Hua Die 化蝶 Butterfly Lovers Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Tong Li 童丽

Chinese Song Name: Hua Die 化蝶
English Tranlation Name: Butterfly Lovers
Chinese Singer: Tong Li 童丽
Chinese Composer: Chen Gang 陈钢 He Zhan Hao 何占豪
Chinese Lyrics: Yan Su 阎肃

Hua Die 化蝶 Butterfly Lovers Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Tong Li 童丽

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

bì cǎo qīng qīng huā shèng kāi 
碧 草  青   青   花  盛    开  
The grass is in full bloom
cǎi dié shuāng shuāng jiǔ pái huái 
彩  蝶  双     双     久  徘  徊   
Both butterflies linger long
qiān gǔ chuán sòng shēng shēng ài 
千   古 传    颂   生    生    爱 
Love lives on through the ages
shān bó yǒng liàn zhù yīng tái 
山   伯 永   恋   祝  英   台  
Shan Bo Yong love Zhu Yingtai
tóng chuāng gòng dú zhěng sān zǎi 
同   窗     共   读 整    三  载
Read the whole three years old
cù xī bìng jiān liǎng wú cāi 
促 膝 并   肩   两    无 猜  
Sit side by side and guess nothing
shí bā xiāng sòng qíng qiè qiè 
十  八 相    送   情   切  切
 Love each other dearly
shuí zhī yì bié zài lóu tái 
谁   知  一 别  在  楼  台
 Who knows a don't in the balcony
lóu tái yì bié hèn rú hǎi 
楼  台  一 别  恨  如 海  
Don't hate the tower as the sea
lèi rǎn shuāng chì shēn huà cǎi dié 
泪  染  双     翅  身   化  彩  蝶  
Tears dyed wings into butterflies
piān piān huā cóng lái 
翩   翩   花  丛   来  
Fluttering flowers
lì jìn mó nàn zhēn qíng zài 
历 尽  磨 难  真   情   在  
Had a hard time in the truth
tiān cháng dì jiǔ bù fēn kāi 
天   长    地 久  不 分  开  
Forever is not separate
ā  bù fēn kāi 
啊 不 分  开  

Oh don't separate

Some Great Reviews About Hua Die 化蝶

Listener 1: "Remember! Lose your temper when you were young, and the cows won't come back. Now angry, suddenly feel no need. Time gradually wear off young frivolous, also gradually precipitation lengnuanzizhi. When you are young, even sentimental to exaggerate the earth-shaking. Mature but learned: the more pain, the more indifferent; The more bitter, the more silent. At first, we were confused but pretended to understand. Later, we gradually understand but think rarely confused. To grow is to turn everything into calm water and put everything into silent mode. To us who are no longer young! "

Listener 2:"A pair of beautiful wings, gazing affectionately at the Qingjiang River. Thousands of years have passed without change. It was the hand of God that had struck the ridge, the huge cliff wall resembling the wings of a butterfly. Protecting the clear water and blue sky here, protecting the kind Tujia son,With the clear water, moisten the beautiful Tujia girl, for the tourists from afar to fly! Make this beautiful landscape wonderful and different. "

Listener 3: "Sometimes, we like a song, not because it sounds good, but because the lyrics sound like us. Music this thing, happy when into the ear, sad when into the heart, happy when you listen to music, sad when you start to understand the lyrics! Love a song, often because of the lyrics, but the real moving is not the lyrics, but those in your life about the song story. "

Listener 4: "What is a man?" ?? From ancient times to the present, it seems that women are sentimental heart lang, a woman's heart is not hurt! . Spoony women, they often need neither a luxurious life, nor a romantic partner, but a heart always hold her, irreplaceable only partner. Even if such a life is very rare, even if thousands of miles or a short let a person heartache, women persistent, the original is only the heart! "

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