Meet the Rain in Tokyo of Korn: The Chinese Song Don’t Have Emotional Color

Chinese romantic song

We have shared more Chinese old songs for you in the past.But it’s difficult to introduce a new Chinese song which sang by the new Chinese unknown singer?Pleasant to hear is just one of the items to love a song.If one song is unpleasant to hear,it’s hard to catch the attention of the public.It’s also need the topic familiarity because we need the audience to take an attention to the singer.

The personal image of the singer is from the music piece and on the contrary it also effect the music piece.

If you have seen the BL & GL net play in China, maybe you can find that the new actor also has the shadow of Korn.And he also wins the related award.Recently, Korn begin to set foot in song circles and have released his first EP Meet the rain in Tokyo.From actor to singer,Korn will take a long time to change his identity.But the constant part is that he still takes his deepest moving in his works.

When you see the Chinese song name Meet the rain in Tokyo, you would know that the song is full of the fresh breath.Weather shows the missing in love or the missing of the failure in love.Both of them don’t show the miserable feeling but just show the airy feeling.

When using the missing of the city, we usually have the normal feeling that romantic when the lover misses the other side in Tokyo and Shanghai.From the beginning take sound to the ringing wind of the song,the romantic feeling becomes stronger with the song continuing.Korn sing the song without the unreasonable feeling in old love song but just use the new love singer’s skill to show the song.

When he open his mouth, he uses the simple song tag to catch your heart when you hear it.The simple song compared the simple sound of the piano between the first verse and the refrain and just slow show the deep feeling.

Korn came out as an actor so, he will not waste the expression of an actor when singer in a song. Meet the rain in Tokyo uses the short word to draw the forever love story.Firstly,Korn sing the song in a blue mood and then break his emotion at the last part.There is a happy ending in this song.

Maybe some person thinks Meet the rain in Tokyo that is light but others think it is impressive.No one will remain indifferent about this bovine song.All are relying on what attitude you have when you hear this music of china

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