Liang Shen Ding Zuo 量身订做 Customized Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Jie 张杰 ‎Jason

Liang Shen Ding Zuo 量身订做 Customized Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Jie 张杰 ‎Jason

Chinese Song Name: Liang Shen Ding Zuo 量身订做
English Tranlation Name: Customized
Chinese Singer: Zhang Jie 张杰 ‎Jason
Chinese Composer: Liang Wei Feng 梁伟丰 Leong Wai Foong
Chinese Lyrics: Ge Jia Hui 葛佳慧 Cyclone

Liang Shen Ding Zuo 量身订做 Customized Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Jie 张杰 ‎Jason                                      

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics

zhí dào zuì hòu bào zhe wǒ 
直  到  最  后  抱  着  我 
Hold me all the way to the back
xìng fú biàn dé hǎo xī bó 
幸   福 变   得 好  稀 薄 
Lucky fortune has become thin and thin
yì lā jǐn jiù huì chě pò 
一 拉 紧  就  会  扯  破 
They tear at the strain
wǒ men nà jiàn huá lì chéng nuò 
我 们  那 件   华  丽 承    诺  
We have a commitment to the Varicella
chuān guò hé shēn de jiā suǒ 
穿    过  合 身   的 枷  锁  
Through the collar and lock of the body
shuí néng gòu bǎo zhèng jiě tuō 
谁   能   够  保  证    解  脱  
Who can secure the release
huí yì jiù hǎo xiàng líng kǒu 
回  忆 就  好  像    领   口  
Memory is like a collar
tiē zhe nǐ de mài bó 
贴  着  你 的 脉  搏 
Close to your pulse
tīng nǐ shuō   nǐ zěn me cuò guò 
听   你 说     你 怎  么 错  过  
Listen to you say how you are wrong
bié shuō nǐ yě ài wǒ 
别  说   你 也 爱 我 
Don't say you love me, too
yě bù xiǎng   wǒ nán guò 
也 不 想      我 难  过  
I don't think I've had a hard time
nà shí jì mò yǐ chì luǒ luǒ 
那 时  寂 寞 已 赤  裸  裸  
Lonely then has been naked naked naked
wǒ men xǔ guò de yuàn 
我 们  许 过  的 愿   
We've made a wish
tīng de gē   yóu de hé 
听   的 歌   游  的 河 
Listen to the song swim the river
yīn tā liáng shēn dìng zuò 
因  他 量    身   订   做  
Because he measures it
bié shuō   nǐ yě ài wǒ 
别  说     你 也 爱 我 
Don't say you love me, too
yě bù xiǎng wǒ nán guò 
也 不 想    我 难  过  
I don't think I've had a hard time
bié pà yí hàn bù zhī suǒ cuò 
别  怕 遗 憾  不 知  所  措  
Don't be afraid to regret and not know what to do
zhì shǎo nǐ gěi de tòng 
至  少   你 给  的 痛   
At least you give pain
měi yí cùn   wèi le wǒ 
每  一 寸    为  了 我 
Every inch is for me
ér dìng zuò 
而 订   做  
The book do
zhì shǎo biān zhī de mèng 
至  少   编   织  的 梦   
At least weave the dream
měi yì zhēn   měi yí xiàn   wèi le wǒ 
每  一 针     每  一 线     为  了 我 
Every stitch in every thread for me

Some Great Reviews About Liang Shen Ding Zuo 量身订做 Customized

Listener 1: "zhang jie brave to fly the stars forever \ n Jacob, for so many years, still love you, no matter how many questions about on the road, don't be afraid, the stars will always behind you, you just be yourself, it is good to sing what you want to sing, we will always support you, you better good, don't worry about the black powder and spray, you of good, the stars know, your song, stars to understand, it doesn't matter, you still have a large group of cute little baby support zhang jie you attentively sing, star guard dream"

Listener 2: "The first time I listened to this song was in junior high school, when I secretly listened to it with my deskmate through earphones. Many people in the class like Zhang Jie. Time really flies, now in my junior year, I suddenly flashed my former friends and time in my mind. I suddenly wanted to listen to Zhang Jie very much, so I listened to all the songs we loved to listen to once again, and a lot of good memories came into my mind. Listen to the same song, but those people were not around, I do not know what you are doing now?"

Listener 3: "the memory of this song like a still stay in that year, you sat on the steps with thick still leave sea son I quietly watching you sing you is a loving prince you can manage all kinds of different types of songs, some old old haven't heard a lot of new powder but I really like is that your past is my finally sing in guiyang I can hear the baby we meet"

Listener 4: "I am a student party and cannot go to See Jacko's concert. But I've loved Jack for five years. I'll keep going."

Listener 5: "This song makes sense to me. This is when you went to the United States to study music in 2013. At that time, what time do you have? My full moon and the shadow under your feet are my thoughts. That year was also the year when I joined the Big Dipper. I learned that we all had a common and beautiful name, the star, and began to understand you. I understood your sadness and hardship, but fortunately, now you are very happy. Seven years is neither too long nor too short, life is all about you. You are still the first moment, heartache feeling. Before I met you, I thought my life was meaningless. When I met you, I found that there was still such a person in the world who made me feel so sorry for each other. I used to be so ordinary until I had your company… I love you, protect you, was, is, and will be. For I am your star, and you heal the world and you heal me."

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