Feng Chui Huang Hun 风吹黄昏 The Wind Blows At Dusk Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Li Jian 李健

Feng Chui Huang Hun 风吹黄昏 The Wind Blows At Dusk Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Li Jian 李健

Chinese Song Name: Feng Chui Huang Hun 风吹黄昏
English Tranlation Name: The Wind Blows At Dusk
Chinese Singer: Li Jian 李健
Chinese Composer: Li Jian 李健
Chinese Lyrics: Li Jian 李健

Feng Chui Huang Hun 风吹黄昏 The Wind Blows At Dusk Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Li Jian 李健                                      

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

zài huáng hūn jiē tóu 
在  黄    昏  街  头  
At the end of the street
wǒ cháng kàn dào tā yí gè cāng lǎo de rén 
我 常    看  到  他 一 个 苍   老  的 人  
I have often seen him as an old man
tā zǒu zou tíng tíng yòu zì yán zì yǔ shī luò de rén 
他 走  走  停   停   又  自 言  自 语 失  落  的 人  
He walked on and on and on and on and on
yǒu rén shuō tā zài 
有  人  说   他 在  
Some say he's here
děng tā de ài ren kě tā gū dú duō nián 
等   他 的 爱 人  可 他 孤 独 多  年   
Wait for his lover but he was alone for many years
yǒu rén shuō tā zài zhǎo tā de hái zi zhǎo le xǔ duō nián 
有  人  说   他 在  找   他 的 孩  子 找   了 许 多  年   
Some said he had been looking for his child for many years
shuí zhī dào tā shì shuí 
谁   知  道  他 是  谁   
Who knows who he is
shuí zhī dào tā zhǎo shuí 
谁   知  道  他 找   谁   
Who knows whom he seeks
yòu shì gè huáng hūn lǐn liè de hán fēng 
又  是  个 黄    昏  凛  冽  的 寒  风   
It's a yellow, faint, cold wind
rén men gǎn lù cōng cōng 
人  们  赶  路 匆   匆   
People are in a hurry
wǒ yòu kàn dào tā gèng cāng lǎo xiàng fēng zhōng kū shù 
我 又  看  到  他 更   苍   老  像    风   中    枯 树  
I saw him as old as a tree in the wind
tā gēn suí rén qún xiàng hái zi yí yàng yáo yáo huàng huǎng 
他 跟  随  人  群  像    孩  子 一 样   摇  摇  晃    晃    
He swayed with the crowd like a child
suí hòu màn xià lái xiàng qián fāng zhāng wàng shén sè huāng zhāng 
随  后  慢  下  来  向    前   方   张    望   神   色 慌    张    
Come with slow down after the former party card color panic at god
shuí zhī dào tā shì shuí 
谁   知  道  他 是  谁   
Who knows who he is
shuí zhī dào tā qù xiàng nǎ lǐ 
谁   知  道  他 去 向    哪 里 
Who knows where he is going
tū rán jiān kuáng fēng hū xiào 
突 然  间   狂    风   呼 啸   
Suddenly the wild wind screamed
yì zhá yǎn jiù kōng kōng dàng dàng 
一 眨  眼  就  空   空   荡   荡   
A wink and a swing

Some Great Reviews About Feng Chui Huang Hun 风吹黄昏

Listener 1: "In the crowd, the more dusk, the more lonely; In life, the more dusk more lonely. In these busy times, the longer the story, the less the audience, let alone the past that others may be tedious and irrelevant? Who knows, this song makes me believe that even though we are in a hurry, there are still people willing to look at strangers passing by, stop, look back, stare, and even lightly remember and sing lightly. Who knows, a city evening wind, warmth but also sad."

Listener 2: "In the street at dusk, an old man, he stops and goes, he talks to himself, he wobbles, he looks nervous, he grows old day by day, an old man like a dead tree, who is he? Who is he looking for? Where is he going? Do you know that his country is calling for him? Do you know that his lover and his child are waiting for him in his country? Will he ever find his hometown again? The road had been covered by a sea of people, buildings had grown where crops were planted, and his hometown was a vast ocean. Out of the vast sea of faces, out of the throng of people in the street, was he the only one confused and at a loss, flurried and hesitating…"

Listener 3: "To really know Kenge is the stage of the singer, to really fall in love with Kenge is after" The Voice ", there is a feeling of meeting late, but I am serious about being your fan. Catch up on all your VMS and music shows, and listen to every song on every album. Kenge's attitude towards music and life is admirable. With high eq, he makes people always get along with him so comfortably. Listening to his talk is a kind of enjoyment and listening to his songs is a kind of happiness. Meet "Jian" "Li" I decide to be your listening friend for life."

Listener 4: "Suddenly looking back at the old figure of my back, I can outline many lonely days in the past! The picture of childhood…… Drunk in the tide of shaking wine uncle, displaced lonely ding! A person incoherent monologue, is drunk heart, or drunk secular! How haggard he is among the evening crowd!"

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