Ka Xi Mo Duo De Li Wu 卡西莫多的礼物 Casimodo’s Gift Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Hua Chen Yu 华晨宇

Ka Xi Mo Duo De Li Wu 卡西莫多的礼物 Casimodo's Gift Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Hua Chen Yu 华晨宇

Chinese Song Name: Ka Xi Mo Duo De Li Wu 卡西莫多的礼物
English Tranlation Name: Casimodo's Gift
Chinese Singer: Hua Chen Yu 华晨宇
Chinese Composer: Hua Chen Yu 华晨宇
Chinese Lyrics: Bei Zi 孛子

Ka Xi Mo Duo De Li Wu 卡西莫多的礼物 Casimodo's Gift Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Hua Chen Yu 华晨宇                                      

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

yè wǎn chuán lái zhōng shēng 
夜 晚  传    来  钟    声    
The clock tolled at night
fēng xī miè le là zhú 
风   熄 灭  了 蜡 烛  
The wind extinguished the candle
zhōng lóu wài   tā de gē shēng 
钟    楼  外    他 的 歌 声    
His song outside the bell tower
huí dàng yè kōng 
回  荡   夜 空   
Echoing the night sky
jìng zi lǐ de guài wu 
镜   子 里 的 怪   物 
The monster in the mirror
chuān zhuó tóng yàng yī fu 
穿    着   同   样   衣 服 
Wear the same clothes
zài wú zhù yǎn shén zhī zhōng 
在  无 助  眼  神   之  中  
 In helpless eyes
shì wú biān de gū dú   wū 
是  无 边   的 孤 独   呜 
It is boundless loneliness
chén tòng de gē   zài sù shuō 
沉   痛   的 歌   在  诉 说   
The sad song is telling
zhè bú shì shuí de cuò   wō 
这  不 是  谁   的 错    喔 
It's not anyone's fault
kǎ xī mò duō de lǐ wù 
卡 西 莫 多  的 礼 物 
Quasimodo's gift
xiǎng shòu gū dú 
享    受   孤 独 
Enjoy the lonely
yáng guāng cóng bù guāng gù 
阳   光    从   不 光    顾 
Sunshine never comes
yuè guāng wéi wǒ bàn wǔ 
月  光    为  我 伴  舞 
Moonlight dances for me
bā lí yè wǎn de zhōng shēng 
巴 黎 夜 晚  的 钟    声    
The bells of night in Paris
shì wǒ de yīn fú 
是  我 的 音  符 
It's my note
rú guǒ xí guàn tòng kǔ 
如 果  习 惯   痛   苦 
If you get used to pain
yǎn lèi bú huì hěn kǔ 
眼  泪  不 会  很  苦 
Tears are not bitter
ruò nǐ shāng bēi   ràng wǒ zhōng shēng 
若  你 伤    悲    让   我 钟    声    
If you sad let me bell
gěi nǐ ān wèi   wū 
给  你 安 慰    呜 
Give you comfort
shā yǎ de gē   hán zhe lèi 
沙  哑 的 歌   含  着  泪  
The hoarse song was full of tears
yě wéi nǐ zhù fú   wū 
也 为  你 祝  福   呜 
Bless you, too
kǎ xī mò duō de lǐ wù 
卡 西 莫 多  的 礼 物 
Quasimodo's gift
xiǎng shòu gū dú 
享    受   孤 独 

Enjoy the lonely

Some Great Reviews About Ka Xi Mo Duo De Li Wu 卡西莫多的礼物

Listener 1: "Sure others listen to flower in the ghost called, but they don't know, how lonely, flower heart flower smile, show you that in fact you don't know his heart is what kind of, his parents divorced, since the childhood grew up against the wall and the life, he often play truant, people will think he is not good good study, do not love learning, but you don't know how much the school, where he said he was more clear, a lot of people don't appreciate him, no words song is like a ghost, but they do not understand, no words to sing out of the flower flower of loneliness, sing flower heart appearance, fast men, the teacher asked him, you have a happy life? At that time, many people questioned him, but he was successful. Others said that at that time, if there had been no shang wenjie, he might not have started his career. That is because they misunderstood, who is huahua? He is a music genius, but however, shang wenjie should also is a lonely man, they used music to communicate with people, though, but they also don't care, as long as what you're doing, what do you want to go, don't need to explain what with other people, what proof, music let them back to yourself, maybe yes, music is the best way to communicate with people, flower flower you are the best, you are the best gift given to our Martian, I stand you for a lifetime."

Listener 2: "Brilliance yu always bullied as a child, dare not tell their parents home, a person always stay in the room, the music at the age of fifteen he wanted to express his view of the world how he felt, he felt that music can express their feelings, let all people can hear, from then on, he began his creation, his composition is not a love story, almost his original song the salt of the earth Quasimodo gifts for children in the future the dust in the fireworks this four song is he once original song peak, like brilliance yu can listen to of see, a lot of people say on TV barrage brilliance yu, singing simple technique, you do not know him. There are only a few music about the world created by hua chenyu. This attitude is one of the reasons why I like hua chenyu the most. In those days, hua chenyu was called a Martian and was the most controversial wordless song. Martians are only martians. If Mars were full of people like hua chenyu, I would rather go and live on Mars."

Listener: "I know brilliance yu is 14 years older than me, and I know that flower of the story is very sad, but I still love flower, because in 2016 years, I saw on the hunan TV's brilliance yu's concert, I felt I was attracted by his song, until I saw the flower of youth story behind with the biggest burden is too heavy, and the voice of the company, told me a lot of sense, since the childhood, I've been listening to the songs flower flower, always encourage themselves, comfort myself to be strong, also the flower of struggle as my life the biggest wealth, so I still feel that flower is a good boy, In our mind, he is still a lively and lovely little Mars universe, he, is hua chenyu! I still love him, whether he has a girlfriend or is married or not."

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