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So, what's so great about Rocket Chinese?

Well, first of all, lets look at some of the big Myths of language learning.

Myth #1) It's impossible to learn a language fast.

It's true, for most mere mortals it's just not possible to achieve native level fluency in a few weeks or months. 
However, with Rocket Chinese you CAN achieve conversational fluency.

Conversational fluency is an ability to communicate in the real world. It means that you can have conversations, ask and answer questions, get and give help, and make people smile or laugh every now and then, all in Chinese.
When you have conversational fluency, you may only know a small amount of vocab, but you know enough to communicate effectively.
Myth #2) It's much easier to learn a language as a child.

It's called the Critical Period Hypothesis… during childhood your brain is open to absorbing linguistic information. If you don't learn a second language as a child, your wiring shuts off, and you're out of luck.
Well, in the last 50 years big holes have been poked in that theory. These days a number of studies show that adults can actually learn FASTER than children!
Think about it. Adults know much more about the world; they understand that there are  'rules' about the way languages work; and they can put new information into context. Children just don't get that stuff, they’re skills that develop over time.

Rocket Chinese is specially tailored for adult learners.
Myth #3) The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in a foreign culture.

Immersion is a very trendy concept when it comes to language learning, but you don't need to leave the country to immerse yourself in the Chinese language. In fact total immersion has serious drawbacks, like not being able to get proper feedback.

These days there are plenty of ways to simulate immersion, and get that crucial feedback and support, because we live in a digital age where all kinds of resources from all kinds of places are just a click away.

Rocket Chinese has all the native Chinese audio you need, plus plain English instruction and honest, accurate feedback too.

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John Daily. Dallas, Pennsylvania, USA

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