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Liu Lang Xing Qiu 流浪星球 Wandering Stars Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By LuckyMaxx

Chinese Song Name: Liu Lang Xing Qiu 流浪星球 
English Tranlation Name: Wandering Stars
Chinese Singer:  LuckyMaxx
Chinese Composer:  Unknow
Chinese Lyrics:  Unknow

Liu Lang Xing Qiu 流浪星球 Wandering Stars Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By LuckyMaxx

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

chún yīn yuè , qǐng xīn shǎng 
纯   音  乐  , 请   欣  赏    
Pure music, please enjoy

Some Great Reviews About Liu Lang Xing Qiu 流浪星球 Wandering Stars​

Listener 1: "The Grand opening of the" Wandering Earth "Project. Generations of people have gone through hardships and hardships. When they step into a new galaxy… The new work, which depicts the "wandering earth" as the core of the painting, is full of adjectives and adjectives. With headphones on, the audience can feel it by themselves. Thanks to this mixed mother big Boss @majorhon.“

Listener 2: "the center of the world, around the aral sea stars orbiting, composed of gold, silver, glass, crystal, the universe is like a sieve, adult become black dwarf stars lose energy, human diversity in species survived in the disaster, the land will become a sea motivated floating city, humans live in the center of the vast vast city surges and as all things in the heat of the underground city, the memories of the solar system for too long, the wandering was too long… "

Listener 3: "Once we looked up at the stars and wondered what we meant in the firmament. Now, they can only worry about our land. In the name of your soul mate, don't wait for someone you shouldn't, to waste your youth you shouldn't. In this world, there are some people, some things, than love this thing, more worthy of touching. "

Listener 4: "Is the first I promise piety, run out before you leave this world the most gentle pen and ink, under the paper finally a plum flower bud, pride stands in between the frost eaves, I said I would return, but still let you pay wrong life, is in countless eons, even after BaiQian saga, but still with that I failed to practice the oath, is across the long time, every time the mid-night of fright, think of you in the dream, stretched out his hand, but can't touch, is often want to repay the drawback of the past, fill up, radix dipsaci chapter causal, but don't know when the fate of this life, lamp, sing or not on this, heaven and earth"

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