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Famous Chinese Song: Chengdu By Zhao Lei

Today we would introduce a famous Chinese song and  Chinese folk song Chengdu .In fact, in the past 2016, you can hear the song when you walk at the street and found out how hot about this song.Chengdu  is also a city in Sichuan province.

The melody of this song is slow and the Chinese lyrics depict much detail of the city Chengdu .For example,the Yulin road, Tavern is the familiar toponymy in Chengdu .The lyric causes resonance of the people who is come from this city and the stranger who had been to Chengdu or never go to Chengdu.

In fact, the song is composed in 2014 and become more eminent in 2016.Zhao Lei run the whole show that contains the writing and composition of this song.In the opinion of Zhao,what the most attractive part in Chengdu is the peppery.He feels that his friends are outgoing and cheerful which is the rich infection to him in Chengdu.He wrote this song in 2014 and just always sing it but never authentically record or release it.

Zhao never image that this song becomes so famous in China.When his agent tells him the hot of this song, it makes him very surprise and love the enthusiasm of this city more.

Zhao expressed that he doesn’t think he is famous and would keep the original road of his life.In this song, Chengdu, it sings the Tavern which is loved by many rock, folk musician.In many meetion between Zhao and the city Chengdu, the Tavern is must be referred to.He hopes that every performance of him can invite Tang Lei who is the creator of Tavern to listen.She can give more suggestion to him.

Nowdays,Zhao also become more famous in the Chinese music circle and have more income in the box office for his performance tour.By now,some person worried that Zhao becomes rich materially would make him lose the passion of the creation.Zhao expressed that the performance fee is greater than last year which is natural.

At present, nothing can effect his composition except the time.Next year he would leave more time to compose music in peace.He also said that he paid any time for the music and life but never be very famous.The singing can pay for him.His life still keeps the old way and never changes.

The Chengdu is a city that you can’t forget it and would want to go there again and again.The Chunxi Pedestrian Street, Jinli Ancient Street,Wide and Narrow Alley, Global Financial Centre would make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to leave.

After enjoying this famous Chinese song, maybe you would find that you would fall in love with the city of the song.If you have the chance to travel,just try to walk at the street in the city Chengduas listening to the song Chengdu.You would have great feelings if you do this by the way.

Ok,our introduction is ending,if you want to find the way to get this song.Just follow the link.Have a nice day!

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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