Mo Ma 秣马 Radar Horse Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By A Yun Ga 阿云嘎 Ayanga

Mo Ma 秣马 Radar Horse Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By A Yun Ga 阿云嘎 Ayanga

Chinese Song Name: Mo Ma 秣马 
English Tranlation Name: Radar Horse
Chinese Singer: A Yun Ga 阿云嘎 Ayanga
Chinese Composer: Tan Xuan 谭旋
Chinese Lyrics: Liu Chang 刘畅

Mo Ma 秣马 Radar Horse Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By A Yun Ga 阿云嘎 Ayanga

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

wǒ shì bù kěn huí tóu de mǎ 
我 是  不 肯  回  头  的 马 
I'm a horse that won't turn back
wǒ zài nǐ shēn páng 
我 在  你 身   旁   
I'm next to you
jiǎo tà qiú yú dì yù de guāng 
脚   踏 囚  于 地 狱 的 光    
The foot treads on the light of the dungeon
děng yè rù luó wǎng 
等   夜 入 罗  网   
Wait for the night into the net
tiān dāng bèi dì wéi chuáng 
天   当   被  地 为  床     
Heaven let the earth be a bed
wú rén zhī yě wú rén gǎn wàng 
无 人  知  也 无 人  敢  忘   
No one knows and no one dares forget
xīn hé dāo de kě wàng 
心  和 刀  的 渴 望   
The thirst of the heart and the sword
ràng wǒ men gé zhe tiān yá 
让   我 们  隔 着  天   涯 
Let us across the horizon
shuō sì hǎi wéi jiā 
说   四 海  为  家  
Call four seas home
tiān xià yì rén yì shēng de bā 
天   下  一 人  一 生    的 疤 
A scar under the sky
cán yáng shāo kǎi jiǎ 
残  阳   烧   铠  甲  
The remains of the sun burned armour
xiōng táng ruò wú qiān yě wú guà 
胸    膛   若  无 牵   也 无 挂  
If the chest is not pulled nor hung
rè xuè xiàng hé sǎ 
热 血  向    何 洒 
The hot blood is sprinkled on him
nán ér ā  suí tiān zhǎng dà 
男  儿 啊 随  天   长    大 
Men grow up with the weather
wéi qíng yì bù kě zuò bà 
唯  情   义 不 可 作  罢 
Do not act in compassion
yuè qiān shān dù qióng jiāng 
越  千   山   渡 穷    江    
Cross a thousand mountains and cross a poor river
shēng yú sǐ huāng zhǒng zhī shàng 
生    于 死 荒    冢    之  上    
Born among the graves of the dead
wéi cāng máng gāo chàng 
为  苍   茫   高  唱    
Sing for the horizon
wǒ yào bǎo hù nǐ de fēng gǔ 
我 要  保  护 你 的 风   骨 
I want to protect your wind bone
jìng wèi zhè mǎng mǎng gù tǔ 
敬   畏  这  莽   莽   故 土 
To fear the earth
wǒ yào bǎo hù nǐ de tǎn tú 
我 要  保  护 你 的 坦  途 
I will protect your path
shēng sǐ jiē wéi shǒu zú 
生    死 皆  为  手   足 
Life and death are hands and feet
wǒ yào bǎo hù nǐ de lèi zhū 
我 要  保  护 你 的 泪  珠  
I will protect your tears
yǔ nǐ zài hóng chén gòng wǔ 
与 你 在  红   尘   共   舞 
Dancing with you in the red Dust
wǒ huì bǎo hù wǒ de tòng chǔ 
我 会  保  护 我 的 痛   楚  
I will take care of my pain
jiāng è  zàng rù fén mù 
将    恶 葬   入 坟  墓 

Bury the evil in the grave

Some Great Reviews About Mo Ma 秣马

Listener 1: "This song is the theme song of the TV series Kyushu Jimushi. The beginning of the song begins with the combination of clear and ethereal children's voices, which gives people a sense of pathos. Then Yunga's deep and powerful voice croaks in the song, which makes us feel as if we are in the desolate, tragic and stirring battlefield. Yunga's powerful and magnetic voice "Kyushu Diaomao" this heroic color and tragic chorus of the drama expressed excitement and majestic interpretation incisively and vividly. A Yunga finally live up to the expectations, brought us surprise and shock, he such a full of honesty and blood atmosphere of the song interpretation of the ultimate perfect. "

Listener 2: "Fourteen years of Kyushu Fan, a personal point of view: desolate, solemn, majestic, with The voice of A Yunga infectious, slowly begins the epic. The feeling that whole song gives a person, it is not so much the theme song as the prelude, the lyrics are more to stand in the Angle of Zhao Wu Gong to face the turbulent world of the wind and clouds, in the group portrait on a little bit Microsoft. Of course, the armor is still there anyway! "

Listener 3: "Does anyone hear tears in their eyes like Me? O YunGa voice is magic, he and changeable timbre, full of emotion to our deducing the song, after an in-depth, lead you into the scene, whether it is the king of the world's confidence, "the past" mild remembrance, or "I" ve cove you "charming is spruce naughty," may our aspirations, he always can catch your heart voice and he doesn't just sing a song, but also in telling a story. I had never seen the show before I heard the rank Horse, but it was as if I had seen it in The voice of Ayunga, so let's binge-watch it."

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