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Classic Chinese Music: Ambush From Ten Sides

Ambush from Ten Sides is a large pipa music with a historical theme. It is Chinese top ten ancient classic Chinese music . There is no definite theory about the creation of this kind of music. According to relative material, it can be traced back to Tang Dynasty, where Bai Juyi (772-846) lived.

He wrote a very famous long poem called Travel of Pipa, in which it can be found that Bai Juyi had heard about a performance of pipa music about intense fighting scenes.  

This music has a very interesting background that the Chu and Han were fighting. In 202 BC, a big war took place, and it was so brutal and tragic. The conqueror Xing Yu and Liu Bang finally decided to have a war in Gaixia after 5 years of little battles in the middle plains.

The war was cruel that Xiang Yu was going to fail. With 100,000 soldiers, Xiang Yu desired to survive, but Liu Bang, the command of 100,000 soldiers wanted to kill them all. Suddenly, flood and flesh flew anywhere.

Although Xiang Yu was extramely brave, but finally he was outnumbered, and all his people got into the embattled situation. At last, Xiang Yu generously and sadly sang a song, with his seriously wounded body. He was heavily surrounded by the enemy, and then he killed himself by his sword.

Ambush from Ten Sides is the music of majestic passion, with a distinctive art image. It is also the pinnacle work of pipa, and its structure is complete, with the music narrative approach to the perfectly represent the famous ancient war between Chu and Han.

Moreover, the playing techniques of pipa has been vividly applied in the music. The intensive melody makes listeners’ blood boil and all excited.

 Ambush from Ten Sides includes 10 periods, which can be divided into three parts. The first part is the preparation before the war. The second part is the fighting process, and there are three smaller sections in this part, including “ambush”, “war at Jiming Mountain”, and “war at Jiuli Mountain”.

The second part gives an image that the armies of Chu and the armies of Han were having an intense war, which is the central part of the whole music.

"Ambush" is very unique to use the contrast of relaxing and intense rhythms to get into the development of the melody, resulting in the tense and the atmosphere of terror. During the "war at Jiming Mountain " in the music, Han and Chu are in close combat. pipa use the "brake string" skill, making a sound of “Cha Cha”, to imitate the sound of swords Hitting each other. "war at Jiuli Mountain" is the climax of the entire music.

The beginning of the rhythm is to give an atmosphere of the war, and then in the tense atmosphere of music, play pipa by a quick "clip sweep", showing the unstoppable courageous momentum of the Han armies.

The third part is the end of the fighting, including "collapsing of Nanshan" and "Wujiang suicide." Music here sounds very miserable and tragic, which is in sharp contrast to the climax of the former part.

After enjoy this classic Chinese music, you can get the performance of Ambush from Ten Sides in your video  by download it.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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