Hen Xing Fu 很幸福 Very Happy Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Kong Mu Huan 孔睦寰

Hen Xing Fu 很幸福 Very Happy Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Kong Mu Huan 孔睦寰

Chinese Song Name: Hen Xing Fu 很幸福
English Tranlation Name: Very Happy
Chinese Singer: Kong Mu Huan 孔睦寰
Chinese Composer: Unknow
Chinese Lyrics: Kong Mu Huan 孔睦寰  Zhang De Yi 张得一

Hen Xing Fu 很幸福 Very Happy Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Kong Mu Huan 孔睦寰

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

hěn xìng fú   diǎn diǎn dī dī de xiāng chǔ   
很  幸   福   点   点   滴 滴 的 相    处   
I'm lucky to get a little bit of it
hěn xìng fú   bú huì jiù zhè yàng jié shù 
很  幸   福   不 会  就  这  样   结  束  
I'm glad that's not the case
rén shēng lù   xǔ duō kǔ   yīn wèi yǒu nǐ   bù gū dú 
人  生    路   许 多  苦   因  为  有  你   不 孤 独 
The road of life many hardships because you are not alone

hěn xìng fú   yì qǐ qī dài de rì chū   
很  幸   福   一 起 期 待  的 日 出    
Fortunately, I have been waiting for the day to come
hěn xìng fú   yǒu nǐ péi bàn de hán shǔ 
很  幸   福   有  你 陪  伴  的 寒  暑  
I'm so lucky to have you with me
wǎng shì   zài huí gù   wèi lái   yǒng bú luò mù 
往   事    再  回  顾   未  来    永   不 落  幕 
The curtain never falls again

xiàn shàng wǒ zuì zhēn de zhù fú   zhǎn wàng qián chéng cháng lù 
献   上    我 最  真   的 祝  福   展   望   前   程    长    路 
All my best wishes to you for the long way ahead
nǎ pà xiàn shí cán kù   bié rèn mìng yùn jiāng nǐ shù fù 
哪 怕 现   实  残  酷   别  任  命   运  将    你 束  缚 
Don't let your fate bind you

xī wàng nǐ néng zhǎn chì fēi wǔ   wǎng gèng yuǎn de lù tú 
希 望   你 能   展   翅  飞  舞   往   更   远   的 路 途 
I hope you can spread your wings and fly farther
zài nà huí yì de shēn chù   yǒu zhe wǒ men zhī jiān 
在  那 回  忆 的 深   处    有  着  我 们  之  间  
There is a place for us deep in the memory
yǒu zhe wǒ men zhī jiān 
有  着  我 们  之  间   
There is a place for us
zuì zhēn de zhù fú 
最  真   的 祝  福 
Best wishes

Some Great Reviews About Hen Xing Fu 很幸福 Very Happy

Listener 1: "The lyric means: I want to tell my ex-boyfriend that I am happy now; But later I know that I do not love the person now, just like the original one he did not love himself, that kind of unyielding love is not for everyone can have, this I love him, he loves her tragedy, "sometimes kind, sometimes cruel".

Listener 2: "What you owe one person, someone else will have to go back. What one man owes you, another man will pay you back. Whatever you do to one person, be it hurt or given, there is always another who will reciprocate or take revenge. Nodes at different times. Life's heartless and sentimental, ruthless and promiscuous, in general, is to guard the balance.”

Listener 3:"The wrong one will get separated sooner or later, but the right one will eventually meet. I am not afraid of our temporary separation. If a good love needs to come back after a big circle, Then I can hug you with a smile and say," Look, turn around and you will still be me ".

Listener 4: "The person who loves you in the world, if you appear in his world, he always looks at you secretly if there is nothing, when you look at him, he pretends not to look at you, you are sad, he is sad, you are happy, he is happier than you, but you only have eyes for others, without him, he also does not let you know his inferiority."

Listener 5: "I don't know why, I feel lonely. Although busy decorating, busy getting married, although he is good to me, but always have faint uneasiness. I haven't said anything to him these two days. I have a lot of tangled things in my mind. I don't know, because everything is bottled up in my heart, he should sleep well now, but I feel very lonely. What is the future like? Why can't you feel happy?"

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