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Nv Fu Ma 女驸马 Female Horse Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wu Lan Tu Ya 乌兰图雅

Chinese Song Name: Nv Fu Ma 女驸马
English Tranlation Name: Female Horse
Chinese Singer: Wu Lan Tu Ya 乌兰图雅
Chinese Composer: Unknow
Chinese Lyrics: Unknow

Nv Fu Ma 女驸马 Female Horse Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wu Lan Tu Ya 乌兰图雅

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

wéi jiù lǐ láng lí jiā yuán 
为  救  李 郎   离 家  园   
To save Li Lang from his home
shuí liào huáng bǎng zhōng zhuàng yuan 
谁   料   皇    榜   中    状     元  
Who expects the emperor in the form of yuan
zhōng zhuàng yuan zhe hóng páo 
中    状     元   着  红   袍  
A red robe in the middle shape
mào chā gōng huā hǎo wā 
帽  插  宫   花  好  哇 
How nice to have a palace flower in your hat
hǎo xīn xiān nǎ 
好  新  鲜   哪 
New fresh
wǒ yě céng fù guò qióng lín yàn 
我 也 曾   赴 过  琼    林  宴  
I have been to the Banquet of Qionglin
wǒ yě céng dǎ mǎ yù jiē qián 
我 也 曾   打 马 御 街  前   
I have also played horse royal street before
rén rén kuā wǒ pān ān mào 
人  人  夸  我 潘  安 貌  
Everybody praises me pan an appearance
yuán lái shā mào zhào wā 
原   来  纱  帽  照   哇 
Yarn hat from the original wow
zhào chán juān nǎ 
照   婵   娟   哪 
According to the chan yun
wǒ kǎo zhuàng yuan bù wéi bǎ míng xiǎn 
我 考  状     元   不 为  把 名   显   
I try not to show my name
wǒ kǎo zhuàng yuan bù wéi zuò gāo guān 
我 考  状     元   不 为  做  高  官   
I don't want to be a high official
wèi le duō qíng de lǐ gōng zǐ 
为  了 多  情   的 李 公   子 
For the amorous Childe Li
fū qī ēn ài huā hǎo yuè ér yuán nǎ 
夫 妻 恩 爱 花  好  月  儿 圆   哪 
Husband love spend good moon which round

Some Great Reviews About Nv Fu Ma 女驸马 Female Horse

Listener 1: "Ulan Tuya also sings pop songs. He can also sing classic old songs. Ulan Tuya now began to sing the yellow Plum play, selected sections of the hospital, and play the song of the new drunken concubine. Ulan Tuya also sang henan opera who says women are inferior to men? Ulan Tuya is really a versatile female singer from Horqin. Also worthy of praise as the flower of Mongolia, Ulan Tuya. Always support the Flower of Mongolia, Ulan Tuya."

Listener 2: "I like to listen to Mongolia, and ulan Tuya singing of the princess of The Bridegroom (from Huangmei Opera) is the best. I like ulan Tuya very much. Ulan Tuya, flower of Mongolia, is a multi-artist female singer. Uran Tuya, a female singer from Horqin, Inner Mongolia, I like to hear Ulan Tuya from Mongolia singing "The Princess in Bridegroom".

Listener 3: "Outside the window of xiao Xuan, the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, with a yearning, with the soft liu Flute wind in the world of mortals spread, the memory in my heart inadvertently returned to the beginning of the time we met. You are my pear if snow deep feeling, read you, always like the first time touched. That feeling, white as snow, has not been muddy by the disputes of the world, just a heart of the purest, the most simple love."

Listener 4: "They comfort you and help you when you fail, when you get frustrated; When you are successful and excited, they will encourage you and praise you. When it rains, they pull you under the eaves; When the wind blows, they will put on a warm coat for you. These are the people you should really appreciate and learn from, as our mothers did.I have eyes but I cannot see you, Ears but I cannot hear you, hands but I cannot hold you, but I have a heart that I can miss you. I will accompany you, but also will accompany you to the old people."

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