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Luo Meng Chi 落梦池 Falls The Dream Pool Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wen Que 文雀

Chinese Song Name: Luo Meng Chi 落梦池 
English Tranlation Name: Falls The Dream Pool
Chinese Singer:  Wen Que 文雀
Chinese Composer:  Unknow
Chinese Lyrics:  Unknow

Luo Meng Chi 落梦池 Falls The Dream Pool Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Wen Que 文雀

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

chún yīn yuè , qǐng xīn shǎng 
纯   音  乐  , 请   欣  赏    
Pure music, please enjoy

Some Great Reviews About Luo Meng Chi 落梦池 Falls The Dream Pool

Listener 1: "Bought the first wenfinch this winter at a solo record store in the Drum Tower. Throughout the anxious senior year, Wenfinch is my source of peace, but also the end point of all my self-contradiction and reconciliation. Sparrow is the scene I have to see. Maybe this comment has nothing to do with the song itself, but I still want to say that the little girl who winced at the door of the Drum Tower to buy the record is going to Beijing today."

Listener 2: "18 years in Tu Convex space teachers say remember to bring six walnuts next time you meet. I always remember that there was no guangzhou field but Shenzhen field in the past 19 years. At that time, I was busy preparing for the final exam and had to miss it. I missed not only wenfinch teachers but also him."

Listener 3: "This is my last year in Nanjing. During my two years in Nanjing plus this time I have just listened to the scene twice. The music of Wenfinch is a touch of warm sun in the winter in the south. Chelsea fly! I have been listening to Wenfinch for a long time, and I have been missing the scene. This year, Guangcao finally arrived. The performance of dozens of minutes came to an end soon. The only regret is the cancellation of the signature, next time, next time be sure to give me the signature ah. ~"

Listener 4: "I don't know why, I always look back on my days and nights in Jianghan Road, which is actually quite trivial, but I can't help but miss it. Yonghegong temple is really not suitable for praying, in Jingshan, Juzizhou when they did not know how to cherish. Wait for hongya cave but already feel can not hold. It's been three years in a trance, but somehow it always feels like I've suddenly gone back to that day in The Valley of Light. This must be my lost time."

Listener 5: "I know there are some people even when you are poor you again is also unable to forget the killer out of kindergarten" red "do you want to share with his new song sparrow you excited and want to share with him when you total 200% of the drum courage phone calls when got the subscriber you dialed is on the phone in the in the mind really desperate either 6 or equals 0 equals 3 3 3 is what j8 thing life always encounter and leave some people really will accompany you walk a you desperately want to leave him but he has also don't like time back to go on"

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