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How To Say Happy Birthday In Chinese Song With Your Friends

Look at the title and you can see what we're up to today.Yep, we will share some Chinese songs about birthday. As we know, birthday is a day when one is born. Traditional Chinese people use a lunar calendar for birthdays, and children's first birthday is called "one year old". There are various customs. The birthday of the elderly is called the birthday, and the age of 50 is called the great life. In Chinese tradition, we eat longevity noodles on birthday and receive the birthday wishes and presents from family and friends. With the introduction of Western culture, many people used the Gregorian calendar to calculate birthdays, and the celebration was changed to cake and candles.

The Theme Song Of The Movie: Happy Birthday By Rene Liu(Chinese Name is 生日快乐)

Let us sing happy birthday in Chinese song. Yesterday, I saw an old movie “Happy Birthday”, which released on January 18, 2007. The film, which starring by Rene Liu and Louis Koo, is adapted from a short story in "I want to leave with you" by Rene Liu. It is the story of Wu Xiaomi's decade-long love affair with her boyfriend, Gu Xiaonan.

In the movie, Xiaomi and Xiao Nan have been known to be the perfect couple since college, but they have been keeping an even better relationship than best friends. Xiao Nan's annual birthday greetings to Xiaomi become a kind of love traction. They are like two strange creatures, so much needed and attracted to each other that they cannot be coexist. When xiao nan went abroad for further study, they broke up, but they still kept the contradictory relationship between each other.

No matter how many lovers appear to each other, friends still believe that one day they will be glad together. Years later, however, the luck they had hoped for had not come, and xiao nan even told her that he was going to be married! This time, she is really losing him. After ten years of gathering, they were worried about each other every day, but only one year in an e-mail to tell a happy birthday. What a pity! Because a secret, guarding each other also hurt each other.

In the song, happy birthday by Rene Liu, is built on the plot, like calm water, the voice full of the sadness. Rene’s voice perfectly deduces this song’s sadness. With the simple sincere lyric and her emotional voice, the song “Happy Birthday” can easily infect with the audience.

As for me, the story of this song is just like the real life. It is always full of new mass and proud regret. You can see Rene singing by herself with her feeble voice which seems to be telling the story. A "I miss you" does not need to be hoarse and can be cliff-hanger. The saddest grief is not intended to cry, but to hold it. Rene’s singing is direct, direct and thorough, very deep and very painful.

Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   shuō bù chū kǒu de qīng sù


English:  the word can be confided .

The “说不出口的” means “unspeakable”. The“倾诉” means “confide”.

To The People Who Accompany Us: Thank You For Being With Me By Su Xing(Chinese Name is 谢谢你陪我一起过)

Rene’s Happy Birthday is a bit sad. In order to alleviate the mood, we will listen to happy birthday in Chinese song, thank you for being with me by Su Xing.

Speaking of the song “thank you for being with me”, it's just a party, and suddenly a melody comes to Su Xing’s mind. And having experienced the creation of "autumn" and "PREFACE",he has been revived to know that inspiration is fleeting. So he took his cell phone and ran down to a quiet corner of the house, and sang and recorded the melody he had just thought of.

From then on, Su began to absentmindedly, and the brain was still ringing in the shape of the song. He came home late at night, washed his face and just sat in front of the computer, played the melody, and continued to plump and grow it. He kept on knocking until dawn without tired.

You just have to admit that creating is a very exciting thing. This excitement comes from the expression and presentation of the inner self. The time is just near the birthday of Su, the main line of the lyrics is also a spontaneous emergence.

This song for Su Xing’s 24 years old birthday, is gathering too much emotion and story. Unlike PREFACE, which is also his original with his growing experience, the song is more about singing to the people around you. It’s about friends, family and all the touched little thing. Every word in this song is warm and sentimental.

To make this song more perfect, he went out of his way to find all the colleagues he could, and they sat around and listened to the music of “thank you for being with me”. There was a little detail, before he put the music, he went to the window, pulled down the curtains, which show he treats his own work like his child. After the audition, everyone was applauding. Not only, for a good song, but also for a good entertainer, both can also be touched by us.

From the start of just trying to write songs of uncertainty, to capture and control of inspiration now, every step he forward, there have been countless touch of heart and trying. His dream was not just to be an artist, but to be unadulterated, to see the title of "the singer-songwriter", which was even closer to music. Every small step is progress, no matter how far it is, he is on his way there, absorbing and releasing, and one day he will arrive.

On the production of this song, he hopes the melody of this song is warm, clean without impurities, so he boldly to remove the arranger of two rail guitar, even remove most of the harmony, make the music of the more quiet and harmonious with human flow. He followed the audio mixer to the remix room and adjusted each one of the emotions in the remix. The ultimate effect is attached to the ear of the listener with his softly singing.

And, for the first time, he was as a producer, in a recording studio, adjusting himself over and over to get the perfect human voice. That's the way he is. Always be brave enough to challenge himself, always be fresh and perfect. He wants to make everything himself, rather than just dwell on it. Confidence is the most glaring label on him. Because he knows what he wants and is ready to work for it.

In a way, stubbornness may be a prerequisite for a new generation of idols. If I could, I would show myself. Think back a lot of things, is that you can't? Or are you afraid?

Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  péi wǒ chàng zhe shēng rì kuài lè

Chinese:                       快   乐

English: Sing happy birthday with me .

The “陪” means “acompany”. The“唱” means “sing”. The“生日快乐” means “happy birthday”.

The Last Happy Birthday In Chinese Song: Happy Birthday To Me By Jay Chow & Landy Wen(Chinese Name is 祝我生日快乐)

"Happy birthday to me" is a song written by Jay Chou, which is included in Landy Wen’s album "temperature effect". The song was originally the theme song of Jay Chou's ad, and he specifically pulled the song from the previous "ye hui mei" album, and Landy Wen’s voice made the song more introverted and interpreted.

Speaking of Landy Wen, who has too many possibilities, she is like a burning hot wind, shaking with the body, melting you and me with the sound. That’s why her next step was to adopt on too many expectations of herself. So, from the host state to the rapid cooling, we wait two years for this song “Happy birthday to me”. With the nearly demanding production team, regardless of the cost, she recorded all music, or mix, in a few degrees.

This song expresses a love story about a man left a girl behind. After breaking up, she celebrated her birthday with the calm and sad mood. There was only her in the KTV box. Once those good and happy things were gone, she did not want to be disturbed and no one ever says happy birthday to her.So she sang happy birthday to herself in the empty KTV box.

When I was listening to this song, I had this idea in my head. If there is an afterlife, I will be a bird, flying over the eternal to be with you without straying troubles. In the east, there is a bright red hope. The south has a warm nest, and the west is retreating to the west.

If there is a future life, I hope every encounter can be turned into eternity. We are temperate enough, so we exchange with each other.When we meet this person, we can't wait to deliver our lives and emotions to each other, afraid that the person will not know I love him. However, we always have to understand that some people are just a stop on our the train, when we arrived at the station, no matter how reluctant you are, you have to let him go.

Just like the lyrics said, I know that sadness can't change nothing, so let me be very honest, I just closed the door and released my tears. I sit in the empty box, put down my cell phone and cut out the memory. Tears can't go by twelve o’clock. The candle lit up alone, and I said “happy birthday” to myself. I dried my tears and I want to thank you who took everything you gave and just left me. I will be sad about that, but I will never allow myself to be sad for too long.

There's a saying that people are going to grow up three times. The first time I found myself not at the center of the world. The second time, I find that even after all the efforts, there are some things that can't be done. I guess you are my third lesson. Let me know that there are some things i can't do, but I am still trying to get it, and I just come to nothing.

Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  wǒ zhī dào shāng xīn bù néng gǎi biàn shén me


English: I know sadness can’t change anything.

The “我” means “I”. The“知道” means “know”. The“伤心” means “sadness”. The “不能” means “can’t”. The“改变” means “change”. The“什么” means “what”.

These happy birthday in Chinese songs, have different styles. Every birthday that we've had since we were kid, it looks the same but seems to be a little different. I can't tell you exactly what's different.

Perhaps it’s the person who accompany with me, or the day what I think. I don’t know,but I hope everyone has a happy birthday even just celebrated by yourself. Because it’s the day that you come into this world,  and also because you are always the best in your parent’s heart.

At last, happy birthday to you, my most lovely one.

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