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Chinese Traditional Song:Boat Song in Water Village

Welcome to Chinese traditional song again.Few days ago,we have introduced the New Year's Eve Small Singing which is played by the erhu.We think you should listen to this great music if you didn’t hear it before.Then it’s time to start the new Chinese Song!Today we’re taking about the Boat Song in Water Village.

Background knowledge

Before we introduce the Chinese Song,we would like to find more background knowledge about it for you.The song is played by bamboo flute.In fact,Chinese bamboo flute have two factions which include the north faction and the south faction.China always is divided two parts like other countries according to the different direction.Northern bamboo flute is gentle like the breeze and exquisite like a girl.Sometimes it sounds melodious.To the contrary,southern bamboo flute have the bright,bold and exorbitant feeling when you hear it firstly. The song from Zhejiang province.Zhejiang is well known for the title of “land of honey and milk”.There is having more rivers

Who writes

In 1975,Guoji Jiang wrote the song.He picked up the inspiration from a national ditty”Liu Yuan Lang ”which are famous ditty in the Zhejiang Province.Jiang became renowned by the beautiful song.Its original name is the”Boat Song in Silkworm Village ”.Finally it is “Boat Song in Water Village”.

Music Story

After the song written,the song was chosen to take part in the”The solo, Solo select performance”in Beijing in 1976.But unfortunately,many people can’t hear the original name “Boat Song in Silkworm Village”(the “silkworm”is hard to hear in Chinese).So one of the audience said how about the “Boat Song in Water Village”(It’s easy to hear in Chinese). Finally, Jiang found the new name that was very suitable for the song.Because it shows the character of Zhejiang.When the name changed, it shows the main theme and the scenery of the song.

How about the song

The complete song is full the music feature of the “land of honey and milk ”.All the song shows the northern scenery has sparkling water and beautiful picture, the people are hard work and full of happiness, the spring is buoyant and green.When you hear it,you can imagine a beautiful picture:The boat is walking in the river.Both sides have the spicy paddy which make you revel in.The boat song oozes into every heart.

Why the song became one of the most classic song is because it not to stick to one pattern,it was created from the water and went back to the water,its author put his all love into the water village.

Over the years, the author has taken the rural song and played to many countries for many people.This song has inspired more Chinese and overseas Chinese to have the homesickness. 

In fact,the Chinese traditional song has made a great model for Chinese bamboo flute.If Chinese music wants to have more development in the future,we can learn some valuable experience from it.

Ok, we have finished the introduction about the song.Now you can hear the great Chinese music as soon as you can.Just enjoy it!

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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