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Christian Chinese Songs Take You Focusing At the Western Basement

Christian is a religion with most followers and it brings a huge influence on our society. After it was spread into the east, its Christian music and Christian culture were developed in China. All of them brought up Christian Chinese songs—the most typical new creation in Chinese mixed with Christianity.

Christian was established by Jesus followers at first. Jesus called himself the son of God and it was his task to save the world so that he would be suffered in the cross and became the saver of the whole world. Because his words offended the Judaism, he was put on the cross and suffered painfully. After Jesus was painful on the cross, his followers abandoned him including the 12 students who he loved best. According to the Bible, Jesus relived three days later and appeared in front of his students, encouraging them to spread the Christian. And his students obeyed it carefully. They brought Christianity to Judaism.

When Christians(or saint)spread their beliefs, they praise their god in poems. In the Messiah by Hendel to the Twenty Gazed of the Holy Baby Jesus, variously artical Christian works have a huge promotion to the western music. Christian was born in the first century in Palestine. It was also the Roman Empire which was booming rapidly. In some literature, the Christian was born in Judaism. In terms of their thesis, they both believe in God of the Lord. However, Judaism doesn’t think that Jesus is the Messiah in the Old Testament Prophecy. Judaism holds the opinion that Meddiah is the hero who can help them get rid of domination of the Roman Empire.

There are three stories about how the Christian came into China: The first one is that one of the 12 students, Paul, brought the Christian to the West. And the student, Thomas took it to the East, sending gospel to China, India and others. However, Tomas died in the East India when he was backing to Palestine. The second story is that Paul and Bartholomew took the Christian to China. Paul went to India and Bartholomew went to China. The last one is that the King of Roman Empire Nero persecuted Christians in 65 A.D. The Jerusalem was ruined in 70 A.D. Some Christian refugee came to China and lived in China. The three stories were happened in the Eastern Han Dynasty. And in this period, Most of Christian are Judaism. The gospel was passed on by word of mouth. The New Testament hadn’t appeared at all.

It is said in the data that the spreading scope of Christianity is largest among other religions. Almost 1.5 billion people believe in Christian. Christian music is one of most important parts in Christian religious services. We are going to learn the Christian Chinese songs. It will be interesting to realize more different Christian songs.

Lord, I Owe You(Chinese Name is 主啊,我亏欠了你)

This one of the Christian Chinese songs is composed in a year by the Grass Poetry including its lyrics, tune and performance. It praises Christian as graceful as poetry. To be honest, most followers of Christian would like to compose Christian songs to praise their Lord rather than only reciting.

The god in Christian is Jehovah who is known as the omnipotence, justice and kindness god. He manages all the things in our world. And he is permanent. His achievement is that he creates our universe and manages it, making it regularly. The name Jehovah comes from the Old Testament. In the Bible Deuteronmy, it is said that we could not call Jehova’s name, or we would be punished. As a result, Jehova is avoided as taboo.

The background of this song is interesting. When a Christian church handed out song discs to the followers, brothers and sisters (the name which the followers call each other) were scratching them. The flower beside platform was hit down and steel bars were damaged as well.

The author was on the ground. Priest said angrily that the revival was just carried on for three days but you all were lack of moral characters as a Christian. He thought that we always made our Lord concerned about us. And we could not live if our Lord would not save us. He was thankful to the Lord who suffered in the cross for the ordinary. It was grateful that we need the Lord suffered troubles and disasters for us though the Lord is permanent. It was the blood of Lord that washed our crime. He hoped that our brothers and sisters could correct our behaviors and moral characters for our best Lord.

The author was touching by the priest’s words. And he wrote down his feeling, singing his confession. The first lyric is begging for forgiveness of the Lord. And hoping the kindness won’t be confiscated by the Lord, wishing best wish from the Lord. There are additional songs praising the Lord as well. For example the Give Your Best to the Lord,” Giving your best to the Lord, Giving him your young power, Burning your enthusiastic life, Fighting for the real wisdom wholly, Our Lord has being our model, he is brave and iron, Depending on him sincerely, Giving your best to him”.

Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   wǒ zuò cuò liǎo shì dé zuì  le nǐ,qiú nǐ  zài yí cì  ráo shù wǒ 

Chinese: 我   做  错   了   事  得 罪  了 你 求 你  再  一 次  饶  恕  我

English: I have made a mistake which must offend you, Please forgive me once more

The “做错” means doing something which is a mistake. The “得罪” means offending or doing something make others uncomfortable. The “饶恕” means forgiving a person.

Jehovah is My Shepherd: A Song Been Interpreted in Terms(Chinese Name is 牧者之歌)

One of Christian Chinese songs that we are going to introduce secondly is Jehovah is My Shepherd. In fact, it is an poetry from the Old Testament in Bible. It is used to praise Jehovah when the Christian hold worship service. The main content is to be grateful to Lord and have best wish to the Lord. It covers treble, tenor and bass melody which are not cover in the old Christian songs. What’s more, the song is interpreted into various languages such as French, Japanese and Spanish.

In the song, the first thing we need to clear is that we do not believe in the god of wealth or the god of bearing. Our aims should not be successful in both politics and business but should be the country with God’s wish. However, our belief needs substance as well. It doesn’t mean that people who believe in God can live without food and water. All the things are given by our kind god.

The food we need today will be brought to us instantly. Jesus asks us to confess and wish for justice for our country. Then we can wish for food. The Lord vests Cana to Israel. It doesn’t mean that Cana is given to them directly. They must fight for Cana so that the winner can get Cana. In the Old Testament in Bible, there is the progress about a war for Cana in the history.

We cannot deny that a religion has two sides. Christian can be helpful in improving a person’s personalities and thoughts. But its words about war for Cana are not being suitable with trend in 21 century now. Due to fight for Cana, there are many lives lost in war as we all know. It is opposite with the love thesis in Christian! The best way to learn a culture must be taking its essence and discarding its dross!

Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:    bì yǒu ēn huì  cí  ài suí zhe wǒ

Chinese: 必 有   恩  惠  慈 爱  随  着  我

English: There must be favor and kindness along by my side.

The “恩惠” means to favour and benefit. The “慈爱” means kindness and nice. The “随着” means staying with someone.

Mother of God: A Song Teaches Us to Love Others(Chinese Name is 圣母玛利亚)

As we all know, Maria is Jesus’ own mother in the Bible and Alcoran. Her name means bitter and astringent in the Aramaic. She experienced a sad life. Most of Christian believe that Maria was pregnant when she was a virgin. It resulted in the conclusion that Jesus was the son of God. There are three Maria in Bible including mother Maria, Maria Magdalene and Bethany’s Maria. Some people consider that Maria Magdalene and Bethany’s Maria are one person.

Mother of God is composed by Wangyi himself in 2014. The song is graceful and warm. And Wangyi changes his singing method which is domineering before into heartthrob. The song praises that Maria is as pure as the stream, as lighting as a star and as booming as flowers.

Expressing his hope, Wangyi begs for best with from the mother Maria. And he reveals the questions of lots of followers that how they can repay to their mother Maria. In fact, numerous songs in Christian praising the mother Maria are expressing their respect toward the mothers.

In Christian, Love is permanent and patient. Love is not jealous. When we love others, we should not ask for return but treating others as same as mothers. Jesus was suffered in the cross for our ordinary. We should follow the example of Jesus and live for others, exist for others, try our best for others as well. For instance, Jesus gave food, water and clothes to the youngest student when the student was hungry, thirsty and cold.

Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:  quán rán de měi lì  de rén  cí de wēn róu de shèng mǔ mǎ lì yà

Chinese:  全   然  的  美  丽  的 仁   慈 的   温  柔  的   圣     母  玛  利 亚

English: There must be favor and kindness along by my side.

The “全然” means complete. The “美丽” means beautiful. The “仁慈” means kindness and nice. The “温柔” means gentle. The “圣母” means the mother of God.

Christian Chinese songs are definitely the widest religion songs in world because it is welcomed by 1.5 billion people. I am still insisting that we should take its essence and discard its dross. For example it encourages that Israel raises a war for Cana and it has some words that encourage followers to burn you for the Lord. I think that the love thesis in Christian is the most valuable treasures to our generation.

We focus in career, wealth and reputation but ignore the people who love us and devoting for us nowadays. Although Maria is controversial in Christian, it is not doubtful that Maria represents the entire grand and kind mother in the world. And I am in favour of the thesis that to treat others kindly and nicely. It is difficult to get close to others in this day especially after the deliberately provoke happened in China. Besides, national discrimination also acts as one of the biggest questions that make us keep distance with others. However, as I say in another essay, national discrimination is a word that should not be created.

Knowing more religion culture can be helpful in extending field of view and useful in chatting with people who believe in religions. And I find that having your own belief can make your life brighter. There are other Christian songs which describe other themes as well such as friendship, family and couple. Welcome back to share more Christian Chinese songs!

Of course, if you want to have those great Chinese songs, please let me know.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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