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Dao Ba Ban 倒八板 Pour Eight Plate Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Shang Wen Jie 尚雯婕 Laure Shang Tolein Li Yun Di 李云迪

Chinese Song Name: Dao Ba Ban 倒八板
English Tranlation Name: Pour Eight Plate
Chinese Singer: Shang Wen Jie 尚雯婕 Laure Shang Tolein Li Yun Di 李云迪
Chinese Composer: Shang Wen Jie 尚雯婕 Laure Shang Xue Bo Te 薛伯特
Chinese Lyrics: Xue Bo Te 薛伯特 Livia

Dao Ba Ban 倒八板 Pour Eight Plate Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Shang Wen Jie 尚雯婕 Laure Shang Tolein Li Yun Di 李云迪

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

nián hóng tiē fēi   qū zǒu jiù suì 
年   红   贴  扉    驱 走  旧  岁  
Red sticker drive away the old years
bù yī jīn guì   duō qiú xiáng ruì 
布 衣 矜  贵    多  求  祥    瑞  
Cloth clothes jin GUI more auspicious
yāo nǐ fēn tú sū 
邀  你 分  屠 苏 
I invite you to share Tusu
tóng kàn yān huǒ rén qíng wèi 
同   看  烟  火  人  情   味  
See smoke fire people love taste
dài yǐn wán zhè bēi 
待  饮  完  这  杯  
Wait till you finish this glass
shén me xiāng sī 
什   么 相    思 
What to think
dōu xiāo yú mǐng dǐng zuì 
都  消   于 酩   酊   醉  
All drunk with drunkenness
wàn xiāng míng lì kè 
万  乡    名   利 客 
Ten thousand village name benefit guest
piāo bó wèi hái jiā 
漂   泊 未  还  家  
Adrift has not returned home
qián kūn yǒu xìng fèi 
乾   坤  有  兴   废  
Dry kun may make waste
shuò yuè yǒu yíng kuī 
朔   月  有  盈   亏  
The new moon has a surplus and deficit
fēi huā kàn jìn 
飞  花  看  尽  
Flying flowers look
hái kàn jīn guī 
还  看  今  归  
Also see today

Some Great Reviews About Dao Ba Ban 倒八板

Listener 1: "I've never thought of each New Year's day, in our opinion" tacky "and familiar songs can adapted so western style but do not break the festival atmosphere can feel the song cycle is like Chinese New Year with yundi li xue burt teacher raged war to touch with Chinese characteristics of Chinese and western combined with the characteristics of western electronic music does not lose a innovation although shang wenjie little part in the whole song but her vocal soprano part is the best end of vibrato really heard a goose bumps proved shang wenjie with EDM is also very take did not diminish KaiFengFu only child did not let us down The end of the electric sound is just the beginning for the contestants!"

Listener 2: "Yeah, I used to think so. Is not itself vulgar, but is not that era, can not blend in, no one around to listen to, I do not want to do different, others said vulgar, so I feel vulgar. In fact, it is a lack of understanding, lack of judgment, do not want to be labeled as vulgar others. Now that I'm a little older and have learned a little more, I feel like there's some truth to songs that catch fire. At least I think the jasmine is really good, such as the wild dance of the golden snake. Before I only listened to the melody, now I listen to the artistic conception."

Listener 3: "The first drop feels more like the future house, but progressive is… This is not true because the progressive tone is brighter and more lead is more melodic. The big room features the use of timbre to drum out bass and the use of fretprint. Future house is a pop term for someone who has the ability to pop iron. The first paragraph is by the flower of drop which sounds very similar to pop an iron barrel. "Drop" is not trance… The rhythm is broken, Trance has the same rhythm as House but BPM is slightly faster than House, and the continuous timbre gives you a psychedelic feel. The second part should be trap. The hihat of fast combination is repeated time after time, coupled with strong jumping sense. Low frequency bass will have the feeling of "snap".

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