The 3 Great Chinese Romantic Songs In Chinese song

The 3 Great Chinese Romantic Songs In Chinese song

Although Chinese are not openly romantic, but they still have their way to show romantic feeling, such as romantic songs. There three typical Chinese romantic songs:

1. Beautiful Myth (Chinese name is 美丽的神话)

This is the topic song of movie The Myth.

This song is telling a story that a young guy was transformed by some mysterious power to the ancient China, and fell in love the queen in ancient china. At last, they have to leave each other, and when the young guy came back to the future, he found some detail of the queen on the old things reserved by scholars. They loved each other. The love across time is romantic, isn’t it? This song is sung by Su Nan and Han Hong, two beautiful voices in China.

2. The Most Romantic Thing (Chines name is 最浪漫的事)

What is the most romantic thing in the world? This song will answer the question. It sings,” The most romantic thing I have ever thought about is to grow old with you…” the most romantic thing is to live with the one you love, grow old together, share each other’s happiness and sadness, and cherish each other like before. People say the long company is the deepest love for a person. The lyrics are awesome, and the singer has a very soft and emotional voice, which makes it a popular song, widely used as wedding song.

3. Intimate Lover(Chinese name is 亲密爱人)

Mei Yanfang was a legendary singer and actress in China, but died of breast cancer. Actually, this song is based on herself and her boyfriend Paul. The composer of the song is the famous music producer Xiaochong. In 1990, Xiaochong was recording with Mer Yanfang, and Mei said she wanted 10 minutes to have a break. During the break, her boyfriend called her, and she was happily talking with him.

This scene was seen by Xiaochong, and he saw how happy Mei looked. That was a look of falling in love. Then, Xiaochong was inspired and he decided to write a song for her and her boyfriend. The song was first sung by Mei herself. This is the original version of Mei Yanfang:

After the original one, this song has many cover versions, and one of them is the cover version of Joanna Wang. Her version is my favorite one, because she has such soft and warm voice to well perform this song. When I listen to her version, I feel someone is whispering to me and tell me little things in life happily, which gives me a feeling of love, ordinary but beautiful.

This is all my sharing about Chinese romantic songs, and hope you will like it and find more interesting China songs in our website.

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