Ni Dui Wo Guan Huai 你对我关怀 You Care About Me Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Ni Dui Wo Guan Huai 你对我关怀 You Care About Me Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Chinese Song Name: Ni Dui Wo Guan Huai 你对我关怀
English Tranlation Name: You Care About Me
Chinese Singer:  Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng
Chinese Composer:  Unknown
Chinese Lyrics:  Unknown

Ni Dui Wo Guan Huai 你对我关怀 You Care About Me Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

fēng ér zhèn zhèn chuī lái 
风   儿 阵   阵   吹   来  
The wind is blowing in flurries
fēng ér wēn róu kě ài 
风   儿 温  柔  可 爱 
The wind is soft and loving
wǒ shí cháng xiàng qīng fēng sù shuō qíng huái 
我 时  常    向    轻   风   诉 说   情   怀   
I often tell my love to the breeze
shí guāng bù tíng de liú 
时  光    不 停   的 流  
The constant flow of light
yí qù bù huí lái 
一 去 不 回  来  
Gone but never returned
nǐ céng jīng gào su wǒ 
你 曾   经   告  诉 我 
You have told me
guāng yīn bú zài lái 
光    阴  不 再  来  
Light and shade will not come again
rú jīn wǒ yǐ liáo jiě 
如 今  我 已 了   解  
As it is, I have solved it
duì wǒ nà yàng guān huái 
对  我 那 样   关   怀   
Don't care about me that way
wǒ yào zhēn xī nǐ de ài 
我 要  珍   惜 你 的 爱 
I cherish your love
bú huì wàng huái 
不 会  忘   怀   
Will not forget my arms
shù shàng měi lì de huā 
树  上    美  丽 的 花  
Beautiful flowers on the trees
kāi dé duō me kě ài 
开  得 多  么 可 爱 
How much to love
huā ér xiè huā ér kāi shuí néng míng bai 
花  儿 谢  花  儿 开  谁   能   明   白

Flower thank flower who can open white

Some Great Reviews About Ni Dui Wo Guan Huai 你对我关怀 

Listener 1: "Teng Lijun, a diva of a generation, no matter what song she sings, every song gives the impression of lingering rhyme, which is at the same time warm and romantic, pure and classical, making people feel very comfortable in it."

Listener 2: "Generation after generation of pop stars have disappeared like shooting stars, only Teresa Teng's voice echoes through the ages. Teresa Teng is the pride of our people and the pride of Asia. I have listened to her for nearly 40 years, but I never get tired of hearing her. Whether it's the 1960s or today's youth, there's nothing bad to say. He has a very special voice. Nothing can beat that!"

Listener 3:"The Deng family has a woman named Lijun, who sings a wonderful voice from nature. Singing the Subway, hearing all drunk crazy. I don't know where she is, but she's still in my heart."

Listener 4: "Suddenly found Teresa Teng's song is the most difficult to sing, because it is her song, if you do not sing her way, people will not accept it, you follow her way… It's not easy. Her singing is so unique that it's impossible to imitate. It's better not to sing her songs on software, and don't feel good about yourself. When you improve yourself later, you'll blush for yourself now."

Listener 5:"Yu Qiuyu: Teresa Teng is the password of Chinese culture. Bai Yansong: If there is one voice that can silence Chinese people all over the world, it is Teresa Teng's song.Jackie Chan: Teresa Teng is an orchid, the last of the classical. As an artist, can be so popular, have such a great achievement, it is really life and death, worthy of everyone's love and respect, be immortal! Yu Dan: In terms of the meaning of Chinese culture, she is no longer a singer. Her singing achievements have gone beyond the scope and level of pop music. Huang Jianxiang: For the suffering Chinese nation, Teresa Teng's singing is a blessing from God. Na Ying: I think Teresa Teng is one and Suri is another if the standard of Mandarin singing is set. Cui Jian: Personally, I think Teresa Teng is a voice of free creation. Pop songs are beginning to be a kind of free creation from non-political and non-traditional."

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