Falling In Love With The Top Chinese Love Songs In Chinese Music

The Secret Love That I Can’t Tell You Love With All My Heart By Leslie Cheung

Love is an integral part of human nature, and is the eternal theme of our life. Buddha said that the real love of the world is to love someone: to see the world through each other's eyes; to think about the world from the other side; and learn to experience each other's body and feelings, and let altruism spread in love. But it's hard to find the right person. Some people have never been able to find their true love. As for me, true love is just like this, without an early step, or a step later, just in the right time to meet the right one.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love. So let us listen to the top Chinese love songs.

The Secret Love That I Can’t Tell You: Love With All My Heart By Leslie Cheung

When it comes to Asian music, Leslie Cheung is a man to be mentioned. He is one of the indicators of popular culture in China. With music and the film, he gained a lot of popularity in Asia, and his performance in "farewell my concubine" earned him a worldwide reputation. He was an excellent actor and was one of the most prominent performers in Hong Kong. He was also a great singer, a good dancer and artist. He is a versatile person with various abilities. This song “love with all my heart” is one of my favorite love songs.

Talking about the creation of this song, it was composed by Leslie Cheung himself and written by Albert Leung. Style of Leslie Cheung has always been relatively affectionate, soft, and easy to express feelings. With the lower pitch melody, the first stage of the song is very soothing and relatively depressed. After the climax, the pitch rises rapidly and is in sharp contrast to the preceding melody, which was the part of the emotional surge. Even the whole piece is simple in structure. It is still very moving.

About the lyric, it is very great, reflecting the deep writing skills of Albert Leung. This word mainly expresses the psychological complex of secret love, but does not adopt the traditional expressive way of common rotten street. For example, "peeling off my heart from one layer ", such a very pompous expression is often not what we think inside.

However, Albert has one more way to interpret the characters' psychology. Like these two pieces of lyrics,” If it is too good, if you look good, do not want to prove that there is no admiration” and “from the tip of the eyes and the brow, it seems to be the most direct nudity”, these rustic languages, like the x – ray, portray the psychological activities of the master. The word, “alone also is volatile fragrance, the original feeling moved exactly like this”, seems simple in the relationship between men and women, may be love, and may be just alone. When we miss someone, this kind of pain is also quite beautiful, and the singer became enamored. If I ever forget this reverie, this is beyond my imagination.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song Lyrics

PinYin:  bù xiǎng zhèng shí yǒu méi yǒu guò qīng mù

Chinese: 不   想     证     实    有   没  有    过    倾    慕

English:  Do not want to prove if you have ever been admired.

The “不想” means “do not want to ”. The “证实” means “prove, The “有” means “have”. The “没有” meanshaven’t. The “倾慕” means “admire”.

The Long Thin Flow Of Love: Your Name My Last Name By Jacky Cheung

The song “love with all my heart “among is kind of sorrow, it talks about the secret love that we cannot tell anyone. And now, we eat sugar to ease the inner sorrow. Let us sings the sweet song “your name my last name” from Jacky Cheung.

If someone asks me when I want to be in love, it's time to listen to this song “your name my last name”. It is a song in the top Chinese love songs that can touch my heart.、

This song’s lyric is also written by Albert Leung, but this is his uncommon pure love song without the slightest sadness. It's a classic in the class. In 1996, Albert created "your name my last name" as Jacky Cheung and May’s wedding gift. Their love story is just so simple, happy and enviable.

Jacky and May had a crush on the best age. They fell in love each other at the first sight, and then a short breakup let the two sides firmly believe that the other person is the right one, so, they married. The melodramatic plot never happened between them. It is insipid, just like this soulful song.

You know, the most romantic thing I can think of is growing old with you slowly.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song Lyrics

PinYin:  gù shi píng dàn dàn dāng zhōng yǒu nǐ 

Chinese: 故 事  平    淡   但     当     中     有   你

English: the story is plain but you are in it.

The “故事” means “the story ”. The “平淡” means “plain, The “但” means “but”. The “当中” meansamong. The “有” means “have”. The “你” means “you”.

To My Love: Like You By Beyond

As one of the representative bands of the Chinese music industry, Beyond’s music is full of vigor and power, and it is very melodic which is easy to attract fans. What's more, it's rare that their work focuses on reality. However, the song “like you” is just an unalloyed love song.

“Like you” was written, composed by Ka Kui Wong, the lead singer of the band, and was included in Beyond’s album “secret police” which released on September 6, 1988. Actually, this song was sung to Ka Kui Wong’s ex-girlfriend.

When Ka Kui started stepping on his musical journey, for some reasons, he had to give up his beloved girlfriend and put his energy and time into musical creation, which made him felt guilty. So he wrote this song to express the pain of losing the beloved one.

With excellent melody and simple structure, this song can be described as a direct expression of Ka Kui’s mind. And it's very resistant to listening. So to speak, it’s an overdue love letter and a song of repentance for love. His singing is any kind of tenderness, but there is a deep pain behind it.

The song is full of true meaning and the expression is appropriate, its connotation and feelings are deeply input, just shows us an ideal young people who cannot be realized and love is the only thing he can hope and capture. The word “in the past, for self – struggle, from the ignorance of her pain” is so guileless and sincere introspection which made me moved.

Meanwhile, in the melody, which combines slow rock and soft melodies, is a bit of fresh air in Hong Kong music. And Ka Kui's slightly husky way of acting makes the song more attractive and sentimental. Because of revelation true sentiments of Ka Kui, this song is moving. That paragraph of the classic" may I can touch you, that lovely face, hold your hand and talk in your sleep, just like yesterday", reveal the infinite love for his girlfriend and the pain and sadness in the heart, the gentle bow of the head will always bring a strong resonance from the bottom of the heart.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song Lyrics

PinYin:   mǎn dài lí xiǎng de wǒ céng jīng duō chōng dòng

Chinese:   满   带 理 想      的 我   曾     经    多     冲     动

English:  I used to be more impulsive with my replete ideal.

The “满” means “impletion ”. The “理想” means “ideal, The “我” means “me”. The “曾经” meansused to be. The “多” means “how”. The “冲动” means “impulsion”.

The Last Top Chinese Love Song :  Secret By Jay Chou

When I was watching a movie called “secret” in 2007, it was the first time that I heard that song. The film is built on Jay Chou's own high school life, tell us the piano prodigy who transferred to an art school, sees the mysterious piano player in an old piano room, and then launched a fantasy love story. To be honest, it’s a movie that I can’t really understand the meaning after three time reviews. But that doesn’t prevent me from loving the theme song “secret”. And the movie shows me when we are young, we all need to ignore everything, just be desperate.

In directing the film, Jay had the creation of the song in his mind. The process was remarkably smooth because the movie is based on emotional drama. This British rock song is the style that Jay did not attempt previously. In order to cooperate with the film, this song uses a lot of electric guitar, and the prelude is slowly made by the piano. Jay found Vincent Fang to fill in the lyric, and required Vincent to rewrite it many times because of the artistic conception.

With different previous determination of the piano playing mode and the lonely vicissitudes of life, this song spectral out with a little suspense romance love story which simply but deeply rooted in the heart. And the bell in the end of the song, expressed the memory of the campus.

The opening lyric emphasizes the environment instead of the psychological silence, and the subsequent slight recall is enough to kill me through my heart. There is no superfluous description, just only deep affection. It is a song teaches what the feeling of breaking a heart. Some people are doomed to meet with us, but fate has forgotten to keep her around us. The fate teaches us to love and walk away. Also, Vincent Fang's lyrics are vivid, especially the description of "the secret that cannot say" is more subtle. The whole song, combined with the artistic conception of the movie. It makes the fans feel too beautiful but pathetic.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  zuì měi de bú shì xià yǔ tiān

Chinese:  最  美  的  不  是  下  雨  天

English: The rainy day is not the most beautiful thing.

The “最美的” means “the most beautiful ”. The “不是” means “is not, The “下雨天” means “rainy day”.

After these top Chinese love songs, I hope you will find the one, who will listen to the rhythm of falling rain with you throughout your life. My love, I love you, and I just want to lean on your shoulder and listen to the wind with your tenderness. I don’t need a dynamic love story, only a simple commitment and the plain life with you. That is all I need. 

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