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Famous Chinese Songs

Few times ago, we have shared this article for you to find great songs for kids in China.Today we will keep our journey to find famous Chinese songs for you.In fact,every year China will appear many great songs but just some of them can be famous and become popular in the public.The standard of this type is not the beauty of those song but the illustrious of those song.

1.The Crescent Sang by Chen Kun

The Crescent is composed and wrote by Hao Lei, arranged by Cai Tinggui.It’s was the masterpiece of Chen Kun and recorded in the album Permeate in 12 November,2004.

When Chen made preparations for this album, he needs to give consideration to make a film and sing the work of this album was off and on.Sometimes,Chen would think that it didn’t reach the level of the great album need.And then he would record again and again.Chen wanted to show his serfdom to his fans who liked him and the feeling about music from a normal people.

2. Syringa Linn Sang by Tang

Syringa Linn is artistic campus folk which composed in April ,2000.All of this song are composed in memory of a girl who died after suffering a car accident.In fact, Tang never sees the girl and even don’t know the name of the girl.He just hear this story from his friend and moved by this story and then wrote this song.The palmy times always have the moving story and the tower of ivory always has the deep sincerity.Syringa Linn is just an isotopic carrier that cherishes the memory of the dead person and the dreamlike times.

3. Mouse Love Rice Sang by Yang Chengang

Mouse Love Rice is composed, wrote, sang by Yang Chengang and recorded in the album Mouse Love Rice released in 2004.After the song releasing, it made the great waves on the Internet and was the early network song.

After China entered the 21st century, recreational activities become to diversify and the music no longer has the center in the spare time life.With the arrival of network age,the new generation of young people just take the song as the background music when they surfed the internet.Mouse Love Rice relied on this background, then became the background music when the young people were surfing the internet.

Mouse Love Rice is a youthful love song that wrote in the puberty and reflects the resentment of puberty.Young people try to survive under the unsatisfactory life and shape the perfect space for themselves.

This song has the cool melody and blunt lyrics.Although it doesn’t have the superb musical skills, it relies on the readability of the lyric and the music.

4. My Heart Was Broken Sang by Nicholas Teo

My Heart Was Broken Sang is wrote by Chen Xingrong and composed by Steve Chouand recorded in the album First Nicholas Teo.In 2006, the song won the week champion in Chinese song list.

In fact, Nicholas Teo has the loneliness which caused the attention of the male fans in Taiwan before.So the record company decided to invite the musician to forge the great love song for Teo

Again.Then Steve Chou composed this song for him.

5. Sing of Parting Sang by Shin

Sing of Parting is sang by Taiwan rock band Shin and wrote by Daryl Yao,composed by Kim Gun Mo.The song is recorded in the album High as Heaven of Shin.

Throwing off the electrical dance and R&B,Shin sticks to the simple and powerful rock and released many popular album and get the love of the song fans.

6. Gardenia Sang by He Jiong

June is the right time that gardenia bloom and He Jiong also announce that he will bring his first album out.Faced with the two years arrangements,He Jiong put forward that he would sing a song to the friends who will break up to leave with their friends in school in June.Then the Gardenia come when he thought.

The light music of Gardenia described lightly the mood of parting.Simple music melody help people to feel the faint scent that gardenia bloom when they hear this song.The catchy, fresh and national melody and lyric are full of the feeling of the campus.

Gardenia is a song that consecrates to graduate.Many people are in mistake for thinking that campus folk are the style of the album Can Love of He Jiong.In fact, the album is full of the emotional, rock, light R&B, electronic style.

7. Two Butterflies Sang by Pang Long

Two Butterflies are a song that sang by Chinese male singer Pang Long.It is recorded in the same album Two Butterflies.

Two Butterflies is a typical, classic, poignant love song.The innocent lyrics build up and more popularity and moved the lovers.The song takes the beautiful internal melody and natural imagery.

8. You Are My Sweetheart Sangy by Pang Long

This song is created by the musicians from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.The creation of this song didn’t come from the professional composer.This song was formed by Roc that consecrate to his girlfriend as the proposed gift.

The arrangement of this song has the stout India and Pakistan style.The light and comfortable rhythm adds atmosphere of this song on the point.The skilled art of singing of Pang deals easily with this song.This song shows the happy feeling when a man faces the girl whom he loved.Using the simple, earthy voice to perform the loved feeling of the man.

We have shared 8 Famous Chinese Songs for you.If you live in China,you could find every Chinese can sing one or more in this Chinese song list.That’s our work to find more numerous Chinese music for you.

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