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A Romantic Love Song Sunshine By Jay Chou

Karaoke is a Japanese-English miscellaneous name. In Japan, Kara means "empty". Ktv originated in Japan, from the early days in the tavern to “karaoke “, Kara is the Japanese “empty” meaning, and “ok” is the pronunciation of the first word of the English " orchestra”, the Japanese character makes the word " karaoke" is the meaning of the band, then came to Taiwan, the karaoke in the room, and named KTV, k for karaoke the first word, TV for MTV.

Nowadays, karaoke is an entertainment venue, and is one of the late-night shows. Many young people's birthday will choose to karaoke, because in singing, the atmosphere will become more active and better. Karaoke is very popular in China. It can be said to be a kind of daily entertainment. Let me show you the top Chinese karaoke songs.

Most People’s First Choice: Actor By Xue Zhiqian

“Actor” is a song created, composed and performed by Xue Zhiqian, which included in the EP "gentlemen" released on May 20, 2015 and the album "beginners" released in 2016. The song also won the title in the global Chinese music list on June 23, 2015.

With plain words, the song continues to show the intense feelings of sadness. From the perspective of the male, the lyric pours out a heart to a girl. Since no longer love me, you should be magnanimous expression. Continue the past sad love song line, Xue used the song to explain love and hate love fable once again.

As for Xue’s singing, it was more mature. Distinct from the early lyrical r & b style, this song is richer and more layered with the details of the inner feelings. This time, Xue is not only responsible for the creation of the work. But also as a producer and this is the logo of the overall controlling of his music.

In the song, the hypocrisy of the traitor who determined to break up and the victim’s reluctantly pretend to be generous, was shown by the movie technique. However, even if there is a betrayer, she can see that, "In fact, I see you don’t want to leave too." The victim responded. "It was because I loved you that I chose to perform, and that was done ".This is really a song close to life.

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PinYin:   shuō huà de fāng shì jiǎn dān diǎn 

Chinese:  说     话   的   方   式   简    单    点

English: Please speak in a simple way.

The “说话” means “speak”. The ”的” means “of”, The “方式” means “way”. The “简单点” means “simple”.

Without Love Hurt, We Also Will Be Heartache: Dusk By Steve Chou

As for me, there was always a special feeling for this song “dusk”. At that time, the streets were looping through it. I was moving from the city of my host to the beach of another city. With the gloomy sea breeze, the surging waves, the black sand, the memory of childhood, a youngster who didn’t get hurt from love, I also felt that the whole city seem to be sobbing. I guess just because the song was too sorrow.

The melody of the song is plaintive but moving style, and is a sad song for the man. The lyrics describe the scene of the break up between men and women. With a strong sense of the screen, this song is a regular customer of the top Chinese karaoke songs list.

Chou uses the melancholy vicissitudes and the perfect voice, gives the song a "injury" song tune. The song’s climax part was sang like "heart crack lung ", which made us moved. This is also one of the songs for the man with a broken heart.

Speaking of the singer, Steve Chou, he is a versatile composer who is seriously underestimated. Like most of the musicians, Chou talked about the beginning of the music path with an easy tone: I had the dream and talent of music in childhood, singing from childhood is a very cool thing for him.

However, the family’s poor circumstances make him have the hard history of growth. We can see his musical road is calm but with a different bitter from his words.

It is a song that you can loop multiple times. Without the roaring high pitch, but each time I listen to it, I feel my heart-wrenching. When the mood is not good, I just listen and cry without notice.

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PinYin:  huáng hūn de dì píng xiàn

Chinese:  黄    昏   的  地  平   线

English: The skyline of dusk.

The “黄昏” means “dusk”. The ”地平线” means “the skyline”.

A Romantic Love Song: Sunshine By Jay Chou

The prelude of simple aestheticism, do not even know, stunned how many sleeping teenagers.“Sunshine” is a song composed, written and sang by Jay Chou, which released in his album “ye hui mei” on July 31, 2003. This song is Jay Chou's inner monologue. In the creation of "sunshine”,

Jay Chou uses a lonely heart to show a delicate and introverted feeling and fragile. Content he wrote is different from the magical strange created by Vincent Fang, which closer to reality and his own heart. The song is about missing the campus bits and pieces, wait until the sunshine, and spectrum a pure love together.

It is a Britpop song on the campus of nostalgia. This is romantic, and more is a sense of loss, very prose – style feelings with Jay Chou way deduction. This song fully magnifies the memory of the campus, that sentimental, sweet and innocent love and rebellious.

In the lyrics, the Japanese pronunciation of the "re si duo si", just the right link, sounds like a beautiful and sad love story of youth, there is the impulse to shed tears.

The cello plays the melody to the artistic temperament, and the final rap is to increase the unique characteristics of Jay Chou's love songs.

“Sunshine” accompanied me through the golden age of the students. So it is one of my top Chinese karaoke songs.

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PinYin:    cóng qián cóng qián  yǒu gè rén ài nǐ hěn jiǔ

Chinese:   从   前     从      前   有   个 人  爱 你 很  久

English: Once upon a time, there was a man who loved you for a long time.

The “从前” means “once upon a time”. The ”有” means “there be”, The “人” means “person”. The “爱” means “love”. The “你” means “you”. The ”很久” means “a long time”. 

The Band Escape Plan Famous For The Song The Brightest Star In The Sky

The song “the brightest star in the sky” is composed, written and performed by Escape Plan, which included in the debut album "The World ", but it was also a theme song of the microfilm" another you ".

In the creation of the song, Mao chuan feels that there is no genuine openness in the world, the fact itself is whether subjective is willing to believe.

If you love a person, sometimes even if you feel the other person lying, or you will decide to believe. This idea was drafted into the song. The words, “give me the courage to believe again, over lies to embrace you", hit a lot of fans’ heart.

The song itself is directional, and the most original starting point comes from the idea of the former girlfriend, followed by the memories of friends. Like the lyrics, “for the former lover and friend, no matter how many unhappy things happened, time must let the hatred fade, let the love thick. When these things passed, you will find out that the original people and feelings are the most important”.

It is very direct. Mao chuan recalls the original intention of the creation, you will think we are not in contact, but to the end of life, we will still think of each other, if it allows you to talk to the other side, will you say yes? I think most of the time I'd like to.

With youthful energy and momentum, this song sings the dream of youth, showing the power of love to every young heart. The song reflected in the quiet mood and romantic feelings, makes people moved. Listening to the music of the Escape Plan, you will hear some of the dream, the ideals of perseverance and follow. I believe that many people will find the former self from the Escape Plan’s piece of work.

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PinYin:    wǒ nìng yuàn suó yǒu tòng kǔ dōu liú zài xīn lǐ

Chinese:  我   宁   愿     所  有    痛   苦  都   留 在  心 里

English: I would rather have all the pain in my heart.

The “我” means “I”. The ”宁愿” means “rather”, The “所有” means “all”. The “痛苦” means “pain”. The “留” means “stay”. The ”在心里” means “in the heart”.

The Last One Of Top Chinese Karaoke Songs: Long Time No See By Eason Chan

"Long time no see" is a cover of Eason Chan’s Cantonese song “better not to meet” of the album “What’s going on”.

The song describes the expectation of reunion with the old lover, and can be light to say “long time no see”. The lyric is tepid, like just muttered a common love story. It is highly suitable for Eason’s calm lonely, but also full of vicissitudes of hoarse voice, composes a beautiful love song.

In fact, it is a realist film. With Eason’s emotional interpretation, simple piano and string instruments, it is better to taste alone in the middle of the night. No matter how devious the road, how eager to see those who were once familiar with, we just wait and say “long time no see”.

This slow song, the melody like flowing water slowly out, simple and uncomplicated, feelings are deep inside reserved, drives deep into the hearts of the people. I believe that this is the greatest charm of Eason.

The most cruel thing is not “I came to your city, walks through the way you passed ", but", I came to your city, but you were already left me alone".

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PinYin:    wǒ lái dào nǐ de chéng shì

Chinese:  我 来   到  你 的   城     市

English: I came to your city.

The “我” means “I”. The ”来到” means “came to”, The “你的” means “your”. The “城市” means “city”.

After reading this article, I hope you get more Chinese words and enjoy these top Chinese karaoke songs. Maybe go to karaoke, just sing a song.

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