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Losing You of Xuanbing Cao: Try The Best to Make The Chinese Music

Does any fan think about that Xuanbing Cao is stick the tag of Unfortunately It Is Not You.He also composes other great songs but most people just talk about the Unfortunately It Is Not You and want to use it to haul in the connection between him and others.

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Before the new EP Losing You are coming, there is a journalist who interview him, he said that being famous is a result, but not famous is a process and we can’t be dead just because we must dead final.The short word show Xuanbing Cao who have understood thoroughly the professional music career and just want to concentrate on the thing at present.

Though the newspaper always said that he isn’t famous enough.But the famous level is the standard to judge the actor and not the music.The song is pleasant to hear that is the standard to judge the music.Xuanbing Cao think himself a musician and not an actor all the time.The yield of the song composition is relying on the inspiration.When the musical inspiration comes,the musical feeling will be right and don’t need the exposure to the public.

There the online chinese song youtube music video as follow:

The listener is difficult to guess what they want.They want the composer can concentrate on singing and composing, but also want to see more gossip about them.They will cry when they go to your concert but will love fresh nice Chinese songs immediately and forget your song.The slow songs can’t keep its heat all the time.That’s why Xuanbing Cao can’t be famous for a long time.He still keeps his speed to compose his song just for the quality but not the number.

Losing You have recorded three songs that sing the same theme “Lost”.Talking from the big angle, it’s the progress that from being into nonbeing.Talking in detail, the pain that lost, the desperation that not helps, the rebirth that goes out of the haze.All of those can be deployed by Cao to different musical feeling.

The concentration of Cao to the music not only show in the interview, but also the behavior that he can’t cover.Few years ago, when the journalist talk with him in the Tv show and they talking not only about the Unfortunately It Is Not You but also the other impressive song about him, like the Not Long, The same foot and hand.He smiled when they talk to other songs from him.Maybe the feeling that other knows you are like that.

After listening to Losing You, we can find that the emotional energy of Cao.This song doesn’t compose for anyone just for the music.In the deep heart of Cao,the No.1 love is still the music.We hope Cao can compose more Chinese new songs for us.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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