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Man Jiang Hong 满江红 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Luo Wen 罗文 Roman Tam Pak Sin

Chinese Song Name: Man Jiang Hong 满江红
English Tranlation Name: Sacred
Chinese Singer:  Luo Wen 罗文
Chinese Composer:  Gu Jia Hui 顾嘉辉
Chinese Lyrics:  Yue Wu Mu 岳武穆

Man Jiang Hong 满江红 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Luo Wen 罗文 Roman Tam Pak Sin

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

nù fā chōng guàn píng lán chù 
怒 发 冲    冠   凭   栏  处  
Anger hits the crown by the bar
xiāo xiāo yǔ xiē 
潇   潇   雨 歇  
Xiao Xiao rain break
tái wàng yǎn 
抬  望   眼  
Lift at the eye
yǎng tiān cháng xiào 
仰   天   长    啸   
Long yu Yang day
zhuàng huái jī liè 
壮     怀   激 烈  
Strong fierce
sān shí gōng míng chén yǔ tǔ 
三  十  功   名   尘   与 土 
Thirty famous dust and earth
bā qiān lǐ lù yún hé yuè 
八 千   里 路 云  和 月  
Eight thousand miles of clouds and moon
mò děng xián bái le shào nián tóu 
莫 等   闲   白  了 少   年   头  
Don't wait to be idle for a few years
kōng bēi qiē 
空   悲  切  
Air is sad
jìng kāng chǐ 
靖   康   耻  
Jing kang shame
yóu wèi xuě 
犹  未  雪  
Not snow,
chén zǐ hèn 
臣   子 恨  
I hate son
hé shí miè 
何 时  灭  
Why to when out
jià cháng chē 
驾  长    车  
A long car
tà pò hè lán shān què 
踏 破 贺 兰  山   阙  
Break through helan Mountain que
zhuàng zhì jī cān hú lǔ ròu 
壮     志  饥 餐  胡 虏 肉  
Zhuangzhi hungry meal Hurupu
xiào tán kě yǐn xiōng nú xuè 
笑   谈  渴 饮  匈    奴 血  
Xiaotan thirsty to drink xiongnu blood
dài cóng tóu 
待  从   头  
Stay from the head
shōu shi jiù shān hé 
收   拾  旧  山   河 
Pick up the old mountains and rivers
cháo tiān què 
朝   天   阙  
The day que

Some Great Reviews About Man Jiang Hong 满江红

Listener 1: "Every time this impelling and heroic song is played, it makes my blood boiling and passion surges. At the same time, I also seem to see the scene when Yue Fei led his soldiers to charge into the battle with guns and horses. I especially like this inspiring song"

Listener 2: "I think Cantonese is more powerful than Mandarin… When I was in high school in Hong Kong, this song was a must for music lessons. After more than 20 years, now Hong Kong students do not know whether to learn this song, probably learned now also can not understand the will of loyalty to the country, after all, they do not have the heart of the motherland, alas…"

Listener 3: "Expel the Manchus and restore the Chinese nation, all Chinese Han people cherish the memory of Li Mu, Wei Qing, Huo Qubing, Chen Tang, Geng Gong, Ban Gu, Li Jing, Su Liei, Yang Ye, Yue Fei, LAN Yu, Xu Da, Li Ding Guo and other national heroes";

Listener 4: "Actually, I think Rowan has contributed more to Hong Kong's music scene than Sam Hui, who sang his first Cantonese song and wrote his own pop songs. But rowan is a good, in addition to their singing will also cantonese song, began in the 70 s to the cantonese songs to the world, since 80 within his own training stage and teach students continued until he died, decades of progress in promoting Hong Kong music scene, he also because of various reasons after the death of Hong Kong music scene started going downhill. Many singers in Hong Kong look up to him as a role model and a benchmark. It's not something that ordinary people can do."

Listener 5: "Now, after all, China is the number of han Chinese, minority is minority | / / hao big thin itself is in a developing country, China now we than many of the leaders we know the gentleman revenge decade not night, but if the obvious to find old scores, will inevitably lead to things such as jiang alone Tibet come true, when the time comes will become China's fragmented, it once again with a history of long will points, long period of division, then China's fragmented, not let out a dozen other countries, so, now what of, our country old said Tibet is the a way to reduce other ethnic groups, In the end, there will only be a dozen people in one nation. It's not just a matter of canceling them all at once."

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