Chinese Sad Song: Bruise By Z-Chen(淤青)

Chinese Sad Song: Bruise By Z-Chen

When the melody of Bruise rings out, the news comes as a surprise.We still love the Chinese sad song The Person Don’t Love Me.It’s great that you can enjoy the two great cure love songs in the vast stage of Z-Chen.

I started to hear the cure love song of Z-Chen from the Secret Crush.After the Secret Crush,Z-Chen began to walk confirmedly in the road that sings the cure love song.We also call the Chinese cure love song as the Chinese sad song.He made more and more complete cure love songs in the musical road.

But frankly, those works make the fine and smooth and tender feelings of the sound of Z-Chen to magnify and help to enhance the resonance.That’s why those cure songs of Z-Chen can easily enter the heart of the listener.

I really expect that Z-Chen can have the new song to liberate.After the Remember is The Best forgetting, I get the Person Don’t Love Me which is come from Z-Chen who take part in the Taihe music until the ending of 2016.I am very pleased that the Z-Chen is still the Z-Chen who still have the abundant charm and the moving tone.Of cause, the single song doesn’t make us upset.

The slow melody exudes the light sadness which is very ultimate by the performance of the sound of Z-Chen.When you hear it,you would hear it again and again.But when we don’t get enough of it, the new single sad song Bruise is coming.When I first see the song, I was so excited because we can know that it’s a cure song what Z-Chen is good at from the song name..As expected, the Bruise hit our heart again.

The song is not like the The Person Don’t Love Me which just lightly pour out and slowly emit the relaxation but just use another more drastic way to make the resonance of the bottom of your heart to constantly roll and pour it finally.

To no one’s surprise, the Bruise is composed and by Peng Xuebing.Peng is not only the friend of Z-Chen but also the illustrious partner in the music.Both of them have the mutual effect on each other.We can say that the great composition of Peng help Z-Chen to get the long-range developments and Z-Chen also uses his approach to performance extremely the composition of Peng.

When you see the song which is composed by Peng and sang by Z-Chen, no doubt it must be the perfect combination.The composition of Peng also has his own special style which has the critical balance between fashion and the personality.That’s why the melody of Bruise is melodious, smooth but doesn’t have any poor taste feelings and make you addicted.

Except the lyric of this song, the expression of this song also is full of meaning.The new lyrics hand over a taste Chinese lyrics.Although the song name is Bruise which is seems like that take some pain from the surface, but the lyrics isn’t the sad style.It uses a special way that looks back the incoming road, share the experience of the emotion to express the feelings.So it not likes the normal sad feelings but triggers the reminiscent feelings.

This is a big song which is particular about narrating about detail and progressive revel emotion.The beginning of this song use slowly the piano to make the emotional substitute into and make the emotional coagulate.Then it gradually adds the string music, guitar to set off the emotion.

Accidentally, singing of the Bruise enters your heart.From now on,Z-Chen has a great new song. The Chinese music also adds a new cure love song.

After enjoying the great Chinese sad song,maybe you would like to tell us your feelings about this song, just give us comment.Also you can get the free chinese music download after you learn this way to make it.

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