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Nan Gao 难搞 High Maintenance Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-Mei

Chinese Song Name: Nan Gao 难搞
English Tranlation Name: High Maintenance
Chinese Singer: Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-Mei
Chinese Composer:Lin Xin Yan 林欣彦
Chinese Lyrics:Yao Ruo Long 姚若龙 Daryl Yao

Nan Gao 难搞 High Maintenance Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Hui Mei 张惠妹 A-Mei 

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

wǒ cóng lái dōu bú xìn 
我 从   来  都  不 信  
I never believed it
yóng yuǎn gēn shén me shì yán 
永   远   跟  什   么 誓  言  
Vow to him for ever
suí shí yù bèi qù miàn duì 
随  时  预 备  去 面   对  
Prepare to face each other at any time
zhōng diǎn jiù bú pà pò miè 
终    点   就  不 怕 破 灭  
The end point is not afraid to break out
néng kuài lè de shùn jiān cái gèng jī liè 
能   快   乐 的 瞬   间   才  更   激 烈  
The instant that can be happy is more exciting
nǐ bú yào pī píng wǒ 
你 不 要  批 评   我 
You don't have to judge me
huó zài huàn xiǎng de shì jiè 
活  在  幻   想    的 世  界  
Live in a world of fantasy
wéi nán zì jǐ hé bié rén 
为  难  自 己 和 别  人  
It is difficult to find others and yourself
tài jiān chí gāi sǐ de xì jié 
太  坚   持  该  死 的 细 节  
Too firm in the fine points of death
qí shí wǒ yě pí juàn 
其 实  我 也 疲 倦   
I am also tired
wǒ chéng rèn wǒ nán gǎo 
我 承    认  我 难  搞  
I admit I'm difficult
hěn fù zá cuì ruò yòu jiāo ào 
很  复 杂 脆  弱  又  骄   傲 
Very complex miscellaneous crisp weak and arrogant
wǒ rén xìng dì táo pǎo xiǎng 
我 任  性   地 逃  跑  想    
I let myself run
zhèng míng wǒ duì nǐ duō zhòng yào 
证    明   我 对  你 多  重    要  
To show you how much I care
wǒ xū yào làng màn de wēi xiǎn 
我 需 要  浪   漫  的 危  险   
I need danger from the sea
yòu bǎo chí ān quán 
又  保  持  安 全   
And to preserve security
kě wàng zuì yī kào de nǐ néng 
渴 望   最  依 靠  的 你 能   
I hope the most dependent on you can
gěi wǒ gū dú de kōng jiān 
给  我 孤 独 的 空   间   
Give me a space alone
wǒ chéng rèn wǒ nán gǎo 
我 承    认  我 难  搞  
I admit I'm difficult
wǒ cāi wǒ xīn yǒu kuài quē jiǎo 
我 猜  我 心  有  块   缺  角   
I guess I have a missing piece of my heart
wǒ tài róng yì fán nǎo 
我 太  容   易 烦  恼  
I'm too easy to get annoyed
yōng bào méi hǎo wàng le wēi xiào 
拥   抱  美  好  忘   了 微  笑   
Embrace the United States forget to smile

Some Great Reviews About Nan Gao 难搞 High Maintenance ​

Listener 1: "It's the side of A-mei that stole out of Amit, beneath the absurd melodies of the other songs, the piano background of this one is so lonely but hysterical that it opens up its own honesty: I'm just difficult [loving]."

Listener 2: "The lyrics are concise, and only those who have been in a really lasting relationship will appreciate this song. I feel like this song is about me. The rhythm is low and the lyrics are really good. Love a-mei. I like them all. The prelude is good. Maybe I listen to too much pure music."

Listener 3: "Used to listen to a song, and it was a melody! Then listen to the song, listen to the lyrics! Then listen to the song, listen to the story! Now listen to the song, listen to yourself. The first acquaintance does not know the song to like, then listens has been the song human. What you understand is experience, what you don't understand is luck. Song is a good song, but smoke. "

Listener 4: "They all break up one by one and say they can't put down what can't you put down? Cuddling another one and thinking about your ex? Right and present? Sigh a wool, the world is too big, eyes stare big, heart relaxed, nothing could not pass. A little something, one by one."

Listener 5: "well, you go away, on September 10, 2017, girl, well, don't eat too much ice, your stomach is bad, remember to eat breakfast in the morning, later can't buy you breakfast, tucked don't catch a cold, you go to sleep later can no longer give you cover with quilt son, remember later married tell me, I would like to have a bitter sweet, look at the way you don't belong to me again. "

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Vivian He
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