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Find Happy Birthday Songs in Chinese

Few days ago, we have shared some great songs for you, you can click the word to visit them if you like.The topic of today is talking about some birthday songs from China.

Every country gets its tradition and its characteristic.English song lyrics ‘happy birthday to you’ can’t show the great and profound national culture and Chinese abundant feelings.

Chinese nation is a creative nation and many inventions of Chinese push the development of China.

Although China has more birthday love songs, but all of them are full of love.They are sung to the lover.

1. Happy Birthday Song in Chinese

Today we will introduce some Chinese happy birthday song for you.The creation of this song is targeting for creating exact birthday song for China.

This song adopts the style that combines the national style and popular style.It’s cohesion of Chinese culture charm.

The creation of this song is from the keen eye and the thought of peculiar weight.It’s showing solicitude for one billion three hundred million people in China.In China,every period has different music that service for the age.That’s why the Chinese birthday song has the essential meaning to build the idea that concern of life existence and record the life of everyone.

2. Birthday Gifts

Birth Gifts is a birthday song that sang by Jimmy Lin.Its primitive name is Gift and it is recorded in the same name album Birthday Gift.

The song is just talking about that the lover would accompany you when your birthday is coming.No matter what hardships is coming, they would accompany and they are the best birthday gifts for you.

3. Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me is sung by Landy Wen and composed by Jay Chou and recorded by the album Effect of Wen Style. Both Landy Wen and Jay Chou sang this song and they also chorus it.This song is so full of creativity not only in melody and composition.

In fact, Happy Birthday To Me was the advertising theme song of Jay.He specially abstract it from his album and gives it to Landy to sing.Landy uses the intrapersonal singing style to annotate it.

4. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is the theme song of the same name movie Happy Birthday. Rene Liu sang it in the movie.This song builds on the story of the movie.It likes the peaceful running water which is so full of the sad.You can refer to the girl cried and played the guitar to describe this love story.The soft ‘miss you’ don’t need the strong voice but just sing it gently.

After listening to the four Chinese birthday songs, you find more about some of them is the sad loves the songThat’s the common thing in China for lovers.

In fact, most of Chinese don’t take more attention to birthday expect the lover.They love to show their love to the opposite side.But if they have separated,when the birthday is come,it would recall the sad memories.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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