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Ku Hai Nv Shen Long 苦海女神龙 Oliver Female Dragon Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Chinese Song Name: Ku Hai Nv Shen Long 苦海女神龙 
English Tranlation Name: Oliver Female Dragon
Chinese Singer:  Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng
Chinese Composer:  Chen Jin Xing 陈进兴
Chinese Lyrics:  Huang Jun Xiong 黄俊雄

Ku Hai Nv Shen Long 苦海女神龙 Oliver Female Dragon Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

wú qíng de tài yáng 
无 情   的 太  阳   
The sun without love
kě hèn de shā mò 
可 恨  的 沙  漠 
The hateful desert
zhuī ruǎn mǎn shēn de hàn liú jiǎ shī hú hú 
追   阮   满  身   的 汗  流  甲  湿  糊 糊 
Ruan was soaked with sweat
tuō zhe chén zhòng de jiǎo bù 
拖  着  沉   重    的 脚   步 
Dragging heavy feet
yào zǒu qiān lǐ lù tú 
要  走  千   里 路 途 
It's a thousand miles to walk
ruǎn wèi hé wèi hé lún luò jiāng hú 
阮   为  何 为  何 沦  落  江    湖 
Why did Ruan fall into disservice
wèi hé mìng cái báo 
为  何 命   才  薄  
Why is life so thin
yǒu qíng fēng chuī dòng 
有  情   风   吹   动   
The winds of love blow
sān chǐ hēi tóu máo 
三  尺  黑  头  毛  
Three feet of black hair
yǒu qíng yuè zhào ruǎn de xiōng qián bàn shēn guāng 
有  情   月  照   阮   的 胸    前   半  身   光    
The moon shines on Ruan's chest
liú làng zhe qiān lǐ yuǎn 
流  浪   着  千   里 远   
The waves travel thousands of miles
wú yí gè xiāng jiè wèn 
无 一 个 相    借  问  
None of them could be borrowed
xīn tóu suān xīn suān gū dān nǚ 
心  头  酸   心  酸   孤 单  女 
Heart acid heart acid lonely female
wèi hé mìng rú cǐ 
为  何 命   如 此 
Why is it so
tǎo yàn jiāo nán zǐ 
讨  厌  交   男  子 
A man is a nuisance
huān yíng nǚ péng you 
欢   迎   女 朋   友  
Welcome female friends
tǎo yàn jiāo yǎ yòu 
讨  厌  交   雅 幼  
Hate to be young
huān xǐ xué fēng liú 
欢   喜 学  风   流  
Huan Xi learns wind flow
wú rén xiàng wǒ zhè kuǎn xīn tóu luàn luàn 
无 人  像    我 这  款   心  头  乱   乱   
No one is as messed up as I am
yǐn xiōng jiǔ wèi hé yǐn xiōng jiǔ 
饮  凶    酒  为  何 饮  凶    酒  
Why drink fierce wine
yù yǐn yù yōu chóu 
愈 饮  愈 忧  愁   
The more you drink, the more you worry

Some Great Reviews About Ku Hai Nv Shen Long 苦海女神龙 Oliver Female Dragon

Listener 1: "There is a person who smiles all the time, seems to get along with everyone, but never reaches out to friends, and has a surprisingly good temper, as if there is nothing in the world that makes him angry or sad. With a grand dream in my heart, I don't want to share it with people in reality. I just do it silently, thinking that I can build mountains and rivers with gravel and soil. I am too lazy to curse and share my feelings. "

Listener 2: "I want to get a little closer behind him, maybe he already knows that I like him, but he doesn't know how much I like him. If I have 666 likes, I will tell him that I like him, and for a long time."

Listener 3: "I like him a lot, like love at first sight, but… He was in a relationship and my friend asked me at that time, was it worth waiting for him in silence? Sometimes he looked for more than an hour to find him in the position, hard to accompany my bestie to find him.I have been quietly like him, even if he only put me as a friend I am satisfied. Now he and I became best friends, this feeling is also good, sometimes I like him again, but I told myself to control, after all, other people have an object can not be a table child. "

Listener 4: "I remember in the early days, I did a little bit better than him, so he decided to catch up with me. After the exam, he got the first place in his class. I said to him with deep jealousy, "Why did you do so well in the exam?" And he said, "You made me insist on it. With this song, it makes me cry. I plan to graduate from junior high school and confess my love to him. Even though I know I don't deserve it, I am much worse than him now. But I still hope god understand me (I only need 1314 likes, hope I can get my wish). Want him to be better, carefree. He's my angel no matter what."

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