Nu Jian Xiao Kuang Sha 怒剑啸狂沙 The Sword Of Conquest Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Liu De Hua 刘德华 Andy Lau

Nu Jian Xiao Kuang Sha 怒剑啸狂沙 The Sword Of Conquest Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Liu De Hua 刘德华 Andy Lau

Chinese Song Name: Nu Jian Xiao Kuang Sha 怒剑啸狂沙
English Tranlation Name: The Sword Of Conquest
Chinese Singer: Liu De Hua 刘德华 Andy Lau
Chinese Composer: Du Zi Chi 杜自持 Andrew Tuason
Chinese Lyrics: Pan Wei Yi 潘玮仪 Alicia Pan

Nu Jian Xiao Kuang Sha 怒剑啸狂沙 The Sword Of Conquest Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Liu De Hua 刘德华 Andy Lau                                      

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

kuáng fēng shā   kuáng nù sì xīn zhōng háo qíng zhuàng zhì 
狂    风   沙    狂    怒 似 心  中    豪  情   壮     志  
Mad wind sand mad anger like the heart of the grand feeling strong ambition
kuáng fēng shā   yào cǐ kè jǔ shì jīng yì 
狂    风   沙    要  此 刻 举 世  惊   异 
Crazy wind and sand to this moment to raise the world
fēi yīng xiào áo 
飞  鹰   笑   遨 
Flying eagle smile ao
qióng cāng zhōng   píng nù jiàn fēng juǎn cán yún piāo piāo 
穹    苍   中      凭   怒 剑   风   卷   残  云  飘   飘  
In the domed sky, the wind blows with the sword
wěi cǎo zhōng lái huí   tiān dì jiàn zài yāo 
苇  草  中    来  回    天   地 箭   在  腰  
In the grass to heaven arrow in the waist
wǎn shǒu dà mò tà pò guān shān sì hǎi bēn chí 
挽  手   大 漠 踏 破 关   山   四 海  奔  驰  
Hand in hand across the desert Across the Seas of Guanshan Benz
qī rè xuè rè lèi gān dǎn liǎng xīn zhī 
戚 热 血  热 泪  肝  胆  两    心  知  
Qi's heart was full of tears
nù jiàn jiǎn xī fēng   qiān qiū yǒu xiá kè 
怒 剑   剪   西 风     千   秋  有  侠  客 
Angry sword shear west wind thousands of autumn there are swordsman
rén yǔ yì   lái zào shī 
仁  与 义   来  造  诗  
Benevolence and righteousness make poetry
kuáng fēng shā   hé jù qiū fēng dǐ wú rén xiāng yī 
狂    风   沙    何 惧 秋  风   底 无 人  相    依 
Wild wind and sand are not afraid of autumn wind no one to depend on
yǎng shǒu yú máng máng tiān dì ài wèi kū 
仰   首   于 茫   茫   天   地 爱 未  枯 
In the boundless sky, love is not withered
zhì wèi yí 
志  未  移 
Will not move

Some Great Reviews About Nu Jian Xiao Kuang Sha 怒剑啸狂沙 The Sword Of Conquest​

Listener 1: "When you are hungry, some people will share half of the steamed bread with you, this is friendship, some people will give you the steamed bread first, this is love, some people will give you the whole steamed bread, this is family, some people will hide the steamed bread, tell you he is hungry, this is the society. May you, reading the comments, live a safe and intelligent life."

Listener 2: "In 1985, I liked Guan Lijie's TV series very much and I liked his Tai Chi Zhang Sanfeng best. In 1995, When I was in primary school, it was a popular video about museum, one yuan of money and a bad tea as you watched. Remember the most clearly is when I was a child no money, had dinner, ran to the video museum block cloth outside to see, is tai Chi Zhang Sanfeng finale, after watching, my father came out from the inside, angry sword is at home to rent a disc to watch or watch in the cable channel do not quite remember, only remember the last Japanese should die, Liu Ximing I is a bad man."

Listener 3: "Full of memories! In a blink of an eye has been 36 years old, the Yellow River brand black and white TV is still in the backyard woodshed put, it is still it can I… "

Listener 4:" No matter how late, the man will marry the love: although he loves the beautiful woman, he may not marry her. In the end, the man will marry a woman who is suitable to be his wife. Although a woman loves money, she may not marry a rich man. In the end, all she marries are good to her. Therefore, to the end, the struggle is not rich and beautiful, but responsibility and character. In fact, the kind-hearted women are the most beautiful, responsible men are the richest! "

Listener 5: "A person's confidence derives from his or her independent personality and self-esteem, and a person's confidence derives from his or her abilities and personality. People with high IQs and EQs know to cut their losses first, and then to make up for them all by playing to their strengths and putting their confidence to work. Understand and be grateful for everyone who respects, loves, helps and supports you from beginning to end. Forgive and never forget anyone who has caused you loss or pain for any reason. "

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