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Jing Ji 荆棘 Thorns Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Qi Luan 齐栾

Chinese Song Name: Jing Ji 荆棘
English Tranlation Name: Thorns
Chinese Singer: Qi Luan 齐栾
Chinese Composer: Heng Zhao 恒曌
Chinese Lyrics: Jiang Jiu Ming 江九命

Jing Ji 荆棘 Thorns Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Qi Luan 齐栾

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

bù gǎn qù kàn   céng jīng shú xī   shēn yǐng 
不 敢  去 看    曾   经   熟  悉   身   影   
Do not dare to see the familiar body shadow
bù gǎn qù tīng   huān shēng xiào yǔ 
不 敢  去 听     欢   声    笑   语 
Don't dare to listen to laughter
zhuǎn shùn chéng   fēi yǔ 
转    瞬   成      蜚  语 
Turn to fly
bù néng zài wèn   bù néng zài xìn 
不 能   再  问    不 能   再  信  
No more questions, no more letters
bú yuàn tài qīng xǐng 
不 愿   太  清   醒   
Don't want to wake up too clearly
diē luò chén āi lǐ   zài zhēng kāi   yǎn jing 
跌  落  尘   埃 里   再  睁    开    眼  睛   
Ellie opened her eyes again
mèng jìng   chún bái de hūn lǐ 
梦   境     纯   白  的 婚  礼 
A wedding with a pure white dream
guǐ jì   diàn rǎn de shā yī 
诡  计   玷   染  的 纱  衣 
A paradoxical dyed yarn
tiān dì   xīn suì de jù lí 
天   地   心  碎  的 距 离 
Heaven and earth heart broken distance
fēng zhōng suì luò wǎng xī 
风   中    碎  落  往   昔 
Falling in the wind
yù huǒ   bīng fēng le huí yì 
浴 火    冰   封   了 回  忆 
Bath fire ice sealed the memory
ài hèn   tàn fú shuí yǎn jì 
爱 恨    叹  服 谁   演  技 
Love, hate, shame on you
chóng shēng   zhàn fàng le   yì zhī   jīng jí 
重    生      绽   放   了   一 支    荆   棘 
A fresh spout released a thorn of wattle

Some Great Reviews About Jing Ji 荆棘​

Listener 1:" I admit that I used to love you very much. You can even throw away your life. But do you respond to my love? Mo Jingnan. I am a person I will be tired. I have loved you for 18 years. I'm really tired, since you don't love me. Why bother again? "inexplicable stab in the tears, even if rebirth on the thorns full road of the journey. But still want to past of 𠄘 injured heart alone. What's more, life has not been reborn, from now on. Treasure the present and the people who are good to you."

Listener 2: "chu's sister is an outrage, want to rob to chu's fiance, also against chu, also the wedding video broadcast was asleep, stubs chu's fiance, breaking an engagement in public, younger sister also poor, let a person sympathize with chu's sister, sister is about to chu tiantai above, tell sister, then, chu's sister she chu also pushed down from the roof, fell dead, but rebirth."

Listener 3: "Never thought that one day, oath will become a lie, promise, will become dust, the distance between you and me is as far as the stars! How can I support my love again! Walking on the road, is full of thorns, blood red, red wedding dress, reborn to return to it, I and taste is not a thorn? No, I'm not. I'm just, just becoming, becoming a thorn. "

Listener 4: "Wearing a wedding dress is not necessarily happy, because one day it will come apart, don't dream of wearing a wedding dress because that is the beginning of the nightmare, girls, if you meet the right person really happy, if you meet the wrong person, don't get stuck"

Listener 5: "Once those beautiful vows were all broken in that moment, now I am reborn, I will take back all that belongs to me. Mo Jingnan, Chu Binger you two give me to wait, I this life will not be like last life so stupid. No matter how dangerous the road ahead may be, I will not repeat it. I will give you a taste of despair. Mo Jingnan, Chu Binger you this pair of adulterers adulteress ready to meet my revenge? Mo Jingnan, I have loved you for 18 years, but I am still too young to be calculated by you. I will give you back twice in this life. Chu Bing er last life I believe you, but you, how do you repay me, someone to set me up innocent, someone to cut my clothes to make a fool of me in public, Chu Bing er you good. Heaven has eyes this life all returned to you."

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