Chinese Traditional Song:Rhyme Of Han River

Chinese tranditional song

It’s time to Chinese traditional song again!Lastly we have introduced the song:New Year's Eve Small Singing.We think you would like to continue the musical tour of our website. Today we want to introduce other songs which play by the Chinese zither.The Chinese Song is Rhyme Of Han River.

The faction of the song

Before we introduce the music to you,we must mention the song’s faction firstly.The song belongs to the Henan faction of Chinese zither.Henan faction always known as “Middle State More old tone ”but people like to the name “Henan zither ”.Henan faction’s playing style don’t chase the beautiful and elegant feeling but focus to the simple and honest emotion.It’s skilled in silent fervent style.From the musical style, the fiction is full of Chinese opera and folk art forms.
You can find deeply local emotion from the song.In fact,you will imagine how the Hennan people like when you fall in love with the song.Because most think Henan represent the rough mad, vixenish, honest virtue.

The great song is played by the Chinese Zither.

 Who wrote it

Rhyme Of Han River was composed by the Jinwen Qiao who was a famous composer from Henan province.
In the spring of 1962, Qiao composed it for a player Qingzhi Ren who was a famous Chinese zither player.But honestly Qiao just adapts it from other two Henan opera songs:《Han River》and 《Shu Rhyme》(those are famous song in Henan).From the construction,it’s made of the ABA which means “Shu Rhyme+Han River+Shu Rhyme”.
How about the song

Yes, we have mentioned many times on the local feature.So you can find the music continuing the language from Henan.All the song is full of the feeling of the lovely spring and the spring plowing.When you hear it, everything begins to grow and the country has vigorous signs of life.It says that the people like their country and want to have a great ambition to a happy life.At the beginning of the song,the rhythm is fast,upright and unafraid.

In fact,Rhyme Of Han River has the most valuable thing that it has truth and beauty.Why the song attracts people not only its truth but also the beauty of art.And most people have the similar feeling about the beauty because it is kind and fresh.

You should hear it

We believe that it is boring to read the introduction about a song.Because the song’s worthiness is enjoyed by people.You can take advantage of the rhythm.That’s why we write the brief introduction for every song.

Your thought

Do you want to further Chinese traditional song?Do you have any question about the song?You can leave a comment for us.If you have any thought about Chinese Song, you can send us an email.If you like to other songs about Chinese zither.You can go to the page for more information.

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