Funny Chinese Song:Kiss Me

Funny Chinese Song:Kiss Me

S.I.N.G girl’s music group is a collection that has the dreaminess.The full name is Super Impassioned Net Generation which has the strong feelings about the dream and proves that they aren’t the music group which relies on surface.Today we would introduce a funny Chinese song from them.

They take out their new song Kiss Me for the White Valentine’s Day.The song inherently takes the sweet tinge.The cover of the album is that all of them were the bright yellow cloth.Once you close to them, it’s hard to not be moved by the young, cute female group.With the influence of the song. Maybe you would show your confessions of love to a girl or boy bravely.

As a Chinese funny song, the song has the strong k-pop feeling.But the likes are not the derogatory.After all, the music group receives training from Korea.The Korean popular music has the great producing solid skills and the alternative use of the perfect creation.

The sweet style, film element, R&B uniform rhythm, sound sample, electric piano.All of those help Kiss Me take the listener into a pure, polyphonic, nice and fearless world. S.I.N.G female group reveals the sweet sound ray, and the tacit harmony.In the body show, their lithe and graceful dance conquers many characterless girl, indoorsman,uncle who desires for the young power.The dream always can be roused in the listener who has listened Kiss Me.

When we talk about the dream, it’s not just saying.The average age of S.I.N.G is only 20.All of them want to act and sing then they study hard to close their torrow.Whether the other side of the dream has the much suffering, they want to just hook on their dream on their mouth.They hand over the delicate music again and again.When you hear the Chinese funny song Kiss Me again and again,you would associate that the hardship after their work.So we can find out the dream of S.I.N.G which is so true-life and value.

Today we have the short introduction about the funny Chinese song.If you want to find more great Chinese songs,you can browse our website to find your love.We have shared The Best Chinese Song in 2016: A Branch Of Plum Blossom 2.0 few days ago.Hope you would love it.

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