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Chinese Traditional Song:The Clapper of Pentatonic Scale

The second Chinese traditional song in 2015!We will continue our journey to Chinese music.You can find more great Chinese song in our website.What’s your favorite Chinese instrument?Maybe you like the small bamboo flute or the beautiful lute.Or even you can find the mixed group in our site.But today we would like to share a cool bamboo flute song The Clapper of Pentatonic Scale for you.

Background Knowledge about the Song

Clapper is a fundamental form of musical instrument. It includes two long sturdy pieces that are clapped together producing sound. A straight forward instrument to produce and play, they exist in many forms in many different cultures around the world. Clappers can take an amount of forms and be made of a wide variety of materials. Wood is most typical, but metal and task have also been used. Vinyl thunder sticks that have recently come to be popular at sporting events can be considered a form of filled plastic clapper. Chinese clapper(Banzai) is a special instrument.You can find it in the picture.

The music is played by bamboo flute.In fact,Chinese bamboo flute have the two different faction:Northern and Southern bamboo flute.The song is the Northern bamboo flute classic song.You can find the northern deep feeling from it.

Errentai (also spelled Er ren tai or er-ren-tai) is a genre of traditional singing performed by two performers, from the Inner Mongolia region of China. It is also available in Shanxi, Shaanxi, and northern Hebei. The instruments used include bamboo flute, four erhu fiddle and yangqin.The song was adapted from one of the errentai song.

How the song created by the author

The Clapper of Pentatonic Scale was adapted from the North China national errentai song Peng Bang Zi by Zicun Feng.Feng is a famous bamboo flute player and composer.Even all of his music composition’s idea of the errentai because he always accompanied for the errentai.You can find the errentai feeling in the song if you have seen the errentai show.

How about the song

Probably you have heard the song before.But if you didn’t know some background music knowledge,you would just hear it.As the classic song of the northern faction, all of the song goes through four different parts.The four parts cleverly use the northern character and technology to achieve the three different variations.

Firstly the song begins with the graceful melody just like sing a song.And then it occurs some funny melody and full of local flavor.Nevertheless, the third part has the fluent feeling.Finally the fourth part has great enthusiasm and is the climax.In fact,the song has represented the character of the northern bamboo flute.Compared with the Peng Bang Zi,the song has added the ruggedly generous, bold enthusiasm and unrestrained temperament.But we think we just said, you should hear it yourself and comprehend the funny thing.

If you have any question about the song or other funny Chinese traditional song, you can leave your comment to us.We want to listen to you voice about our website or anything about China.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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