Hei Ye Zhong 黑夜中 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Liang Bo 梁博

Hei Ye Zhong 黑夜中 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Liang Bo 梁博

Chinese Song Name: Hei Ye Zhong 黑夜中
English Tranlation Name: In The Night
Chinese Singer: Liang Bo 梁博
Chinese Composer: Liang Bo 梁博
Chinese Lyrics: Liang Bo 梁博

Hei Ye Zhong 黑夜中 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Liang Bo 梁博

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

hēi yè àn zì wú shēng 
黑  夜 暗 自 无 声    
The night is dark and silent
tiān kōng yě tòu míng 
天   空   也 透  明   
The sky is clear
shēn hòu nà piàn hé shuǐ 
身   后  那 片   河 水
The river behind me  
yǒu méi yǒu jié bīng 
有  没  有  结  冰   
Is there ice
wǒ xiǎng hái huì yǒu shuí 
我 想    还  会  有  谁  
I wonder who else
huì zài nà ér jīng tíng 
会  在  那 儿 经   停
It will stop there  
suí hòu hé wǒ yí yàng 
随  后  和 我 一 样
Just like me later  
pāo qì le lí míng 
抛  弃 了 黎 明   
Li Ming was abandoned
dàn luò shēn shàng de shuǐ 
弹  落  身   上    的 水  
It bounces off the water 
chuī liáng shuǎng de fēng 
吹   凉    爽     的 风   
A cool breeze
qiān wàn piàn de yún céng 
千   万  片   的 云  层
Thousands of layers of cloud  
yǐn cáng zhe fán xīng 
隐  藏   着  繁  星   
Hidden among the stars
nà shì yì shǎn yí shuò 
那 是  一 闪   一 烁  
It's a twinkle, a twinkle
tiān kōng de yǎn jing 
天   空   的 眼  睛
The eyes of the sky  
kàn tòu nǐ de xīn líng 
看  透  你 的 心  灵
Look into your heart  
hé wǒ de sù mìng 
和 我 的 宿 命   
And my night life
nà yì diǎn diǎn de tòng 
那 一 点   点   的 痛  
A little bit of pain 
xiāo shī zài hēi yè zhōng 
消   失  在  黑  夜 中  
Lost in the dark 
wǒ wò nǐ wēn nuǎn de shǒu 
我 握 你 温  暖   的 手
I hold your warm hand  
nǐ wǎn zhe wǒ yuǎn zǒu 
你 挽  着  我 远   走  
You take me far away
zhǐ yào nǐ péi wǒ zǒu 
只  要  你 陪  我 走  
I only want you to come with me
zǒu duō jiǔ dōu bú gòu 
走  多  久  都  不 够  
I can't walk long enough
rú guǒ nǐ fā xiàn wǒ 
如 果  你 发 现   我 
If you find me
zài lèi liú hēi àn zhōng 
在  泪  流  黑  暗 中
In the darkness of tears   
bié shuō chū kǒu 
别  说   出  口
Don't say out the mouth
nà yì diǎn diǎn de tòng 
那 一 点   点   的 痛   
A little bit of pain
xiāo shī zài hēi yè zhōng 
消   失  在  黑  夜 中  
Lost in the dark
nà xiàng qíng rén zài wǒ zuǒ yòu 
那 像    情   人  在  我 左  右
That looks like a lover on my right and left 
tiào wǔ zài hēi yè zhōng 
跳   舞 在  黑  夜 中
Dance in the dark

Some Great Reviews About Hei Ye Zhong 黑夜中

Listener 1: "Liang bo's words rhyme neatly and have a beautiful artistic conception. The picture springs to mind and gives people infinite imagination. "I wonder who else will stop there and abandon Dawn, just like me." What a stroke of genius! You accompany me to go in the dark, how long is not enough, I would like to abandon the dawn to abandon all. If you find me in tears, please don't say… Beam type is strong, beam type is soft, beam type is exquisite, appear one by one in this dark night! The lingering aftersounds, how can there be such a beautiful music in the world, which can be visually presented in the mood of each of us? Liang Bo is destined to be a legend in the history of music!"

Listener 2: "I don't know what the right words to describe, driving – he has a picture on the broad highway, stop-start for a long time, finally someone standing stopping with him, that person is willing to accompany him go straight down, is in the darkness, he forgot all the pain, who can penetrate the clouds, see flashing stars, the stars such as transparent eye, witnessing everything he experience."

Listener 3: "A song called 'In the Dark Night', with a looming background music rendering the atmosphere of the dark night, when you want to catch the melody, you find that the drum is the real protagonist, and the melody is more like a brushstroke. 'It's a song that makes people want to dance,' Mr. Liang said before the song began. But the inspiration in this song is not the noise and madness, but the rhythm and atmosphere, relying on the quiet strength. Then, with the last of the shouts and humming, a bonfire in the night came, and people danced around it freely. It turned out to be an undercurrent of hope."

Listener 4: "Liang Bo is a very good singer-songwriter, and he is also a very good guitarist. I like his songs, but I understand the meaning of each song better. Each of his songs is full of color and vitality played by him, and has his unique style and vitality. I sincerely hope that such a music lover can come into our hearts and our lives to pay attention to him, he really deserves my love!"

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