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Ni Shui Han 逆水寒 Under Cold Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Kan Kan 侃侃

Chinese Song Name: Ni Shui Han 逆水寒
English Tranlation Name: Under Cold
Chinese Singer: Kan Kan 侃侃
Chinese Composer: Kan Kan 侃侃
Chinese Lyrics: Kan Kan 侃侃

Ni Shui Han 逆水寒 Under Cold Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Kan Kan 侃侃

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

mù sè zhōng qún yàn nán guī 
暮 色 中    群  雁  难  归  
Geese in the twilight are hard to return
lvè guò zhè wèi lán hú shuǐ 
掠  过  这  蔚  蓝  湖 水   
Skimming the blue lake
sī xù zài fēng lǐ fēi 
思 绪 在  风   里 飞  
Thoughts are flying in the wind
rén què zài jìng zhōng wú xīn tǐ huì 
人  却  在  镜   中    无 心  体 会  
People have no heart in the mirror
duō xiǎng ràng zì jǐ rù shuì 
多  想    让   自 己 入 睡   
I want to let myself sleep
mèng lǐ néng zhǎo dào ān wèi 
梦   里 能   找   到  安 慰  
Peace can be found in dreams
xué huì liǎo rú hé miàn duì 
学  会  了   如 何 面   对  
Learn how to match
cái néng ràng zì jǐ bù liú lèi 
才  能   让   自 己 不 流  泪  
Can not let their own tears
yě céng cháng guò 
也 曾   尝    过  
Also ever tasted
shī bài zī wèi 
失  败  滋 味  
Failure of AIDS
yě céng yǒu guò 
也 曾   有  过  
Have had
yì lěng xīn huī 
意 冷   心  灰  
Cold heart is grey
luò bó shí hou 
落  泊 时  候  
When parking
gū yǐng xiāng suí 
孤 影   相    随  
With the lonely shadow photograph
shuí néng míng bai 
谁   能   明   白  
Who can be bright white
wǒ de shāng bēi 
我 的 伤    悲  
My wounds
wú yì lǐ huì 
无 意 理 会  
Will have no meaning
shì cuò shì duì 
是  错  是  对  
Is wrong is right
bú lùn jié jú 
不 论  结  局 
No theory of bureau
shì xǐ shì bēi 
是  喜 是  悲  
Is happy is sad
rén shēng zǒng yǒu 
人  生    总   有  
People always have
lù zhuǎn fēng huí 
路 转    峰   回  
Turn back to peak road
yóng gǎn miàn duì 
勇   敢  面   对  
Brave dare to face to
jué bú hòu tuì 
绝  不 后  退  
No refund after

Some Great Reviews About Ni Shui Han 逆水寒 Under Cold​

Listener 1: "I don't have time to be polite, virtuous, and courteous to you! You don't hold on, holding back, you can also line, no also must line! What I open is a talk, do is overlord business, you here heaven and earth and people, in a twinkling of an eye can be torn down the ashes of annihilation, see you supernatural biaoju have more air and prestige."

Listener 2:" To The piano, the moonlight outside the window presses down on the withered branches, and the lingering sounds around the beam, three days is impossible to refuse you know? Thinking of the painting, luan pen Dan qingyan ambition, splash ink jiangshan, no one appreciate you know? To the month think, sad intestine changes into half tie down poem, gather red bean, enter bone acacia jun know?To Liu Si, road head jing Ming Chun easy to die, the world is so near, Shaohua empty waiting for you know? "

Listener 3:"Legend has it that king Huai of The State of Chu was visiting the Region of Gaotang in ancient times. When he was very tired, he took a nap during the day and saw a fairy in his dream and said:" I am from Gaotang. I have heard that you are coming and I would like to serve you as a pillow." King Xiang of Chu was fortunate to her. At parting she said: "My concubine in the sun of Wushan, the hindrance of high hill. Once for the clouds, dusk for the line of rain, morning and evening, under the balcony. Later because of "gao Tang dream" and so on by means of men and women encounter things. "

Listener 4: "The sparrow outside the window, talkative on the pole, you say this, there is a feeling of summer, the taste of autumn knife fish, the cat and you all want to know, the fragrance of first love, so we find it back, the warm sunshine, like the fresh strawberry just picked, you say you do not want to eat, this feeling"

Listener 5: "misty rain in jiangnan, landscape, such as ink dye, like painters did not work, start to point to wear, row boat show in sichuan, painting Yi qing rings, a romantic forest. I put a poem I had just written, and put it in the sun, and it turned yellow like an ancient poem, and pretended to have been circulated for tens of thousands of years."

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