Find Most Popular Chinese Songs in Chinese Modern Music

Find Most Popular Chinese Songs in Chinese Modern Music

In the 21st century, with the development of IT industry, the arrival of the information age, Chinese pop music has entered a new stage of development, Chinese songs tend to be more internationalized.Today we would like to share most popular Chinese songs for you.

Along with the advance of society.Music has become an important tool for our recreation to relax. Music is a lot of kinds of types, pop music, classical music, rock music. But the most popular  is pop music. Pop music is a genre of music with originated in the 1950, deriving from rock and roll.

Resorting to the organs of hearing, music is a characteristic bright art and displayed by the sound and voice. Chinese pop music has so much more depth and meaning. And singers sing with much feeling. It is expresser members' of different social classes common celebration, the eulogy, the wish and the expectation.

It has the esthetic education function. It will make people lofty and keep a good mood. While sharpening the esthetic feeling ability, it also plays an important in developing the intelligence and the disposition, the sentiment and so on.

1. Lan Ting Xu  – Jay Chou

Jay Chou is one of the most famous Chinese pop stars loved by young people who were born in 80s and 90s. He is the icon of  modern Chinese pop music,for building a new pattern song called Chinese style. His story about his success has been encouraging many of  his fans. 

Jay Chou started learning piano from 3years old for 10 years. He has neither was educated by any music masters, nor got  any special university education. He becomes famous for his special traditional Chinese style. The lyrics of his songs are written by his long term partner Fang wen shan.  The “Lan Ting Xu” puts the Chinese style to carry forward. In fact, I like this song is because it’s lyrics, no matter when we are sad or happy, we almost can find ourselves from this song.  

2.The Moon Represents My Heart  – Deng Li jun

Deng Li Jun was the uncontested queen of the entire Chinese pop music scene of the 1980s and 90s.The singer died very young, but still remains one of the most beloved musical performers of all time. Deng Li Jun's presence in the mental landscape of the Chinese could be compared to that of the likes of Elvis or Patsy Cline in America. Her voice is characterized as pure and natural, evoking a pristine creek running through an idyllic country village.

Deng Li Jun's most famous songs include “The Moon Represents My Heart” ,”I Only Care About You” and “Goodbye Again”, etc.  “The Moon Represents My Heart ” is my favourite.  Because I understand some truth from this song. Such as life can not continue in the continuation of time, but life in silence. Perhaps this is the power of music, I think, its strength is that it makes our souls become high up, and noble soul is any power to destory.

Music is more than just sound. It is a way of thinking. When we listen to music , sing  and dance, or play an instrument.We are also becoming better thinker.Most Popular Chinese Songs is not only the two,we update all of them in our website.In fact,those Chinese we choose are the great in China music.Just enjoy them in our website.

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