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Chinese Traditional Song:New Year’s Eve Small Singing

Today,We will begin the new part of Chinese traditional song.Everyday our website will update one song for you.The song will be a video play by players.Those are free download Chinese song in the website and you can download it for enjoying in your mobile phone.OK,Let’s begin the new tour.

In today’s song,we will introduce the traditional song: New Year's Eve Small Singing.It’s the one of Chinese best song in the erhu.Sometimes it always knows as the New Year's Eve.The song is the best shortest one which was written by Tianhua Liu in his musical writing song lifetime.The song’s image is simplex,lyric,fresh and sprightly.It gives everyone the peaceful feeling and indicates the writer’s feeling when he spent time with his friend in the New Year's Eve.

On January 22, 1928, Liu invited some students who stayed at school and couldn’t go back home to have the Spring Festival because some were poor or other reasons,to his home to have the New Year's Eve.At that time, Liu had worked for a few years and finally had great improvement in the Chinese national music.He and his friends had established the “National Musical Improvement Organization ”.Liu had fun with those processes from the dream to the reality and had more hope in the future and success.

When he was wrapt in thought, the New Year’s ring was beginning and everywhere had the sounds with happy.All of his friends were happily drinking and listening to music.In the environment, he took the erhu and played it arbitrarily but not had the certain song.Suddenly he stood up and picks the pen up in a hurry, then wrote the music score which he played before.After playing and writing again and again,remembering and changing again and again, then the New Year's Eve Small Singing was written finally. The song is the only impromptu song by Liu.That’s the creating story about the song.

Chinese Traditional Song
In fact, most erhu students think the song is easy to play.But it’s hard to express the emotion when you playing it because it’s difficult to put more thing in it.Nowadays we show respected the original writing and add today’s element into the song even your special emotion.That’s why “One thousand readers. There are one thousand Hamlet”.So we choose a great player Ke Xu to give you special musica about the song.Hope you will like it.

Don’t worry about the virus.We supply the safe music download.Because our goal is sharing Chinese traditional song with more people.Hope you are well in Chinese music.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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