Piao Dang 飘荡 Floating Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Hu Sha Sha 胡莎莎 Apple Hu

Piao Dang 飘荡 Floating Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin

Chinese Song Name: Piao Dang 飘荡
English Tranlation Name: Floating
Chinese Singer: Hu Sha Sha 胡莎莎 Apple Hu
Chinese Composer: Hu Sha Sha 胡莎莎 Apple Hu A Kun 阿鲲
Chinese Lyrics: Hu Sha Sha 胡莎莎 Apple Hu

Piao Dang 飘荡 Floating Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Hu Sha Sha 胡莎莎 Apple Hu

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

cǎi zhe bīng lěng shí tou 
踩  着  冰   冷   石  头  
On the icy stones
guāng zhuó jiǎo yā 
光    着   脚   丫 
Bare feet ya
yǔ dǎ suì le chì bǎng 
雨 打 碎  了 翅  膀   
The rain shattered the wings
fēng ā  léi ā  xuě ā  
风   啊 雷  啊 雪  啊 
Wind and thunder and snow
zhǎng wò le fāng xiàng 
掌    握 了 方   向    
The palm is square
hài pà 
害  怕 
Fear of
tà zhe xián xián làng huā 
踏 着  咸   咸   浪   花  
With the salty sea flowers
wǒ bì zhuó yǎn 
我 闭 着   眼  
I close my eyes
gǎn shòu nǐ de mú yàng 
感  受   你 的 模 样   
Feel your mold
xiào ā  kū ā  lèi ā  
笑   啊 哭 啊 泪  啊 
Laugh, cry, cry
xiàng fú huà 
像    幅 画  
Like the picture
lèi shī luó yī zhī fěn mǎn 
泪  湿  罗  衣 脂  粉  满  
Tears wet luoyi powder full
sì dié yáng guān 
四 叠  阳   关   
Four fold Yang guan
chàng dào qiān qiān biàn 
唱    到  千   千   遍   
Sing it a thousand times
rén dào shān cháng shuǐ yòu duàn 
人  道  山   长    水   又  断   
The mountain grows long and the water breaks off
xiāo xiāo wēi yǔ wén gū guǎn 
萧   萧   微  雨 闻  孤 馆   
Xiao Xiao Xiaoyu smell lonely museum
piāo piāo dàng dàng 
飘   飘   荡   荡   
Gone with the wind gone with the wind swinging
zhǐ néng piāo piāo dàng dàng 
只  能   飘   飘   荡   荡   
It just floats
yǔ yè lǐ yǎn jing 
雨 夜 里 眼  睛   
Eyes clear in rainy night
méi le yán sè 
没  了 颜  色 
No colours
yī rán néng diǎn liàng 
依 然  能   点   亮    
It depends on the light
xīn zhōng dì xī wàng 
心  中    的 希 望   
Hope in the heart
piāo piāo dàng dàng 
飘   飘   荡   荡   
Gone with the wind gone with the wind swinging
bù xiǎng piāo piāo dàng dàng 
不 想    飘   飘   荡   荡   
I don't want to float
yǔ yè lǐ yé xǔ 
雨 夜 里 也 许 
Even in the rainy night
huì fú xiàn wēi guāng 
会  浮 现   微  光    
It will float a little light
nà shì nǐ zài qián fāng 
那 是  你 在  前   方
That's you in front
wǒ xìn niàn de dì fang 
我 信  念   的 地 方   
I believe in the land
yí dìng huì zǒu dào 
一 定   会  走  到  
I'll be there
nà mèng xiǎng de dì fang 
那 梦   想    的 地 方   
The place of the dream

Some Great Reviews About Piao Dang 飘荡 Floating

Listener 1: "Beijing Opera is not common for his son, 2 see with relish in terms of the third quarter, reveals the social origin discrimination between the rich and the poor, and to" are "evil" two words "not completely explain, but the raccoon dog explosive leisurely, give a person a lot of reflection of space, valley Lord and sugar made meaningful for the word" faith is thinking. All in all, the Peking Opera element of Peking Opera Cat makes me a very surprised ancient risk control, whether it is "Floating" or OP, the Peking Opera is just right and amazing (by the way, the Peking Opera cat crew captured the Chinese electric sound group on the tip of the tongue to make op · · ·) and 12, really very conscience! It is different from the ordinary one in Our country, and it is different from the concept of boundary. Watching the Peking Opera cats often think of good times ten years ago the "rainbow blue cat rabbit seven chivalrous biography, all speak Chinese elements into great, the flood in this direction, is expected to rise (* ´ ヮ ` *)"

Listener 2: "Meeran: I did not cry when I beat my husband out, because I am the master \When my Azi died, I did not cry because I am the master When my xiaoqing left, I did not cry because I am the Master.Because I am the master, so, the pride of the master does not allow me to shed those weak tears.  But when you call me mom, why can't I help it? Maybe, at that moment, I am not a resident, I am a mother. As Mother Velvet said, Mulan was burdened with too much, her words "cry, no one will see" expressed the helplessness of Mulan's life.

Listener 3: "Peking Opera cat is not a childish cartoon, but shows the interpretation of family affection, love and friendship, while the third season is more about class discrimination and the gap between urban and rural areas, which is not suitable for children to watch. As an animation, although it is the old story of the protagonist saving the world, the plot is surprisingly not bad, very real, even a little bit sadistic, and it subtly integrates the traditional Chinese culture. I think this kind of animation is more suitable for children today than some cartoons that are broadcast all day long but have no nutrition. As an outstanding representative of guo Man, his content is worth learning by all people in this industry. Finally, I want to say that Peking Opera cat is suitable for people of all ages to watch, just like me, a third year of the people, but watch with relish. Can say the plot is very successful expression of the content is also very positive energy."

Listener 4: "The animation is nice, even an animation that I have been following until now and even want to watch, but one thing to note… Scriptwriter greatly, take the liberty to ask, how many boxes of blades do you have in your warehouse? Where is my Uranus?? !! I just burst!! Still fluttering!! Not enough blades, is it? The fourth season out to continue the knife, is not enough blade is not?? Scriptwriter asks you to be an individual!!"

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