Lee MinHo Hand in Hand with Yu Quan in Rush:Break Out the Adolescent Hormaone

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Told the truth, when we hear the Chinese musical prelude of the Chinese song, we don’t realize that it’s the great hot song and just like a new song.Particularly the Korean part of Lee MinHo that is so full of light and happy, free feeling.On the contrary, the old version Rush gives the impression with encouragement and the power and full of the passion.

After comparing, the new version from Lee Minho, Yu Quan has to discard the sense of urgency and then pursue the fresh, pleasant young feeling.

If we compare the old version of Yu Quan to the tense play, that the new Rush will like the free morning training.Although we can’t understand the Korean lyrics in a short time, we still can imagine the beautiful picture: In the bright and beautiful morning. There are some strong handsome boys run under the sunshine.If you’re a girl fan, you will understand my meaning immediately.

The verses about Chinese song lyrics:

The speed keep a seventy – MPH.

How free we are.

Hope the end point is the Aegean Sea.

Just full rush, the dream will be at the other shore.

We want to roam the world.

The miracle is placed on front of us.

Just awaiting the sunset dyed the sky.

Side by side, make a wish.

The right direction is rushing to follow the wind.

Chasing the power of the thunder.

Put the vast sea in my heart.

We can voyage even if with the little canvas.

The dream will be our wing in the wind.

Just does it.

Even face the big difficulties.

We will walk together.

The warm voice of God Lee MinHO.

Yu Quan wrote the great Chinese song year ago, after the new composition of Canxi Huang, the new version adds more Chinese rock element on the foundation of Chinese popular rhyme.That’s why the song has the miraculous effect.Meanwhile, the Korean and Chinese, Lee Minho and Yu Quan appears alternately, which make the song more fashion feeling.Of course, the big surprise is the join of Lee Minho. The song have fire-new life with him join. He is the first Korean singer that takes part in the Chinese Spring Festival Gala.In this song,He has the great cooperation with the Chinese singers Yu Quan.

The theme song of the movie Bounty Hunter

The latest version Rush is the theme of the movie Bounty Hunter that Lee MinHo is the leader actor.He breaks his old stagy style out and tries to be a comedy role.So the song is really suitable for the movie theme.The song will be hot again with the movie and take the noble thing to the fans.

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