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Find Some Popular And Great Chinese Signers In China For You

Speak of Chinese music, its history could be traced back to ancient times. China owned kinds of unique instruments thousands of years ago. Music was played at the time of holy ceremony such as sacrifice to heaven or entertainment for both emperor and farmers. Generally speaking, music served for ruling or upper class mainly in ancient times.Today we will introduce some great Chinese singers for you.

China had not been a real sense of popular music until 1930s, although phonograph was not widespread at the moment but movie and radio would be in vogue soon. A lot of Chinese signers emerged along with the boom of the entertainment industry, and one of the most outstanding signer was Zhou Xuan.

Zhou Xuan endured hard times in her early years, she made her debut as an actress in a film and then won a prize in a singing contest, she was given the nickname as “Golden Voice” by her sweet voice. Zhou Xuan had lots of notable songs such as “Four Season Song,” “Shanghai Nights”, ”Forever smile”, “Blossom Age,” etc. “Wandering songstress” was her Magnum opus which described a signing girl was anxious to stay with her lover for ever, it was a wonderful dream for all of the people in chaotic times.

The song was accompanied by Chinese traditional instruments such as Erhu, Pipa and so on.Zhou Xuan enjoyed long-standing influence for many generations in China, a lot of Chinese overseas alleviated homesickness by her songs. 

A real beauty, Eternal Superstar Zhou Xuan

Popular songs faded away after the establishment of new China, music had its own political significance at that time, but there were still a lot of songs such as “Sunny Days on September,””Why are the flowers so red” became the classic memory for the whole generation.

Chinese people marched into a new era with Teresa Teng’(Deng Lijun) songs since the reform and opening, her songs were played everywhere in China around 1980s,the songs such as “The Moon Represents My Heart,”

The Story of a Small Town” are popular so far, and at the same time, “Love for the Hometown” by Li Guyi boomed around China also, its melodic rhythm and touching lyrics set people free from the long-term mental imprisonment,Although Li Guyi had not impact as similar as Teres Teng, but she is a influential musician in China.

Teresa Teng(Left) and Li Guyi

“Nothing to My Name” by Cui Jian appeared without notice in 1986, the song described a man asked a girl ”When will you come along with me?” but the girl always scorned him for “he had nothing,” it expressed the confusion of the new generation, “Nothing to My Name” was an epoch-making song in China, the other songs by Cui Jian such as “Girl of Greenhouse,””Rock and Roll on new march road” are recomposed by other singers continuously.

Cui Jian was called as “Father of Chinese Rock and Roll”

Campus Folk song started popular in 1990s,the leading figure is Gao Xiaosong who created lots of folk songs such as “The brother of my upper berth,””My Deskmate,”etc. The songs described beautiful campus life and became hit songs after their birth soon. It was romantic memories for the green years. Gao Xiaosong hosted some talk shows these years, he always became topical character by his humor and sharp comments.

Did you remember your campus life by Gao’s song?

As a “Diva,” Faye Wong enjoyed great reputation in China,she is an icon both in fashion and Mando-pop scene. Faye became notable of the song “Fragile Woman” which was originally composed by Miyuki Nakajima. Her team was composed by elites altogether, especially Lin Xi, a great lyricist who wrote a lot of classic lyrics for Faye such as Undercurrent,Red Bean,The Letter for Myself,Vertigo,

The World,Blossom Fall,Ambiguity,etc.Faye’s clear voice with Lin Xin’s lyrics, chant the story and the uncontrollable life for men and women in the world euphemistically and softly.Faye holds a concert at the end of 2016. People disputed over the high fare before the concert via Internet.

Her daughter Dou Jingtong acted as her vocal accompaniment in the concert. The dispute goes on now, because her performance was far away from fan’s expectation which made her in the storm again.

If the performance was worthy of the high fare?

Li Jian was called as “Music Poet,”he is a sensitive and soft man in spite of his science and engineering education background.Li Jian was well known by Faye Wong performed his song “Legend” on the Spring Festival gala 2011. Li Jian is a all-round musician as a singer, composer and producer.

Li’s songs like “Baikal Lake”,“Wind in the wheat,””I want you” express the beautiful nature and pure love for his tuneful melody and graceful lyrics. Most of his fans are from the middle class which has high cultural background.

“Music Poet” is a kind of aura

New singers turn up one after another since the new century. TFBOYS(The Fighting Boys) is a popular group at present. The group consists of three teenage boys Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan and Yi Yangqianxi. They obtained support and became favorite artiste by contemporaries quickly. They released their single song”Manual of Youth” in 2014 and became hit song right away.

The lively tune and positive lyrics accompanied by their unique dance which was imitated and recomposed by people continually. The group filled in the void of young idol, they swept across China in recent years by their healthy and positive image. They released album “Big Dreamer” in 2015 and one of the song “Favour” won praise by teenagers also.

I want to share happiness with you.It is the first time that I am nervous for others ,””I wonder if it is love,” the song expressed the hazy love of adolescence. All of the members are teenager, they have to face all kinds of things both school work and artist career in the future.

National group “TFBOYS”

Every song tells a story, there were memories, tears, happiness and hope in the story. The train of the era move on station by station, some songs will leave in the memory for somebody for ever, and this is the significance of classic music.

Ok, The introduction of Chinese singers is over.If you have the interests to find more thing about Chinese music,you can find more interesting article in our blog.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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