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Na You Yi Tian Bu Xiang Ni 哪有一天不想你 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung

Chinese Song Name: Na You Yi Tian Bu Xiang Ni 哪有一天不想你
English Tranlation Name: Don't Miss You One Day
Chinese Singer: Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung
Chinese Composer: Lin Mu De 林慕德 Mahmood Rumjahn
Chinese Lyrics: Xiang Xue Huai 向雪怀 Jolland Chan Kim Wo

Na You Yi Tian Bu Xiang Ni 哪有一天不想你  Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

tái tóu wàng yǔ sī  
抬  头  望   雨 丝  
Look up at the rain
yè fēng fān kāi xìn zhǐ 
夜 风   翻  开  信  纸  
The night wind opened the letter
nǐ de bǐ jì zhuǎn chù  
你 的 笔 迹 转    处   
Turn your pen around
tán lùn zuó rì wǎng shì 
谈  论  昨  日 往   事  
On the events of yesterday
rú hé ràng nǐ zhī  
如 何 让   你 知   
How to let you know
huó zài fēn kāi bù xiě yì 
活  在  分  开  不 写  意 
Live by separation, not by meaning
zuì jì mò yè shēn rén jìng bèi niàn guà shí 
最  寂 寞 夜 深   人  静   倍  念   挂  时  
The loneliest night deep people quiet times thought hanging
méi yǒu nǐ nuǎn nuǎn shēng yīn  
没  有  你 暖   暖   声    音   
No warm sound from you
lì lì yǔ yè bú zài sì shǒu gē 
沥 沥 雨 夜 不 再  似 首   歌 
Rain no more like a song
bié le nǐ nà gè chūn tiān  
别  了 你 那 个 春   天    
Farewell to your spring day
shuí zài tòng kǔ   liǎng xīn nán ān 
谁   在  痛   苦   两    心  难  安 
Who is in pain, two hearts can not be at ease
wǒ dài zhe qíng yì  
我 带  着  情   意  
I mean it
yì sī sī qī chuàng 
一 丝 丝 凄 怆     
One sad thread
xǔ duō shuō huà dōu réng rán wèi jiǎng 
许 多  说   话  都  仍   然  未  讲    
Many words remained unsaid
zòng gé bié yáo yuǎn  
纵   隔 别  遥  远    
Even if the distance is far
huái niàn duì fāng 
怀   念   对  方   
Read the party
bēi shāng pàn huàn shàng zài huì qí wàng 
悲  伤    盼  换   上    再  会  祈 望   
Sad and sad hope to change will pray again
wǒ dài zhe qíng yì  
我 带  着  情   意  
I mean it
yì sī sī qī chuàng 
一 丝 丝 凄 怆     
One sad thread
xǔ duō shuō huà dōu réng rán wèi jiǎng 
许 多  说   话  都  仍   然  未  讲    
Many words remained unsaid
pàn nǐ wèi wàng jì  
盼  你 未  忘   记  
I hope you will not forget it
rú mèng yǎn guāng 
如 梦   眼  光    
As the dream eye light
zhǐ xū kàn zhe wǒ zài bù mí wǎng 
只  须 看  着  我 再  不 迷 惘   

Just watch me no longer confused

Some Great Reviews About Na You Yi Tian Bu Xiang Ni 哪有一天不想你

Listener 1: "Someday Not to Think of You" has become the golden Song of Dawn 94! It is not right to take Jacky Cheung's throne! So Jacky Cheung in polaroid 25th anniversary concert! The Supreme trio rock singing! To all fans in Taiwan! Loud applause and screams! Jacky Cheung sings more powerfully, with more emotion and shock than Leon!"

Listener 2: "If singing ability is determined only by whether the voice is vigorous and vigorous, why should such soft songs? It means that all the good songs should be xueyou singing like this? That means gentle jade fei Yuqing singing not good? I see some hold a friend to step on the dawn of the people will be angry, why hold a step on a, and do you really know how to sing? First two person's temperament is different, the dawn is itself has a kind of elegant temperament, so the way to express feelings to him singing still retains some of the original temperament in the inside, and affection leisurely, indirect emptiness is such a kind of elegant temperament, this just like a gentleman in express their inner lovesickness of appearance, the shape is the dawn itself. While xueyou's voice is bold with tension type, with unique voice advantage to adjust, can pull his range is very wide, can rock can lyric, but everyone should be aware that xueyou temperament bring everyone at ordinary times is the comparison of joy, either a movie or concert, can be said to be quite delighted slayers, so his rock and roll style at the concert and his voice complement each other, can active the atmosphere, play of very open, he could with his torn the voice to resonate with the audience, like power, no doubt. And the sound of dawn is also very magnetic, but not suitable for such tearing roar, like a gentleman in the roar, such a beautiful artistic conception? But this does not mean that the singing of the dawn is weak, if you really thin product before dawn a lot of songs, you will find that most of his songs are very nice, very nice but it's hard to sing, you feel he sang very easy, in fact you is difficult to grasp the tones, high-pitched let alone, the first "which one day don't think you are the best example? Dawn with deep feeling like water singing method sing out the emotional treble of this song, and sound not abrupt, xueyou but hoarsely in showing different passionate treble, in addition to different styles, where is the weak strength of dawn please tell me? If you say the high is part of the power, the stepping dawn dawn compatriots can go to listen to the "deep talk did not speak 2011 LEON live, you will know his strength, the chorus of high-pitched listen very comfortable, very stable, but few people sing like him perfect, or not sing up, even my favorite xueyou does not necessarily can show perfect. Because he's got some bel canto vocalization in it, and he's got his own nasal control, and you can say he's really good at it, and of course, it sounds like that, but not many people can sing it well, to be honest. The high pitch of dawn has no tearing feeling at all, but the overall high and clear and clear, which is also different from the high pitch of tearing. And if you have to say good singing skills must be high pitched, that's too superficial."

Listener 3: "After listening to the original music, it is full of taste, but Xueyou sings it out with a tearing heart, which is inconsistent with the composer's emotional expression, or Xueyou has his way of expression."

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