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Jiang 犟 Stubborn Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Meng Mei Qi 孟美岐 Meng Meiqi

Chinese Song Name: Jiang 犟 
English Tranlation Name: Stubborn 
Chinese Singer:  Meng Mei Qi 孟美岐 Meng Meiqi
Chinese Composer:  Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari Dennis DeKo Kordnejad
Chinese Lyrics:  Meng Mei Qi 孟美岐 Meng Meiqi Ge Xiao Shi 葛小狮

Jiang 犟 Stubborn Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Meng Mei Qi 孟美岐 Meng Meiqi

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

Na na ou na na ei
Na na ou na na ei
Na na ou na na ei
Na na ou na na ei
Na na ou na na ei
Na na ou na na ei
Everything's dim and gray
Everything's dim and gray
yuè mó hu de yuè yào kàn qīng mú yàng 
越  模 糊 的 越  要  看  清   模 样   
The more paste the more you want to see the mold
Where I've been insulated
Where I've been insulated
yuè huāng wú de yuè yào zǒu dé jiān qiáng 
越  荒    芜 的 越  要  走  得 坚   强    
The more wild the more strong to go
bù xū dù yòng dǎn liàng 
不 虚 度 用   胆  量    
No deficiency with the amount of bravery
ràng lì shǐ gěi wǒ cún gè dàng 
让   历 史  给  我 存  个 档   
Ask history to file for me
bǎ tài dù biàn zhāng kuáng 
把 态  度 变   张    狂    
I'm going to change the tension
nǎ pà zhǐ wéi jì mò de dú chàng 
哪 怕 只  为  寂 寞 的 独 唱    
Not afraid only for lonely alone sing
qiān wàn de zú dǎng pán xuán zài wǒ de jiān shàng 
千   万  的 阻 挡   盘  旋   在  我 的 肩   上    
Thousands of baffles swirl around my shoulder
zì yóu de ài yǔ kuáng xiǎng 
自 由  的 爱 与 狂    想    
Free love and wild thoughts
cì yǔ wǒ yì shēn yǒu qīn lvè xìng de wǔ zhuāng 
赐 予 我 一 身   有  侵  略  性   的 武 装     
Grant me a trespass suit of arms
Na na ou na na ei
bú jù pà de jiān chí shì juè jiàng 
不 惧 怕 的 坚   持  是  倔  犟    
Firmness without fear is stubbornness
Na na ou na na ei
bù yí yàng de zhǔ zhāng shì juè jiàng 
不 一 样   的 主  张    是  倔  犟    
A different zhang is stubborn
Na na ou na na ei
wǒ shì yǔ shēng jù lái tài juè jiàng 
我 是  与 生    俱 来  太  倔  犟    
I was born too stubborn
wǒ shì yǔ shēng jù lái tài juè jiàng 
我 是  与 生    俱 来  太  倔  犟    
I was born too stubborn

Some Great Reviews About Jiang 犟

Listener 1: "I wish all the girls: the white teeth and hands as soft Ti skin as coagulate fat collar as longicorn's larva, tooth such as historic rhinoceros a cicada's head beauty QiaoXiaoQianXi beautiful eyes hope xi drop-dead gorgeous if an bright plum realisation tooth if make Mr Wan xi looks at to bright eye be apt to bad auxiliary ChengQuan. To all the boys, marry them."

Listener 2: "girl, after all, the rockets just two years time, but also want to make great achievements in such a short time is very not easy, their popularity is so high behind the effort is not small, this song for the gaps is a very important turning point, as long as there is network, can still see the MV, I this cell phone is not bound, bank card or I must buy the album, is 5 yuan, also can support the star I like."

Listener 3: "A compliment is a compliment? This sunspot no brainstorm I really take. Meng meiqi voice is really good, very grasp the ear, than those who hurt the sound of spring sad autumn show MOE pack proud of a lot better, quite have a feeling, happy camp by. From the time you came to create 101, your first game. I liked you the first time I saw you, and I have been supporting you silently. Later, you came out as the first. It's really goodBeauty goddess, come on, I love you"

Listener 4: "At the beginning of my acquaintance with Meng Meiqi, this sister is not very pretty, until I hear her singing, this sister is very pretty, what kind of fairy appearance level, blow up, love Liao, love Liao. The younger sister is really powerful ah, see the time of 101 is to dance and stage performance, dance level is really very good, and the women are absolutely beyond the level, and then silence the rectified, sang a, sang a stubborn, just found a sound elf ah, have you watched the tonight to tomorrow, son of gas cry you, serious to you, is still the stage of explosive of Kings, little sister, and a year, after must refueling ah, old aunt although not make track for a star, but old aunt look is very accurate, old aunt know you can go in this circle for a long, come on little sister!"

Listener 5: "clouds but a year as a mentor beauty of meng gaps, pressure, serious face almost all the way, in my opinion, strength impeccable mountain eldest brother, really can relax some, in fact, I always think she is the most injustice of C – strength impeccable, less topic, because sometimes even good enough, good enough to not wrong, is the media and the public" deserved "to ignore, it's not fair."

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