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Find The Great Chinese Wedding Songs For You

Chinese wedding ritual has lots of trivial formalities according to traditional customs. Most of them have been simplified nowadays. People could customize their wedding ceremony on the basis of Chinese traditional style, western style and the combination.Today we would like to share the Chinese wedding songs for you.

As we know, the background music will add romantic and joyful sentiments for a ceremony. Although some people like classic western music and traditional Chinese fork music such as “Wedding March,” “Jubilance” and “Overture of Spring Festival,” etc., most people prefer the pop songs as wedding background, and now let’s review the hot songs of it.

“You Will Marry Me Today” by Jolin Tsai & David Tao, R & B style is well received in recent years, its vivacious melody describes sweet memories and hopes for better life in the future for the couple.

“Married (Chu Jia)” by Zhang Qingfang, ”I don’t know it is true or not, if we could live together till grey-haired,” the song interpreted the nervous and excited mood of a bribe vividly .

“The Moon Represents My Heart” and “Sweetness(Tian Mi Mi)” by Teresa Teng, its dulcet tune and Teng’s sweet voice told a pure love story which was widely known by Chinese people.

“The most romantic thing” by Zhao Yonghua, the song described a couple who expected to live together till old and grey, it’s the wish for every couple also.

“Intimate Lover” by Ren Jing and Fu Disheng, the song is the real reflection for the harmonious couple, as husband and wife, they spent 30 years together, every newly married couple hope they could accompany each other for ever.

“Good Times(Hao Ri Zi)” by Song Zuying, ”today is a good day, everything dream will come true” which express the feeling of joy, it is very appropriate for a wedding.

“Proverbs of Love” by Luo Dayou, the praise for love, a man made a promise to his lover and he would devote himself to his lifelong mate for ever, the song will leave people in tears sometimes.

“You Are My Destiny” by Richie Jen and Miriam Yeung, a male-female duet song which enjoy much popularity in recent years, “We are born to live together, it is destiny, I am your Mr. right without doubt” which was being chanted again and again.

“Let’s Get Married” by He Jie, “love is mutual equality, love is not afraid of sacrifice, I marry you because of trust, you love me because of my faith,” the song express the meaning of love from a woman’s perspective, it is very sweet song for wedding.

“Love You More Everyday” by Jacky Cheung, “No matter what fame and fortune, I am so lucky if you are on my side everyday.” A happy marriage will become ordinary and dull as time passes, don’t forget the original affection, try to find merits in each other, lives in harmony and mutual respect, the love will be eternal.

Wedding ceremony means making a commitment to each other in witness of relatives and friends,.Everyone will cherish the memory for ever, will you remember the blissful moment when you hear the songs for the occasion?

After enjoy those Chinese wedding songs,maybe you would choose one to as yourself wedding song.Just a joke,you can find those great song through the download way to get it.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


  1. Hello. Desperately ASAP, need a song sung in Chinese, top 10, for mother son dance along with translation in English. Please help.


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