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Learn The Great Hip-Pop Music of China Imma Do Me In 2017

With the proper step, He Jie take her to a new great Hip-hop music of China Imma Do Me to come back Chinese music circle.We have shared her another song before here for you.

She plays a ‘Female Emperor’ role in EDM dancing song world and applies colors to draw the bright red music style.At the same times,her new album also begins to be released and begins to start her new career in Chinese singer in a blue Chinese folk song of the Children’ Dream.

This song used the proper power to sing her breakthrough and change.Holding the flag of the feminism, she attempts the Chinese Hip-Pop electronic musical style and show her control of this type.It shows that the past few years didn’t make her musical skill to degrade.She continues to be the best female singer that is good at singing the dancing song.

With the single Hip-Pop song and the hold of the ‘Unyielding’ vocal concert, Jie start her original journal to come back to Chinse song circle and make up lost ground.The Hip-Pop dancing style becomes her trump card which is rooted in the genre of Hip-pop and mixes the EDM electronic music dancing song.It becomes the new musical style of He Jie.

The limp and numb beginning of Hip-Pop music of China Imma Do Me is from far to near just like the jarring engine of sports car which takes He Jie to come.The entering shouting music effect adds gradually and open slowly the door of the night entertainment venue party.In the restless surrounding,the actor He Jie come to play with the great Chinese lyrics ‘You can do you/Im gonna do me’.

With the main song show easily, it didn’t take a lot time up.Then He Jie put the Rap over.She attempts the mixing between the Chinse and English: ‘All my ladies, put your hands in up/I am the leader in my life/I don’t want to hear the funk sentence’.

The ending of every lyric pulls the melody up and takes many great point to the audience.It uses this skillful setting to make more people remember the rhythm and melody of this rap paragraph.Of course, it relies on the bilingual composer Kong Lingqi which help him catch clearly the melody of the Hip-Hop and the main point of Chinese lyrics that make the lyric to match the mystery melody.

It is another work between He Jie and Kong Lingqi that has the genteel tacit understanding.From the refrain to main song to rap, the setting of every stage is terse and forceful and don’t take any mess.

In the content of this great Chinese song,although the lyric takes the flag of feminism and don’t show obvious in the manifestation.He Jie utilizes the soft voice line to match the positive lyrics which help her to be accepted by the audience.

Overall, not only the singing of He Jie but also the creating of Kong Liingqi helps the completeness of this music of China perfectly.In the attempt of the new musical style, He Jie not only find the right person to accompany her but also find the right way to show his attitude to life.She did a great job to return to the Chinese music.

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Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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