谢  你 这  么 长    的 时  间   陪  着  我 
Thank you for being with me so long
qīn ài de rén qīn mì de ài ren 
亲  爱 的 人  亲  密 的 爱 人  
Close loved ones close loved ones
zhè shì wǒ yì shēng zhōng zuì xīng fèn de shí fēn 
这  是  我 一 生    中    最  兴   奋  的 时  分  
This is the most exciting time of my life

Some Great Reviews About Qin Mi Ai Ren 亲密爱人

Listener 1: "Just know you, you have a lot of girl's body fragrance, later had a child, you have milk fragrance, and now you only left the flavor of daily necessities, wife you are really great, for this home, you lost too much too much, I can only use a lifetime to make up for you!"

Listener 2: "Sometimes very tired, the heart is very bitter, also secretly wipe tears, but in front of my father I will smile very happy, can not let my father see I am very hard and sad, my father now hard work can not do, also will find some light work to earn some money… Sometimes I miss my mother, miss her very much, I do not know what she looks like, have a good… I this condition, also dare not find a girlfriend, just hope that my father can be safe."

Listener 3: "Weng Meiling, 26 years old, there will be no beautiful Yellow Rice in the world after you leave! Wong Ka Kui, 31 years old, no one has succeeded after you left! Bruce Lee, 33 years old, there won't be a kung Fu king since you're gone! Chen Baiqiang, 35 years old, there is no idol singer in the world after you go! Anita Mui, 40 years old, there will be no woman after you go! Teresa Teng, 42 years old, there will be no diva in the world after you are gone! Lin Zhengying, 45 years old, there will be no zombie film after you go! Ke Shouliang, 50 years old, since you are gone, there has never been another flying man in Asia! Rowan, 57, there won't be another godfather since you're gone! Wu Ma, 72 years old, there will be no gold medal after you go! Fans here for you bow salute! Our fans born in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s will remember you forever!"

Listener 4: "An intimate lover, intoxicating, that's the charm of an old classic… Love is an eternal topic between intimate lovers. As the Bible says, "Sometimes it is enough that one side is the fate of a person. For he was your man from another life." Being loved is a kind of happiness, missing is a sweet…… The beauty of love lies in the heartache of two people without a guess, in the meaningful friendship of each other, in the plain time cast in the long. The most beautiful thing in this life is to find the parallel person, is the scenery along the way with you, is the husband and wife two people support each other, inclusive and encouraging, plain but no lack of enthusiasm, after wind and rain, together to keep a long sincere friendship, is in the cycle of years of quiet water deep, endless… The best love is not to know what you mean, but to know what you say but not to say, to know what you bow your head in silence! Love is no regrets, if love will hand in hand to the old!"

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