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Chinese Songs Guitar Chords: Various As Time, Same In Currency

The guitar is a popular instrument. Compared to the piano, it had the characteristics of low price, convenient to be carried and easy to learn. It is suitable for both young and old. It cannot only be used for accompaniment but also solo. Thus, it is loved by the musicians. Chinese songs guitar chords are born when the guitar spreads into China. Guitar becomes one of the most popular instruments in China. Teenagers begin to learn it by themselves or have course in school. How did this popular musical instrument come into being? How did it develop and evolve?

In the fifteenth century, it was evolved from the lute and the Villa Kum.  The guitar system was uniform at that time. Until the eighteenth century, six strings appeared in Spanish guitar, increase its body, widened its volume, and improved its cases. The music performance of the guitar had been improved unprecedentedly. American scientists Albert Augustine successfully developed nylon strings, and the production was launched in 1947, improving the traditional narrow string intonation sound volume, and the unstable defects of short life, performance quality was greatly improved, thus it completed another technology revolution in the history of the classical guitar.

The nineteenth century was the most glorious period of the wooden guitar, with the emergence of numerous guitarists and composers. Into the twentieth century, with the development of popular music, the guitar has become indispensable in the accompaniment of musical instruments, there emerge more different sounded in guitar music style, especially the 60s and 70s period, guitar plays an extremely important role, making more exquisite music performance and more perfect performance skills. The ancient musical instrument gives new luster.

We are going to introduce three famous guitar chords in China, including Woman of Anita Miu, Not So Simple of Wong Tiger and The Road to Ordinary. These three songs have been popular in different periods. For example, Anita Miu’s Woman has won awards in 90s and it was well received by listeners. The Road to Ordinary is popular in 2014. And Not So Simple is widespread in KTV in China. Hence, they become guitar chord so that some listeners who want to play the guitar can perform them easily.

Anita Miu: A Popular Adaption for Guitar Chords in 90s

Anita Miu was born in Hong Kong, China, the winner of the first Rookie Singing Competition in 1982, releasing the first album Heart Debt, and then she entered the music world in China. In 1983, a song Red Doubts in the record Red Anita Miu began to become popular. From 1985 to 1986, she held her first solo concert, and it continued 15 times, breaking the first record of Hong Kong singers’ singing times for the first time.

Woman is a song of Anita Miu, also one of her classic musical masterpiece, which was written by Li Anxiu and composed by Chen Yaochuan. The song was included in Anita Miu’s 1997 album Woman Flower, also the theme song of TV drama Oriental Mother. In May 5, 2008, the song was selected as the classic song of Hundred Years of Music. The masterpiece was transformed into one of Chinese song guitar chords now.

With Anita Miu affected and deep interpretation, the song is the same beautiful as God’s natural work. Just like Miu’s deep voice, Anita Miu is also the story of vicissitudes, but behind the great feeling is the loneliness and heartbreak of a woman. The lyrics may be most appropriate for her: How many people can bear the wound, say goodbye then not to think afterward, the glory of this life has enough.

The lyrics of Woman describe the season of dreams: a young girl is in love, she is waiting for her dream lover to lead her out of ignorance and inspired her to mature. However, these thoughts can’t be clear to others or she can’t be initiative. What a strong longing she had! “I timidly waiting/A people enter the dream with his sincere heart/Only hope to/ Have a pair of gentle hands/ Can comfort my lonely heart…” The young age had suffered a lonely bitter. We should pay attention to the whole song.

Thus, musicians turn it into guitar chord so that they can perform it easily. In total, it has four sections, many of which are repeated. But each time the expression of emotions are not exactly the same. It contains differences and changed emotions. Besides, it is a traditional nostalgic music, which has inherited the old Shanghai melody, added some folk music ingredients, combined with Anita Miu’s gentle interpretation, making this song become the classic of the latter.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   rén néng chéng shòu duō shǎo shāng kǒu, zài huì shuō le zài mò yào xiǎng yǐ hòu

Chinese: 人     能      承     受   多   少       伤   口,再   会    说  了 再 莫    要    想    以 后

English: How many people can bear the wound. Saying goodbye then not to think afterward

The “承受” means “to bear something”. The “伤口” means “wounds” or” injuries”. The “再会”means “to say goodbye”.The “以后”means “afterward”.

Pushu: The Road to Ordinary, Tt May Be Extraordinary

Pushu, was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu, in 1973. He is a singer in the mainland. In 1994, he gave up his study at Capital Normal University and began his music creation career. In October 1996, he signed a contract with Catcher in the Music, and recorded his first single Train to Winter. In January 1999, he released the first album I Went to Two Thousand Years, and won the Newcomer Award in Central People’s Radio China Pop Songs List, Best Newcomer Award in Billboard and other awards.

The Road to Ordinary is the theme song of Hanhan’s film Never Ever Meet Again, composed by Pushu, written by Hanhan and Pushu. With the release of The Road to Ordinary, singer Pushu, who has been quite for ten years, is officially back. In Novenber 22, 2014, the song won the best original film song in the fifty-first Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award.

The song continues Pushu’s New Folk style, slow lyric rhythm and clear but low voice, make the song full of light warmth and sadness. The song can make listeners enjoy the feeling of peace and youth, finding the direaction of the future in sadness and confusion. The typical trip-hop chord decomposition of The Road to Ordinary sings the voice of mortals. It is sincere enough and magnanimous, interpreting the extraordinary journey of life.

The lyrics chooses deliberately rough sense, the end of the song uses rap which can direct to hearts, both of them express the true feelings of public, performing wonderful and rich emotional life. Its melody is dull, touching with the perfect voice. The lyrics also uses some negative words such as “wandering”, ”despair” and “lost”, etc. In term of production, such as the last stage of the rap, the song itself has been stereotyped in an ordinary song. Thus, the song is suitable to be performed in guitar, it becomes popular in China. And its guitar chord spreads around.

The music video has no any character or plot. In placed, it is a car back, driving on a highway on the lens, and a line lyrics by Hanhan.  With the changing pictures and sceneries, Pushu’s singing directs to listeners’ heart. At the end of the music video, Ma Haohan and Jianghe appear. But we just can see transient figures. They seem to be in the dialogue but I feel so quiet in the music video. As if it is telling people: Some things in life can always out of sight, but never leave your heart.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    wǒ céng jīng kuà guò shān hé dà  hǎi yě chuān guò rén shān rén hǎi

Chinese:   我   曾   经    跨  过    山   和  大  海 也     穿    过    人   山  人  海

English: I once crossed the mountains and seas. I also once crossed a huge crowd of people.

The “曾经” means “once” or ”ever”. The “跨过” means “cross” or “overcome”. The “山”means “mountain ”.The “大海”means “sea”. The “人山人海” means ”huge crowd of people”.

Wong Tiger: Love Is Not So Simple

Wong Tiger, was born in 1963 in Taiwan, China. In 1989, Wong Tiger signed a contract with record company and released the single You are My Favorite, which officially debuted. In 1990, the first album Not Just Friends won the second Golden Melody Award, Best Recording Award and Best Newcomer Award. In 1993, she released album Indulgence Roses. In 1994, she signed with BMG and released A Single Bed at Midnight.

Her personal album Her Song was composed by herself and released in 2001. In 2007, she was as a guest review in the Super Star Avenue. Joined Warner Music in 2008, and she released Simple/Not Simple sold more than fifty thousand copies in Taiwan. In 2010, she became popular because of the single song Not So Simple. The song ranked in the first of Taiwan’s Top Ten KTV Hot on Demand Songs in 2010.

In fact, Not So Simple is used by Xiao Huangqi to repay Wong Tiger’s support. When Xiao Huangqi met Wong Tiger, they hit it off, and Wong began to introduce him a variety of music work. It is a song for mature lady. They loved for times, but they couldn’t keep a long relationship. They wanted to love and be loved but they were afraid of marriage and betrayal.

They don’t know whether they need a companion because they can be fine by themselves. They are afraid to love others. As a result, they only can love themselves. As the lyrics say,” Love is not simple/ Everyone has his own manner/”, Wong Tiger breaks the hidden bitterness romantic into pieces with an experienced hand, and then, she acts as an elderly, telling them “Others words/ Just listen it beyond yourself/ Making decision by yourself”.

In those notes, hidden the truth naked emotion, something we want to say but we can’t, and some mixed feelings in our heart. Twenty years, it is really enough to make a girl with a full of longing heart for love into a quite woman. Thus, the song is transformed into one of Chinese songs guitar chords for its gentle melody and touching lyrics.

Heroine in Not So Simple music video is played by Amber An, it is about a pair of lovers who once be happy. Then, the boy died, only the girl pretends to be strong to live. In a concert, she cry once listen the song. As if her boyfriend returns to her side to tell her to be happy.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   zǒng shì bù ān zhí hào qiáng hàn shuí móu shā   le wǒ de làng màn

Chinese:    总  是 不  安  只  好    强     悍   谁    谋    杀  了  我 的   浪   漫

English: Always be nervous so have to be tough/ Who murders my romantic

 The “总是” means “always”. The “不安” means “nervous” or “feeling unstable”. The “谋杀”means “murder ”.The “浪漫”means “romantic”.

Not only the Not So Simple of Wong Tiger, Woman of Anita Miu and The Road to Ordinary of Pushu have their own guitar chords, but also other famous Chinese songs have their own chords in guitar, such as some works of Jay Chou and JJ Lin, etc.

More and more teenagers love to learn guitar and perform their favorite songs. Besides, due to its easily mastered, teenagers can create more new songs by guitar. After meet the three Chinese songs guitar chords, What do you think of the works that are performed in guitar?

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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