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Find Great Chinese Dynasties Songs In Chinese History

Chinese dynasties songs starts in 960 and ending in 1279, the Song Dynasty consisted of the Northern Song (960-1127) and the Southern Song (1127-1279). With a prosperous economy and radiant culture, this period was considered as another period of 'golden age' after the glorious Tang Dynasty (618 – 907).Northern Song was founded by Zhao Kuangyin, a military general in the Latter Zhou (951 – 960). In 960, Zhao Kuangyin launched a mutiny in Chenqiao county ( current Henan Province). Southern Song was set up by Zhao Gou, son of the last emperor of Northern Song.

 After Jin defeated the Northern Song, many imperial clansmen were captured by Jin's army. Fortunately, Zhao Gou had a lucky escape. In 1127, he fled to Nanjing Yingtianfu (in current Shangqiu of Henan Province) and established the Southern Song Dynasty there.

Later, the capital city was moved to Lin'an (currently Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province).The Southern Song's regime was subject to the Jin. Many patriotic generals were killed in the late period. In 1279, the army of the Yuan Dynasty captured Lin'an, putting the Southern Song to an end.

Generally, the Song Dynasty was prosperous in many respects of the society. In agriculture, productive technology was improved which promoted the output of food; in handicraft industry, the division of labor became more detailed which made the  handicrafts technology reach an advanced level; additionally, the development of the commodity economy exceeded the previous level.

Particularly, the earliest paper currency appeared at that period.

As for the development of science and culture, tremendous achievements were made during this period. Two of China's four great inventions – typography and compass were both invented and the application of gunpowder also developed rapidly.

With regard to literature, a large number of outstanding scholars and poets, such as Zhuxi, Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi, Sima Guang and Shen Kuo, emerged and built up the splendid cultural atmosphere of the Song Dynasty.

1.Straight Away

Straight Awayis a large music of violin in ancient China, the famous ancient Chinese music of violin ,one of the top ten famous ancient music of the violin. Its melody is passionate. There is an atmosphere of a decisive battle. It directly expresses the revenge for his father’s wishes.

This song had the high ideological content and artistic value.In The Three Kingdoms, wei,Ji Kang was good at playing this song, he suffered a mean person,before he died for guqin playing the song. Filled with a whole song indignation is not crooked loftiness.

2.The Plum Flower Three Lane

Music through the plum flower is white, fragrant and hardy characteristics,borrowing lines,to sing praises of the noble moral integrity,it is China one of the ten famous living museum of classical music.Music melody melodious melody,the style is pure and graceful,so it is loved by people.

3.High Mountain and Flowing Water

Zhejiang Zheng song“ High Mountain and Flowing Water”(revised version)is spread quickly and widely through the Chinese Guzheng musics and it is also a piece of fairly typical music. The song melody is graceful,meaningful,and its lasting appeal is mountain peaks, running water with vigour.

4. Departure At The Fron

Departure At The Fron was created according to the rising of the tang dynasty poet Wang Wei composed of a famous song. This song expressed to farewell. After the founding of China,Wang Zhenya adapted into mixed sound music. Lyrics of the rain, dust, green willows, wine, sunlight.

These beautiful pictures are the charm of art.Audio-visual combination ,the ancient reflected in an archaic music. To show us the fun of poetry.

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Jack Smith
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