Dao Dao Dao 道道道 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung

Dao Dao Dao 道道道 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung

Chinese Song Name: Dao Dao Dao 道道道
English Tranlation Name: Way Way Way
Chinese Singer: Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung
Chinese Composer: Huang Zhan 黄沾 James Wong
Chinese Lyrics: Huang Zhan 黄沾 James Wong

Dao Dao Dao 道道道 Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Zhang Xue You 张学友 Jacky Cheung

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

hóng chén shì jiè 
红   尘   世  界  
The world of mortals world
yí piàn máng máng wù 
一 片   茫   茫   雾 
A fog
mì dào mì dào zì xún wǒ 
觅 道  觅 道  自 寻  我 
Seek the way find the way
qiān lǐ bù wèn shuí hǎo 
千   里 步 问  谁   好  
A thousand miles step to ask who is good
fēng lǐ lù shì wǒ qián tú 
风   里 路 是  我 前   途 
The road in the wind is my future
shā jí huò sì dāo 
沙  急 或  似 刀  
Sand sharp or knife-like
fēng yě fēng kuáng fā nù 
风   也 疯   狂    发 怒 
The wind is mad and angry
lìng rén zhòu méi dī shǒu 
令   人  皱   眉  低 首   
People frown low head
chōng rù màn màn lù 
冲    入 漫  漫  路 
Into the long road
quán píng yì zhì 
全   凭   意 志  
Is all a matter of the will
kāi zhǎn wǒ líng yún bù 
开  展   我 凌   云  步 
Develop my destiny spectrum
mài zhe dà bù wàng qián qù 
迈  着  大 步 望   前   去 
With long strides he looked forward
zǒu zhèng lù dìng xún dào 
走  正    路 定   寻  到  
Take the right path and you will find it
zhǎo dào dào dào dào yǔ zì háo 
找   到  道  道  道  与 自 豪  
Find a way and be proud
bú pà fēng sì kuài dāo 
不 怕 风   似 快   刀  
Not afraid of the wind like a sharp knife
bú pà shā chén zhàng lù 
不 怕 沙  尘   障    路 
Not afraid of sand and dust
shào nián hàn mò dī shǒu 
少   年   汉  莫 低 首   
Young hammer bowed his head
xiāng bàn tóng qiú dào 
相    伴  同   求  道  
Seek the path together
máng máng shì jiè 
茫   茫   世  界  
The vast world
kāi pì wǒ hóng chén lù 
开  辟 我 红   尘   路 
Open my way to the world of mortals
rì rì dà bù tà qián qù 
日 日 大 步 踏 前   去 
Day after day he strode forward
zhōng yǒu rì huò chéng gōng 
终    有  日 获  成    功   
Success will come some day
dé dào dào dào dào yǔ zì háo 
得 到  道  道  道  与 自 豪  

Get road and pride

Some Great Reviews About Dao Dao Dao 道道道

Listener 1: "various kinds of Musical Instruments. The suona is the king, which is either going up to heaven or visiting a temple. The thousand-year pipa, the thousand-year zheng, and an erhu will last a lifetime. When the whole opera ends with a sound of the suona, a sound of the song and a cover of cloth can be heard in the whole village. When the coffin is carried and the earth is buried, relatives and friends cry, sound firecrackers, blow the suona horn, carry it in front and chase it behind. Two ears don't hear coffin foreign affairs, heart only jump huangquan di, all the way to hades hi, from now on not lovers world"

Listener 2: "because in the third part of the film, Jacky cheung comes on stage as a big man who plays a horse in a river's lake. Not only is the action in the hand, let a lot of fans see so fascinated, Jacky cheung's eyes inside the acting is also let now a lot of acting actors are unable to learn. For example, when zhang xue was threatening Tony leung and his teacher, her eyes were very delicate, just like many actors in Hong Kong would use their eyes to act no matter in the performance. In fact, this is not a legend, but a real thing."

Listener 3: "this song is impressed by 'a beautiful woman's ghost! Road and road'. Once you hear this song, the image of Tony leung and the old monk walking in the desert filled with yellow sand will come to your mind. As soon as the lock went off, it reappeared in his mind. Leung took off his robe and sat on a cloud of gold, waiting for the golden rays to shine. It was so beautiful! As a result, I watched the movie for many times, and finally came to my personal opinion that all the classic people, things and works are unsurpassable. In fact, people always keep up with the joneses and always want to get more and more, but they never seem to realize the so-called 100% perfection! It's just not perfect! If everything is perfect, all in accordance with your wish, that we will not have the motivation and direction, the so-called determined in private, also must first bitter its mind, its fine bone, hunger, empty of its body, its always not lost, that you, the so-called, quickly lost, rare hard to lose, my dear friends, brothers and sisters, cherish the god to give you everything, and you in front of people. Please do not believe what the next life, because you have a good life, enough.”

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